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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

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For whoever was in the last thread curious about that perfect cosc certificate, here's the reference from the Omega book.

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I bought a chocolate Daytona lol

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How do you like my NOMOS collection?

Thanks for digging that up. Nice to see it's a good looking model.

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This is why if I get one I am going with the 35mm-36mm.

It's their laughably long lugs


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Wear it in good health.

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do homos's faces look like laminated paper in person or is it just the pics

Hi, can you post your collection?

Nice patina

I don’t have it with me at the moment, but I can this weekend

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I want a binary watch to train recognizing binary patterns but they suck or are expensive af. Recommendatio s?

Also if you read the last thread I posted several of my solar divers along with recovery material yesterday if you want to see

Just buy one of these. You'll look ridiculous but it does actually help train recognizing binary numbers up to 60.

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Depends on the model. The orion is tasty.

Its probably better than my old cheap ass digital watch whose 5 year battery is gonna run out in 2019

I read you, how many Seiko solar watched do you have overall?

I want to build my own watch just for fun and to play around, what moviment should I get that have plenty of aftermarket spares made for it, like cases, crowns, dials, hands, etc?

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Nice watch.
> what moviment should I get that have plenty of aftermarket spares made for it?
Eta 2824 and clones (Sellita SW200, Seagull corrispondent clone) , Miyota 9015 and if you're a poorfag Seiko Nh35/6
You can find parts on ofrei.com

Buy a dead stainless steel casio and put a f-91w module to it.

New nato.

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what we're going with today mkay

all the best /wt/!

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Here's my Seiko from earlier thread.

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Six right now going to get a Windy chronograph soon

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Tudor GMT does't look like a fat fuck apparently.


My 36mm club is bigger lug to lug than my SKX.
Mine doesn't, it's subtly metallic silver. The tangente etc may though.

I also got this citizen ana-digi for 7 €, brings back memories from the army when I had to use a casio ana-digi.

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That's dedication.
Show guts btw.

6497 (get an st36, it's the chink clone).
It's big and easy, hand wound, and there are all the parts you need on ebay and aliexpress.
I actually have all the parts for mine waiting to be assembled - $85 all in (movement, dial, case and hands).

That's a nice design. It looks a little thick though.

It’s just a computer here at my work office I put together a few years ago, out of date now

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Got another 6106 (middle in pic) for parts, this one is from 1969. Shame this one is also so fucked up, it has a nice and chucky case. It's 40mm but appears way beefier. I'll remember the case reference (6106-8440) in case I ever find a better one.

Another 6106 on the right, and a customer's later 7009 on the left for scale.

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Current work battlestation

I am in the process of planning my next office gaming build on the company dime

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This is how a decent one would look like. Fucking THICC!

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thicc thighs save lives

Hi /wt/

I've had this Timex for a few years now and it's getting a bit old. In the mood for something new, although similar. Can anyone recommend a not-too-expensive watch with a white face and day of the month, and which isn't too large or thick? I don't really care what the strap is like as I can just replace it. Bonus points if it's on the quieter side of things: this one's a bit loud.

(Or should I take this over to /fa/?)

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Is that a strap from two stitch straps?

But can it run crysis?
>office gaming build

>user why do you need a gtx 1080 ti for your work station?
"umm, it's for 3d modelling watch movement parts, so I can see inside them before I take it apart"
>Why is your work station making so much noise 24/7, can't you turn it down?
"No, it is minin- modelling a movement part.

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I think a Citizen stiletto would suit you, however it costs a lot more than a weekender.

Casio makes good affordable dress watches. And they don't tick loud af like a weekender

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No date on stiletto, sorry.
Get this shitter, its thin and reliable.

Ha that’s sort of how it goes, but luckily I am pretty high up and all I do is submit build part receipts to the bean counters and as long as I keep it under five grand including monitors nobody cares

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Local place.

it is, he does a fantastic job (incredible prices) -- I can't enough good things about Two Stitch Straps

thanks and yes, 14.7, very thick.

do you have a two-stitch strap?

I probably got mine on thinkgeek like fifteen years ago, so couldn't say.

