ITT: side effects of Ad Blockers

ITT: side effects of Ad Blockers

>literally barely know what products are trending and what I should be buying

I'm starting to think that adblockers just made my life harder in the end lads...

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not like getting ads made that any easier
>i wonder what kind of "one weird trick" i should buy?

For some reason this thread had me giggling like a school girl on the city bus out loud.

Just the thought of questioning the negatives of adblock. I've just never thought of it before. Adblocks are so much more positive than negative for user expierence and mind that's it's almost too absurb to even consider the negatives of using it. Obviously there are negatives but still they don't NEARLY outweigh the positives.

Take my upvote op you glorious bastard

nice try, google

>Buying trending products
>Not buying best product for your needs
Typical nVidiot

>what I should be buying
it shows you exactly what you should be buying, mate

But how are you going to know whats best for you if you don't know what's available? Advertisements help you see all the options available..

Oh yeah, I really need someone like Google telling me what to buy or where. As if I don't know how to use a fucking search function.

Seriously though, wanna know what products are trending? Why? Do you need a new smartphone every week? A new laptop every month? Oh man, I'm thirsty. I guess I won't drink anything since I don't have that budweiser ad over there. Fuck off.

>want to buy technology
>ask Jow Forums for advice
>buy whatever Jow Forums thinks is trash

>want to buy clothes
>ask /fa/ for advice
>buy whatever /fa thinks is trash


Jow Forums thinks Asus laptops are garbage, and that's accurate. My friend bought herself one and she's about to send the fucker to the shadow realm

>believing targeted ads can tell you what's trending
lmao just check best sellers on your favorite stores

Go get fucked shill.

>buying shit you dont need

There are enough advertisements in our lives, that we can't avoid. TV, radio, billboards, etc. are all still there to inform you about the things you allegedly need.


please call me when the average CTR increases past 1%, because as long as this is the case, then statistically 99% of ads you see will be useless and mis-targeted and a waste of money for the advertiser

ads are a terrible way to find "what's best for you" because they are biased and don't do a fair comparison, use a catalog or a search listing if you actually want to have a reasonable view of the marketplace

I wish I had been browsing here before I bought mine. I would also love to send that fucker to the shadow realm.
The trackpad is already malfunctioning after less than a year, and it's frustrating.
Learned my lesson. Thankfully I got a think pad from my company.

Not true due to not every available product getting equal ads delivered to you.

Advertising changes the game from quality wins to best manipulator wins. That's why you have companies investing over 60% of their budget into advertising instead of their product quality. People pay for the brand marketing created instead of the real product.

>TV, radio

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I can't name a single negative to using adblock, not a single one

Worst thread of 2018

REMOVE THIS AD!!!!!!!!!!1!!

hmm this post reads like an astroturf.
all you need to surf amazon.

>not starting the day with your favourite radio station
You're missing out, user.

burn in hell you parasite

i cannot recall a single time in my entire life when a web advertisement led me to find a product or service i wanted, it has always been useless garbage that is of no relevance to me

>it's trending therefore i should buy it
>his only source of information are the worst ones

The only real side effect of ad blockers is that instead of looking at flashy ads, I am replying to a faggot instead.

I've definitely felt like I don't know any upcoming game or movie thats coming out. It's a constant "oh that was released ages ago".

>what I should be buying
That's for you to decide, and not for someone to tell you, idiot. Advertisements cause you to buy crap you don't need. If you DO need something, the smart thing to do is to look up customer reviews of products on your own time so you can have a more informed opinion.

>buy bike from decathlon from webshop
>get bombarded with ads featuring the same fucking bike on phone
wow great feature

Just browse /v/. They'll talk about it for months before it gets released.

when you want/need something, you look up for it. ads don't work.

>t. Goolag shill


>buy a hat on amazon
>oh hey man see you bought a hat
>you wanna buy that hat again?
>what about the same hat from another vendor?
>how about you buy that hat in another colour
>I know you selected large, but why not buy that hat in a small
wow so future

I think it does have an effect on large groups of people not being exposed to the massive marketing budget things.

The only really negative aspect of using an adblocker all the time - that I can see - is a lack of insight into the massive tracking and surveillance going on not only by those serving advertisements but also "services" like Google Analytics. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use an adblocker all the time, it just means you don't get to see how visiting one website on one computer results in very targeted advertisements on a fresh install on a computer sharing the same IP (just an example). Of course.. what you realize when you view the web without one is that it's really important to use adblockers and other filters.

