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I was wondering what web browsers you all were using, i am currently using Waterfox. Its not the best but i gets the job done, plus i am familiar with mozilla based browsers and it has torrent tornado extension available.

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Iridium with a couple of privacy extensions.

Chrome the ungoogled

These web browser threads are getting out of hand

Firefox btw

Firefox Nightly

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Brave Browser

Waterfox or Brave, depending on the device.

Is waterfox ever going to be up to date? It's on like 56 right now, while actual Firefox is almost to 60.

Takes time to cop- implement firefox code into waterfox.

primarily lynx, tor if i must have graphics. im using neither right now though, BASED phoneposting with chrome

Chrome Canary.

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>beta testing browser
literally why

Isnt canary a bit unstable?

Iridium for social media, Firefox for bookmarks, Qutebrowser for laptops

Never had any issues with it so idk


To help the development and optimization of future releases. You're welcome.

That only works if you actually report shit

All telemetry is enabled, don't worry. Everything relevant is reported automatically.




Chromium for the last 3 years. Not a single bug, not a single fucking problem, consumes less ram than everything i've used and tried.

Firecucks, was using palememe but I really wanted to try out Adnausem

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Falkon on KDE

qutebrowser. Not a fan of using a mouse.

Giving a try to Vivaldi atm. It feels good.

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laggy interface

Mozilla Quantum fuccbois probably use Chrome when debugging their own shit. Why is my web browser paging to disk when I have 24GBs available. It never went over 1GB of usage before.

nightly gets the shit first, why would you do this to yourself?

Pale Moon because it uses A LOT less RAM. But it's been giving me frief this past couple of months and crashing for no reason I can discern from googling. Downgrading to an older version didn't help either.

I'll have to try Basilisk and the new Goanna version or K-Meleon some time too, to maybe replace Pale Moon.

Just uninstalled this piece of crap because it was slow as fuck.

Can someone recommend a really FAST browser?

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Unbranded build for current release of Firefox - so I can run unsigned extensions.

waterfox is pretty speedy

Firefox is faster

Firefox desu

Amazon Silk.

Internet Explorer master race

>hy is my web browser paging to disk when I have 24GBs available.
because retards keep complaining that firefox uses too much memory so mozilla said fuck you and dumped it all on the disk



As someone who depends on the stable releases, that you user.

I use edge for ebooks and as I learn programing desktop,mobile apps and unity stuff. I like how it relaunches when I log in with all my tabs and shit. I use FF for adnaseum support for shit posting and jacking off to pornography illegal in 13 states


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B r a v e

How customizable is it? Can I have vertical tabs instead of horizontal?

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I keep going back to Chrome.
I switched to Chrome around 2011 after using Firefox for years. Occasionally I go back to FF but until Quantum it was noticeably slower. Now after Quantum, it's buggy instead. Web developer tools on Firefox now are no match to Chrome.
I've tried Vivaldi and felt it was clunky and Brave was a joke.

>Firefox Dev Edition
Even though I'm not a developer.
It looks shit though. Ricin' guide anyone?

How does it compare to Firefox?

Hardly any extensions

PLS rspnd

Iktf bro

Can't seem to shake the ease and simplicity of chrome. Even if it is a botnet it's just so easy

How you get that green background to match the navigation bar?

qupzilla, chromium or pale moon are the only decent options out there

If you're using anything but Firefox Quantum you're probably retarded. It's a completely different experience on just about every metric - a paradigm shift in the browsing industry.

And yes, all of the minor misfeatures can be turned off quite easily, unless you're afraid of about:config for some reason. (Or choose to use Nightly.)

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qutebrowser is always the best.

>Mozilla shill

Icecat. Nothing better.

FOSS shills are the only good (acceptable) shills