IS YOUR PC WORKING FLAWLESSLY or is there something wrong with it?

iS YOUR PC WORKING FLAWLESSLY or is there something wrong with it?

You can trust me, I'm cat

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There's a gay cat on my screen asking me if my pc is working flawlessly.

I have a bright spot on my monitor and it's annoying but at least it's close to the corner

There's always something going wrong. I seriously think I have some sort of electromagnetic field around me that flips bits at random. I always have the most bullshit problems and nobody can fucking explain it.

My PC is black, black people don't work.

Are you me

Fuck cats


Yiff in hell

Mine goes whirrrr *click* when launching Skyrim so I'm having a Geeksquad Wizard help me uninstall linux and reinstall windows 10. Got a deal with a $850 special (10% off coupon)

Yes, it's working flawlessly. Yes, you can sleep on it, it's warm.

can relate, its simply happening because of a lack of experience.
it goes away after some time.

psu makes a grinding noise, punching it resolves the issue temporarily though

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>tfw have polarized eletromagnetic field
>friends always call me with problems
>show up at their house
>problem disappears as soon as i touch the computer

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here too but on a laptop, it's already five years old. but it has an i7 and 8gb of ram and a 2gb gc so i am not going to replace it now.
a little annoying is the fan which makes a audible rrrrrrrrrrrrr when running tho...


Same issue here. Corsair PSU?


Yes, VS550 to be exact. Bought it only because it was 40€ at the time, now i understand why

you are not a cat furfag.

The thing is, I've studied programming and computer science for years. I've been using computers my whole life basically and I think with my baseline of knowledge I can tell when it's a user error and when something's wrong with the software/hardware, and as far as I can tell I'm doing things as I should be. I do my proper research when I have a problem and follow the knowledge I find to the letter and more often than not it still persists. I might not have the most in-depth knowledge of every single thing related to computers but I feel like products designed for the end user shouldn't need you to be goddamn Bill Gates to use them with consistency. Feels like going crazy man.

>gay cat

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I'm too lazy to figure out why lightdm-webkit2-greeter with the material2 theme won't show my wallpaper and how to change the display it's displayed on, but that's just me being lazy. No problems apart from that

>programming and computer science
This literally teaches you nothing about how computers actually function.

Mine is VS650


my PC is working flawlessly
thank you for the concern sleepy kot

Not him but it does unless your school is shit

working fine for me

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My 1st gen X1 Carbon and x201 are both working flawlessly.

I'd like to upgrade to newer laptops (X1 Carbon is for personal use and x201 is for work-related stuff) but I can't justify buying new ones seeing as how these are still in good working order.

So i have multiple problems with my gaymen machine, but since I only use it for gaymen, I've just been using workarounds. It's a little embarrassing, but since it werks, I've been too lazy to fix it. Please note that almost all of these problems could be solved by installing gentoo, which brings me to:

Problem 1: On every distro I've tried, my dedicated graphics card is not visible. lspci is only showing the CPUs integrated gpu. If you can figure out how to solve this, I can set up pass thru and the rest of these problems go away.
Workaround: I'm currently using W10

Problem 2: On boot, the machine will only make it to BIOS before restarting 3 times. On the third try, I have to restart with advanced options and disable driver signatures. I believe this is just Windows refusing to run my 3rd party (Nvidia) graphics drivers.

Problem 3: I am unable to install tensorflow. This one I really just need to sit down and figure out how to properly edit the registry so it can find my CUDA dev kits. This is just frustrating as hell because I know it would be a shitload easier to set up via terminal.

So there it is Jow Forumsuys, my shame shown bare to the world.

there's a difference between gigabytes and gibibytes

2000GB = 1863GiB

I realized how stupid I was so I deleted my post in shame

This piece of shit keeps randomly freezing and restarting.

Not really, comp sci isn't supposed to teach you basic USAGE and troubleshootting.
The thing is, usually someone who study comp sci have those skills naturally though years of messing around with computers.

I feel you brother, no matter how much research I do, how much I know my shit, things will break at random and no amount of googling will solve it. Makes you want to just dump everything in the trash and build a new one from scratch.