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fuck off pajeet from google, u cant fool us

>unironically responding to a shill thread

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Honest downside of adblockers? That I have to deal with websites begging to turn them off. We should never have endorsed adblocking to normalfags and instead enjoyed our ad-free experience by ourselves. Sure I don't see ads but they are replaced by other clutter.

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>what I should be buying

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>TV, radio

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If you know about technology, you know whether or not Jow Forums is talking shit. Same thing with /fa/.

t. faggot trademark on every shit post

Mfw the notion that ad blockers are ruining free online services that are made possible by ads.
Subsidizing free services from ad generated revenue cannot be the only working model. I'd venture to guess that many new free services that are privately funded, would arise in the wake of total ad revenue loss. Ad agencies would rather force users into an archaic model, rather than creating a new progressive and non invasive working model. Don't assume that just because we may fit into your profiling scheme or targeted demographic, that you know whats best for me the consumer. I personally would rather pay, than to be harassed by ads generated by your pretentious algorithms that give you the false impression that you know me better than I know myself. Consumers need more of an anti-ad based lobby. TL;DR We whole heartily support ad blockers.

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You're literally the epitome of a mindless consumer.

There are no side effects, only benefits, not just for you but for the web as a whole.
>what I should be buying
Are you seriously saying you miss being told what you should buy instead of deciding for yourself? What a good goy.

>He listens to "le wacky morning DJs"

The fact that Mediate/Vice/Cracked/Upworthy/Vox are worth 1/5th of what they were 3 years ago tells me that adblockers are an important thing to have installed

>literally barely know what products are trending and what I should be buying
Holy shit, fucking kill yourself.


>wanting to be shilled products you don't need
Fuck off

>needs headphones
>only beets by mr.dre is advertised

>downloads adblocker
>complains about not seeing ads

>But how are you going to know whats best for you

By going to a respected tech news site which does all the reviewing and benchmarking with direct comparisons and insightful write-ups.

Thanks for the (You)s suckers ;^)

wow man you must feel so accomplished. Now fuck off back to /b/, cancerous swine.

>hur dur I can't see fucking avenger ads
Fuck off retard.

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why the fuck do you need others to tell you what to buy? why do you NEED the latest trending products? why did you make this thread? why are you such a braindead moron?

if you can't think of why you'd need something, you dont fucking need it.

If something is actually good I hear about via word of mouth.

Backwoods user here. I see literally no advertisements.

lucky you, i wish i didn't have corporations and businesses clogging up my viewing time with their bullshit i don't need. If i want something new, i'll do research into it myself.


I've got shields up too, but obviously ads work or corporations wouldn't use them.

This is gr8 b8. Congrats on the Yous.

Friendly reminder to enable relevant filters

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>>literally barely know what products are trending and what I should be buying
Drown yourself.

I almost don't even remember what ads are like. Guess that's one of the perks of being younger (25). I've been using some form of adblock for as long as I can remember. Helps that I don't watch TV or listen to the radio either.

Ads look like tumors on the websites as far as I can remember.

My grandfather bought one and the motherboard died a year after he got it.

I wouldn't mind seeing ads to support the sites if they didn't also installed malware on the computer.
But they do, so this bridge is burned to death.

>and what I should be buying

Consumer whore. I have magic beans if you're interested.

t. Normalfag

Irrisitable bait

What? HP and Del are complete shit but my asus was built like a tank. I love it. I even use it for (spoiler) gaming (/spoiler)

Are there really people under 40 that watch tv and listen to radio? I mean I can understand hobbyist fucking with cv and police signals, but FM and AM? Like from the 90s? TV like not just downloading or streaming shows without ads in higher quality that can be passed through a coax? Is this even fucking real? I don't understand. What exactly do you have to gain? Are you watching sports? There are streams for that in 4k FOUR FUCKING K, with no ads, just relevant content. On demand, any time you want, for free, or maybe even a better experience for 1/100th the cost of buying a television subscription. Do people watch news still?! Don't they know that shit is just trying to either brainwash you or fucking grab your attention for your ad revenue? Why in the hell would someone subject themselves to ads? Can't you just research what is the best product for your needs? Why let someone decide that for you? I CAN'T UNDERSTAND.

