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Previous thread >Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

>Have a question?
- FAQ pastebin.com/thLgSkNE
- WIKI wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers
- TEN CURRY COMMANDMENTS pastebin.com/raw/dBbdE73M
- TEN NEON COMMANDMENTS pastebin.com/raw/Ud2pGYaE

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Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers.

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First for retards.

first for Zakku BTFO

Another thread, another retards.

Bad meme

what does that even mean

neon sack of shit

Means that he's retarded.

neon sack of shit

Retarded sack of shit

neon sack of shit

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why does ptp make so much garbage freeleech?
>hurr durr lets make these newly uploaded scene encodes of popular movies freeleech instead of these lesser known movies which will probably be dead in a month

ptp is a meme tracker

delete this fucking post retard

Because they’re not uptight!

Anything that trumps a previous release is freeleech to ensure swarm health. Scene Bluray encodes are usually first to trump a WEB release and are often FL.

How many points does it take to zap torrents on IPT now?



reposting incase anyone else knows
how responsive is the recruiter for HDB at bib?
wont mark myself but im close to elite with a 5month acc

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>wont mark myself
Too late, kiddo.
Do you know how many people on BIB actually qualify for recruitment?
Go ahead, look at the stats.

So what's actually stopping someone from retaking the interview for RED if they get banned?

pure neon

Is waffles a good alternative tracker?

you become /marked/ for life

it's not bad

But how do they know?

wtf is with the authentication code on redacted? how do I disable it? I don't remember activating that shit and I can't fucking login

Are you the guy who's account I hijacked?
If you are, what a coincidence.
I enabled 2fa so you're boned.

Someone posted a list of good release groups for Radarr a while back, does anyone have that? I can't find it.

I have a 7 MiB/s contract, but qBittorrent is downloading at 10/12 MiB/s what the fuck

>qstal they said
it actually ADDS downloadspeed!

is this the power of free software?

Why are my speeds swinging wildly from normal speeds to almost nothing? Is my ISP trying to throttle torrents?

Found out my internet provider not only added 1 gbps speed option to every fiber user but they also doubled every 50 mb/s contract to 100 without cost, removing completely the 50 mb choice, I'm so happy holy shit

The power of free market*

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but muh net neutrality

what makes you think he lives in the US

Spaniard actually. Orange is the provider, thank you based french

does anyone know where I can find a decent pack for Iron Chef? none of my general trackers have one I wanna download

>general trackers

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Is there an anime and manga PT I can join by just paying $$?

BTN, probably

If you want to pay $$ why are you on /ptg/

It's on BTN, just looked it up for you.

because to some piracy isn't about the money but the convenience and refusing to give money to the jewish copyright holders.

t. not that user

no invite and don't care enough to climb tracker ladder to get there, oh well

fuck off

>I like what jews do but I don't want to pay them

If you hate jews so much stop consuming their products then

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jews in general don't create anything but they have monopoly in distribution.

>AB Stats
>User Stats
>Maximum Users: 18,000
>Enabled Users: 17,991
What the fuck are you doing lazy fucks? Get in /a/b/ before its all too late.

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>why dont you stop to consume media
mhhh, very intriguing question

They don't even have porn

Do you need to have been in another private tracker to get your application accepted?

Applications are closed so it already is too late.

I'm glad I kept my unused account active, one more weeb btfo

John stop pasting /ptg/ stuff on MTV

No. Just make sure to answer as lengthily as you can.

They have porn. In fact some of the porn search functions are better than OT

>he thinks that the gates are shut
so naive. theyll just increase the usercap.

Where to apply

Login page. If there's no link then you're boned.

>t. desperate neet

>Sorry, applications are currently closed.

Fucking loser.

You weebs had 6 months to apply don't come crying now you can't get in anymore.


Check it a few times a day

dont worry user, i am legend on AB. i am pissed about how this shitty application process was open for half a year. to me it clearly indicates that they want more members to join, hence theyll increase the usercap.

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another day another 50mb uploaded to red

Congrats, my man

another day another 0 mb uploaded to red, and ptp, and btn, and ggn, and ab, and hdb, and ahd

red needs to implement some goddamn Bonus Points or their economy will die

What do you need an economy for?

You'll become TM within 27 years, excellent job man!

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niggas can't download shit. i've been scraping by on FL token hand outs. that's no way to run a tracker. red either needs to implemetn bonus points, ban seedboxen, or release a week long sitewide freeleach to stimulate things.

AB was, like, the second tracker I got into. It's not hard

red is just a climbing tracker. i just download some stuff to try and get buffer. if i want to actually listen to music i just use waffles

>if i want to actually listen to music i just use waffles

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How many freeleech does red have?

I saw a guy having a 3TB buffer and not using it

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that should be an instant permaban imo. imagine how many small time users he fucked over with his fast seedbox. disgusting.

they had freeleech at the very beginning when they were nothing but ex-WCD big boys circlejerking ration all over the place. now they give you 10 FL tokens like every 9 months or some shit and have the audacity to have staff picks with NO freeleach.

you can thank seedbox kikes for that

Are you saying you don't need 30 10-gigabit NVMe SSD seedboxes in order to download the latest 200mb mainstream album?

Is there another path to BTN other than GGn right now? I don’t want to wait another 3 months to be a 6 months old member of GGn


Actually, the user limit has been reached on BTN; I guess it's a bit too late dude.

The recruitment post on those sites was edited last night. They now have a note saying "recruitment suspended for the foreseeable future."

Can confirm.

its sad but its true. actually using red without a seedbox is borderline impossible. i dont understand how anyone can be satisfied with this situation. the tracker should be used to distribute content and reward people for their will to contribute, not shut you out if youre unwilling to pay for a seedbox. AB arguably has one of the best systems you can think of. users get rewarded for thier actions and as a result can download to thier hearts content. i am not saying half of reds content should be freeleech, but the current system simply is dogshit.

hi buttslut

do girls like it if you're a high rank on a tracker?

i downloaded and gave a girl a high quality rip of a movie she wanted on a usb stick and she watched it with another guy

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serves u right user. you technically brought it upon yourself imho.

well she at least gave me the usb stick back

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any private trackers for stalingrad letters

girl: can you get me this movie?
you: only if i watch it with you ;)
girl: tee-hee- okay!

it's that simple, user.

dude that's like almost rape, are you nuts?

I want to HUG puff!