ITT we screenfetch

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Debian is comfy

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x86_64 Linux AMD based kernels have a lower denomination?

not done with ricing yet

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didn't we just do this

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debian IS comfy

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wallpaper sauce? without the penis


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Install Parabola

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friendly reminder that screenfetch is absolute garbage and you should use neofetch instead

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my eyes

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Installed Debian on my laptop after being a Windows Cuck for so long. Didn't want to be one of those plebs that started out with Ubuntu or Mint, but didn't want to go balls deep into memedom with gentoo or anything. Loving Linux and never looking back

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Debian is a biggest meme of them all. Fedora is the least meme distro.

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How so? I'm new to gaging the meme-meter of all these distros. What makes Debian the biggest meme of them all? I dig the stability and thought I'd learn the mama OS to kali and other debian-based distros

Slackware FTW

But I use screenfetch-c, dumb weeb.

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>i fetch'd

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What even is the difference?

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