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this is something i never understood either. like, how is it that advertising... actually works? i mean it MUST work because the advertising industry is fucking HUGE. so are there people out there just waiting for an ad to tell them what to spend their hard-earned income on?

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i suppose

Apparently yes. There are people who watch infomercials all day long, and the ads on youtube, twitter, facebook, ect just waiting for a way to blow their cash on something trendy from china that the manufacturer spends like $0.25 per item on. They just can't think of how to save money or live happy, so they just get angry when their trash breaks, or just shelve it when the next big thing comes along.

There is a speaker cable with a big box attached made of metal that cost $90,000 to get in 15ft with an input and output side.
This product is for a market of people prone to addiction, and serves no purpose beyond a traditional copper cable that you can get a 1000ft spool for $10. It is advertised in all the major literature about audio performance as being the best thing money can buy but actual frequency testing done with advanced electronic instruments determined it has no effect on the sound your speakers give out what so ever.

Search engines

Read the description and reviews of a product, and make an educated decision whether or not it is good for you.

Calm the fuck down you preteen. TV and radio just fucking works. I click a button or turn a knob and it plays. Period.

i understand this is an extremely niche product, and yes it's snake oil marketing at its finest, but i think this is the type of product you won't see a clickbait ad for, but is the kind of thing you'd hear fables about from people who are into audio gear or whatever. what i want to know is, how do regular ads work? i mean, i see a nigga wearing some shoes in an ad, so i automatically feel the need to copy that nigga? are the shoes valuable purely because a lot of people are aware of the product through the ad?

>television subscription

Other than over the air, which generally consist of 5-40 very bad channels all geared towards advertising to you at the expense of your sanity, all the other television programs in the US come from a subscription based contact that cost massive amounts of money to rent the equipment, for one, and channels are served in packages depending on interest, eg. sports package to watch sports cost normally 30-$50 more per month than just a basic package with around 100 channels, split into SD and HD, equal in content. There are dozens of packages, even some for pornographic services.

How many pesos did you get for this post?

Yes, the price of an item is reflexive of how much the business spent on the advertising. Nike shoes are easily outdone by any brand that manufactures in a western nation, yet they cost hundreds of dollars because their advertising budgets were so high, and a lot more people have to get payed for you to buy the shoe. They are in fact just poorly glued together Chinese textiles and plastics made byu a sweatshop employee working for just a few pennies per week so they can eat rice and die from nutrient deficiencies. In comparison, western crafted shoes cost hundreds more to reflect the market set by the high prices that are just a reflection of the inferior shoe's advertising budget. It serves no purpose but to get more people more money, and screw over the average man in the process.

You shills don't even try now

>100 channels
holy shit
last time i regularly watched TV (over 10 years ago), there was 6 channels. there was a third party satellite pay tv service available, i don't know how many channels it had, it wasn't common to get

I see. thanks for the informative post.

Keep our socks on, it's actually more like 50, the same content is just repeated for an HD signal. Of the 50, 20 are just continuous advertisement, with maybe a 90 minute film stretched over 4-5 hours, 20 are "news", and about10 are kids programming.

Also If you want a specific channels you might need to pay extra depending on if its offered in a higher package tier

right, so it's mostly redundant/shit
of the 6 i had access to, only 1 had little content, and that's only because it was new, and had a focus on content of which there was little of, very different to the others, which were all pretty diverse, with only minor leanings towards certain content

Now, this data may have changed in the past 8 years, the last time I watched a televised broadcast.

I have no money so I have absotely zero need or desire to see any ads.

one way or another, you're not getting a one-way broadcasting system to compete with what the internet can offer
even 100 legit, unique, diverse channels can't touch what the internet can provide, quick or immediate access to anything you want at any time, be it video, sound, text, etc, etc
the only reason i can think of why tv hasn't outright died, is because there's still plenty of people who can't into computer, tv is still easier to use

>buying products
>not conducting trades and bartering with your townsfolk

Yeah, a box that you just press one button and suddenly you are enthralled into a program is hard to beat. Maybe someone could come up with a closed one unit system that would just play high detail relevant through something like a playlist continuously, with "channels" that are programmable to your needs, without advertisement. Of course, such a thing doesn't exist, because of licensing fees needed to be made up for with advertisement. But it does sound like a cool programming project for a pi.