You will never escape your shame.

CS includes things like operating systems and architecture. It's really fucking complex and down to every last minute detail you can think of. If you're a good student you absolutely understand hardware better than any EE fag, apart from actual physics that go on in order for the circuit to work.

maybe you're just trying to do things which are really uncommon.

Something wrong. I guess it is bloatware like GNU or Micrsofoto.

mine reboots sometimes after i accidentally touch the gpu side hdmi wire.

nah comp sci doesnt teach you about normal pc usage. A lot of low level stuff, some programming and a fuck ton of unrelated math and other garbage.

For some time, my pc wouldn't turn on once in a while. But since last week it doesn't turn on at all anymore. Only once it turned on when I had disconnected everything. When I turned it off it wouldn't turn on again.

Not sure if it's a PSU or motherboard problem.

It started when I put my pc in sleep mode. Then the button would blink and when I press it to turn it on. It just turned off. After a while (hours or days), I could turn it on again and everything was like I left it (browser still on same pages).

Anyone know what the problem might be?

Mikan and Aroma from PriPara

I had a similar problem with a laptop once, I figured it was a bad component on the motherboard that was storing a charge or something and after leaving the computer off for a while and letting the component completely discharge I could turn on the computer and use it normally without any issues. Once I turned it off again it would go into a boot loop cycle without ever reaching BIOS, it would just briefly power on, die, and reboot over and over again.

I replaced the motherboard and it fixed the issue.

I don't know how to enable connman to start networking at boot using arch linux

it needs to log in into gdm3 before

i've already done research about it, tried to fix it but didnt work, also tried using vanilla network-manager but no luck

besides that my pc is running flawlessly (got like 5 or 6 years), arch is very stable once one set it up correctly

Had a similar problem with my old PC, it wouldn't post every now and then and then it gradually became worse, it came to a point where I had to restart the machine for 50 or so times before it would spontaneously post. Once it came on it worked until it was reset again. It was a mobo issue, I tried other PSUs, I tried clearing cmos and a bunch of other things but nothing worked.

The pump for the shitty closed loop water coolling for the cpu sometimes doesn't start with the rest of the pc so i have to watch the cpu temps on every boot. Sometimes it needs 15-20 powercycles to start. In 30 seconds the cpu reaches tepmps of 80+C and immediately starts throttling.

Also I had a lot of memory corruption issues until i changed the dimms. I suspect the constant stress of the cpu/mobo from the malfunctioning watercooling killed then.

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>inb4 up for 2+ hrs

Yeah, it is.

Where's your problem? The fake phallus? Give me a break.



wew do you not have fans in your computer senpai?

No, the backlight fuse on my motherboard and probably some other fuses are blown.
I've ordered a new motherboard though.

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My only issue with this laptop is that I can't force all the same resolutions I used on my CRT before but besides that, it's excellent

i can still see your post you should feel ashamed

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Gotta keep those math majors employed somehow.

Sometimes if I'm in a game my screen turns one color (typically black/white) and windows makes the disconnect sound. I have to restart my pc to fix

at the moment it's great

It's not a real phallus calm down

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Only problem I have as of now is with KDE, not the computer itself.

On newer versions, if you rename a file in Dolphin and then hit the down/up arrow key to move to the next file in the list, the selector will jump back to the file you just renamed when it's done making that change. Older versions didn't do that; you rename, hit the down arrow, and the selector stays on that new file. it allowed you to rename stuff as quickly as you're able to type - this new behavior forces you to move more slowly, because the selector's going to jump backward if you move too quickly.

These aren't things I can simply batch-rename, either. I need to check each one to make sure things are correct.

senpai your dustbox seems to have some computer parts in it, clean it up

>These aren't things I can simply batch-rename, either.

working alright, for a 4 year old laptop

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I keep getting the notification ding that a piece of hardware has been removed and yet I havent removed anything and there are no errors in device manager....happens every 20 to 40 minutes. Windows 10. Other than that no problems.