Holy fucking shit, a customer just brought in this for a battery change. Rare!

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You should remove the second and minute hands.

My daily beater

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Nice, I'm thinking of getting one sometime soon. Don't have a G shock yet.

How much will he/she pay for that service?
Should just buy a new watch since that one is beat to shit.

How to get a job like this?

Do eet. The 2018 line is quite sexy.

I never worry about slamming my wrists too hard on walls or surfaces.

it’s the perfect modern time piece, has the big 3 (stopwatch, alarm, countdown) essential functions. Pretty much rely on this bad boy for timekeeping.

Good morning wt

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The movement looks dope. Trimmer cap in the 90's!

Battery change is $6.

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I’m not a fan of this model. It looks kinda unfinished.
This is the g shock for me.

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I have that type of a soviet Luch too.

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Yeah, but this is "Made in Belarus", which makes it very unusual.

I’ve seen these being sold at
a chocolate shop in Venice, Italy.

Right on brah. Solar pieces at a new price point might be worth looking at. I tend to like the cleaner and minimal design of their 2018 lines.

thanks seems like eta and their clones is the way, I have seen many microbrands watches with miyota 9015 but can't find any parts for this moviment.

just pop in a new miyota 9015


Is this a skeletonized watch done right?

I kind of like it, but I like weird watches. I think most people who want a Speedy want one that looks more plain, like the ones that went on the moon.

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SOTC:pic related
Casio f-91w hydro mod, Seiko 6106 5410 DX, G-Shock GW-M5610
Also, Is collecting watches a pathological addiction? I can't stop looking for new ones, even if I am already satisfied with my collection

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Go with the flippers way, buy only watches you know you can sell for a (small) profit.

I wore a zulu strap for the first time today. I thought you all got them just to be different, I didn’t realize they were this comfortable.
Collecting shitters is addicting. I ordered a Mako II the day my Vostok got here.
Hey hey.

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hi can you recommend a fun, not-too-thick panda (hand-wound's fine). something under 14mm, and around 3k-4k used

sup /wt/

ineed to get a matching watch for me and my girlfriend. This is a photo of her we are both 18 and we want something that looks good together. Hopefully mechanical with some horological value can you post any recommendations?

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Pic related is a better shot of the Seiko. I inherited it from my grandfather, it's 40 years old and it runs quite fast, sadly(1-2min/day). It is worth getting it serviced?

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>It is worth getting it serviced?
In terms of resale value, no.
If it has some meaning to you, get it serviced.

To curb my watch buying I have switched to buying new straps for my current watches when I get the urge.


Can't believe no one else has said it...That watch is obviously a fake

Post feet

let's talk about watch styles you like, and budget first

also are we a lesbian couple, straight couple? wrist sizes?

Make it stop!

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Lesbian couple, we would like to have some kind of diver that’s a little bit feminine

What's a good humble watch to match a suit in a formal event?
Not too cheap so I don't look neglected but not too expensive either so I don't have a watch more expensive than my boss.

I've got the exact same strap coming to me in the post, going to put it on my SARB033. I've heard very good things about this strap so I'm looking forward to it arriving.

Whats your budget?

This one

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>so I don't have a watch more expensive than my boss
How fucking pathetic are you that that's a concern that even crossed your mind? Nomos is probably a good choice, ask your wife for one as a vasectomy gift.

Around $80 ~ $200

That's a tough one. Odds are no automatic chronograph in that price range will under 14mm thick, and there are very few hand wound chronographs in that price bracket. I'll see if I can come up with something, but it may take a while.

>Search Google For Image
Google never lies

Got a new place for my lange catalogue. Also quick wristwatch check.

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You work in a bar?

Well, yes. I own it too, on paper.

Is it Lange One or Lange Eins?

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Cool, hope you don't have to deal with shitheads too much.

Awesome, will look into these. Thanks

it's fantastic, the quality is much higher than a $100+ strap

it's going to look incredible on the Sarb033

The 6106 is a beautiful freight train of a movement. I bet it just needs a demagnetization. Definitely keep it, I've seen DXs with that particular case go on The Bay for over $100.