I'm installing debian


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None of them, and install a simple WM

Uncheck web server, it installs apache and it's easy to install nginx after the fact
Uncheck print server

SSH server and standard system utils only

for you

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xfce and then awesome on top of it.
any other answer is mac toddler tier faggot shit.

Cinammon is good

This is correct.


here you go

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>shit taste
yea, checks out.
lol stupid faggot.

All of em, take your freedom to choose to the max

Nothing can be done now

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Are you running VirtualBox on Windows? Be honest now.

What should I do, /gee/?
nope, running it on another distro

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you should go back to /v/

Do it, fagget.

Grub, installed.

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wew lad

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I install all of them, then setup i3 as my main login environment. You ask why? each of those DEs has some programs that are better at what they do than their likes in the others, plus I don't mind passive bloatedness, as long as it just occupies a space in the hard disk and not in ram, it is welcome to stay there.

Now install i3wm. Don't be a cuck like the rest of anons in this thread.

KEK. 3000+ packages.

t. storagelet

I hate bloatware. That's the reason why I use i3.

WHy not just install what you need instead of installing everything?

pic related

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This must be bait. Having many DEs installed causes bugs and inestability to your system.

You should have used the netinstaller, but whatever

I am using the netinstaller.

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only 2.6k

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Stable? xfeces or MATE
testing/sid? KDE
You're better off installing X11 and your DE on your own though, the installer adds a lot of bloat

that's not really an issue on debian (on stable at least) since you're not regularly updating those packages like you would be doing on fedora or arch


do you want vsync on nvidia gpu? gnome/cinnamon
if not , xfce. KDE is buggy on debian (among other distros). mate is ok too.

XFCE > MATE > KDE > LXDE > Cinnamon > GNOME
also use a simple WM instead of a DE.

Uncheck all except system utilities you fucking retard.

>debian (among other distros).
it's fine on testing and unstable
it's the best distro, the one that waits for you while you fuck around with arch, crux and gentoo, then welcomes you back with open arms


dude, linux (bloated) mint comes with even less packages



why not just delete the thread if you are done?
herb flavored post btw

>why not just delete the thread if you are done?
how fucking new are ytou? GO back to r*ddit
no u

be a big chris
no de
install halal xorg dmenu and i3

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>install debian
>doesn't even have sudo preinstalled
what a pile of trash

maybe op wants non trash font rendering and no screen tearing? be logical

its only installed if you dont enable the root account

Tty you fag

I like KDE.
Mate isn't bad


remember to NOT use cdrkit/wodim/etc.


Are you too retarded to install it yourself? This is a non issue for anyone who isn't a brainlet

>it's the best distro

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sudo apt install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r) bzip2 gcc make \
firmware-atheros firmware-realtek broadcom-sta-dkms \
xfce4 terminator xfce4-battery-plugin xfce4-mount-plugin wicd \
xfce4-places-plugin xfce4-weather-plugin xfce4-xkb-plugin xfce4-power-manager \
git alien samba gvfs-fuse gvfs-backends ppp firefox-esr

sudo apt install -y resolvconf rsync nmap ssh sshfs rdesktop remmina filezilla \
openjfx libopenjfx-java gawk locate conky htop scrot screenfetch mousepad \
bleachbit xpdf menulibre gcolor2 transmission ristretto vlc gdebi \
vlc ntfs-3g thunar-archive-plugin android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot \
zip unzip rar unrar p7zip-full qt4-qtconfig pidgin fortune-mod cowsay dirmngr \
redshift numix-gtk-theme numix-icon-theme vim lib32z1 gigolo


>wanting sudo preinstalled
the fucking state of Jow Forums when they can't even use visudo

What a trash thread.
OP is a fag

Is debian testing really that nice as everyone says it is...ubuntu repos are a bit old


Use Hyper-V you pleb

And that's a bad thing why?

I'm not a wincuck like you

14000+ actually.
I was a noob a few years ago, doing man -k something helped me quickly find and test many packages and decide which was best suited for the task at hand. Fast forward to the present and many hardware changes and dd operations later my system is still going strong, an extremely pleasant feeling that washed away all of hardships I encountered transitioning from a windows power user (hearty lulz) to a linux developer (such bliss).
Nope, sorry to disappoint. This is a genuine post. I ain't got no shame of the road I took to where I am today.

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are you seriously implying you can't get good font rendering without a DE? retard

You realize you can remove packages you don't need anymore right?

My debian + kde experience was slower than stable, my hardware is about 10 years old mind