My hard drive is starting to fail, I don't mind it as I have backed everything up and have a backup OS hard drive.

i have windows 10 installed

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it's working flawlessly. sometimes i wish it'd fucking die and give me a real reason to upgrade

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My computer is working flawlessly and has been for awhile. granted it's only 5 months old so it better fucking work flawlessly

Are you hot? Wanna yiff?

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Hell is hot heathen

About once a month my whole pc locks up in a freeze, sound bugs out and I have to power off and back on again. Done multiple fresh installs of windows, bios and driver updates, all new gpu and hard drives over the past two years. When I look in the event viewer I have a critial error for dipawaymode.exe which is some sorta asus motherboard feature that I've since tried everything to disable. Run my pc in high performance mode with no power saving features that I know of. Went into task scheduler and disabled and then deleted dipawaymode from the list of asus tasks so it should never run but it still happens about once a month. Can be gaming or just browsing the web, typing a word document. Really at a loss for what it could be that is triggering it. My cpu is a 4770k at 4.4ghz on an asus maximus vi extreme with 32gb of ddr3. gtx 1080 from msi with only a mild overclock and I have plent of power and cooling. 850 watt evga gold psu. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My only thought is that it's a motherboard meant for win8 and I'm on win10 now but I have all the newest drivers I can get.

My CPU overheats a bit. It's okay though, it's 6 years old already and I am going to replace everything this year.
Also, my keyboard needs to reconnect every time I reboot PC for some reason or else it doesn't work.
Other than that, everything is okay.

My fans make a clicking noise if I leave it turned off for too long. After a boot I run Prime95 for a minute or two and the issue goes away. Also my GPU struggles with 4 monitors, randomly disconnects, and sometimes they flicker. Though it seems like the latest driver fixed it finally.

I talk to my computer as Casey and I relate to her as my longing partner.
Sadly she's mildly old and I'd have to change her from scratch for her to adapt to modern times

I think there might be something fucky with my psu. My computer keeps randomly shutting off.

No. I'm using Win7 beta drivers for the PCI-E sound card that I use for music production. Every once in a while the system will BSOD, or the audio will become garbled, and I have to reinstall the drivers.

I actually have a MOTU audio device sitting in the closet that I could use, and it works perfectly, but I am too lazy to literally unpackage it and plug it in.

Hi cat

When will the gpu price crisis be over?

>upgrade from FX 4350 to FX 8350
>computer starts to get random severe slowdown for a few seconds, once every several hours
>every week or so, crashes outright instead of just slowing down

It just works
I use arch btw

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nope, i droped tea on the keyboard now the delete key doesn't work

It is barely alive.
Crashes all the time, wipes itself constantly, has screen burn-in, 2 hour max battery life, always freezing, sucks.
Fuck Google and Fuck HP.

My CPU idles at 40-50 depending because I can't fit the fan onto the heat sink because of lack of clearance. Thankfully my exhaust fan in the case pulls enough heat away so it never gets dangerous.

I love you!

Maybe you should meet up and punch each other's

Even worse, I have 4 (three on the graphics card and one for the cpu). It's this case tho

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it's fucked, Windows isn't updating and the display port on my gpu don't work. I had a 960 evo and 950 pro setup in RAID0 and it caused all sorts of problems, so i got rid of it, but things are still fucked

>be me
>built a small side business on fixing people's tech
>great reputation
>come home
>none of my shit ever works
>even doing things the way i've done them for other people doesn't work for me
Can't wait to fuck off to Nowhere, Japan.


I spat on my monitor. Keksimus maximus.

My PC shuts off without warning sometimes while playing games. It just instantly loses all power.

Upgrade your PSU faggot.

The GPU died while playing Honey Select. No blue screen or anything. PC shut off and was not willing to boot until I removed it. EVGA replaced it under warranty but the replacement makes an audible clicking noise when the fans turn on.

3d never again

I have 1000w tho

Get 8.1.

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i want to fug ai-chan and yuu-chan

I want an orgy with all OS-tans because windows is a clusterfuck.

HDD gets randomly accessed even though I use a hotswap program to turn it off. Is Microsoft spying on me?