Linux Mint or Debian?

Linux Mint or Debian?

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both are shit
I unironically use Gentoo


The same day before I installed gentoo, I tried installing arch
The boot media kept kernel panicking
That's the only reason I'm not using arch

try again.

I've tried since, validetad the MD5 hash, flashed it on 3 different pendrives, kernel panic.

GNU/Linux, brainlet.

your DNA is not licensed under GPL you proprietary garbage

Debian if you value stability over bleeding edge. Mint if you value more bleeding edge and hand holding

Mint if you start
Arch if you know some shit
Gentoo if you a cypher

If you're a newbie, get comfy using Mint, then when you have figured out what you want out of a linux system, setup a Debian the ideal way you need it.
If you consider yourself a mid to advanced level user then it is obvious this thread is low quality bait and that Debian is it.

>arch if you know some shit
no, Slackware or Gentoo if you know some shit. Arch if your knowledge extends no further than copy-pasting terminal commands in a futile effort to unfuck a system which fucks itself up every time you update a package.



DNA is licensed under WTFPL, but without source code.

>which fucks itself up every time you update a package.

>thinks he "knows some shit"
lol fucking brainlet.


Because it's hackneyed garbage just like Mint?

I run gentoo
I've had way more problems with it thank with arch

The only right answer.

You are doing something wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I love Gentoo
But portage can fuck me up

Mint if you are a noob.
But Debian is better. You can go minimal with the netinstaller.

>4 years later
>still waiting for it to compile


portage is garbage.

shit-tier Operating Systems, same as facebookOS, except facebookOS actually support essential programs for work.

Then use something simpler if you can't manage Gentoo properly. There's no point running a distro just because it's a maymay if it gets in the way of all the productive work you would otherwise be doing.