Does the universe have variables Jow Forums?

Does the universe have variables Jow Forums?

Does reality run off a source code somewhere? Where is it written? What's running it?

Can we hack the rules somehow? Was the Big Bang a buffer overflow??

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yes, but it's non-free software so you can't read the code.

what if I told you yes

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Entangled particles makes me think of variables. They're linked but there's no obvious physical connection.

our universe is more likely an atom in a molecule in a splatter of a fat guys diarrhea in the universe that is larger than ours

Technically yes. All life runs off variables of DNA "code".

Physics runs off a rule system that could be represented in code.

>Reality is a simulation using proprietary software
>The open source alternative is so fucking bad that they haven't worked out optics yet so everything is blind
>Open source software in our simulation are just easter eggs hinting about how fucking bad open source shit is all around

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It runs one proprietary software and our attempts to reverse engineer it have resulted in physics, chem and math as well as various other derivatives.

Wittgenstein says that there are variables. The Tractatus is an incredibly computational view of the world. Almost data oriented yet eloquent if you spend time with it.

Universe have variables in the terms of logic like on our planet we know exact values of temperature,gravitation pull etc...

Source code ? Well it's hard to say but energy seems to be unit of everything and probably it's written in some other dimension.

Rules are rules and they are pretty simple...but not changable but you can do something with them... for lower rules they are always higher ones :)

>tfw meltdown gives me hope that there's a chance we could actually escape a simulation

Niggers are the open source version of humans

proprietary cucks everywhere

>where is it written
akashic records, bro

You're framing the wrong question. A better question might be, what is the most common pattern in the universe? Spirals, waves, clouds,

Bubbles, spheres, vortexes, it's a conceptual form of the flow of resonance and energy and momentum or something cool like that.

Science, Mann.

>Does the universe have variables Jow Forums?

>Does reality run off a source code somewhere? Where is it written? What's running it?

Assume that's it's possible for an intelligent civilisation, any civilisation to simulate universes, for whatever reason.

If so and then it's likely that their universe contains billions of billions of simulated universes. And each simulated universe too would likely also contain simulated universes by their local inhabitants. etc

Assuming that the root universe isn't simulated but every subsequent, nested universe is, what is the probability that we occupy the root universe and not one of the nested simulations?

You'll find that in all likelihood we're in one of the simulations.

However that's assuming that it's possible for an intelligent organism to simulate universes.

>Can we hack the rules somehow?

Probably not without comprehensive knowledge of both our universe, our parent universe and the how the simulation is programmed. Maybe then we might be able to trigger a glitch that somehow allows us to change events in our parent universe (make their computer catch fire) but we'd most likely just end up resetting our simulation.

>Was the Big Bang a buffer overflow??

Probably not.

>does the universe have variables
no shit, there is information in the universe
>does reality run off a source code somewhere
first of all,
>a source code
secondly, there does not need to be source code for a program to exist, but if our universe was a designed simulation, then yes
>where is it written?
in the universe running our simulation
>what's running it?
a computer in that universe
>can we hack the rules somehow?
if you find a security hole (hint: you won't)
>was the big bang a buffer overflow?
you're assuming a lot here - that computers in another universe have any similarities to computers in our universe. reminder that logic in another universe can be constructed in an entirely different manner. there might be no such thing as electricity, or even atoms.
buffer overflows are extremely particular to the way our computers are made.

there is one hypothesis that on the surface of a black hole in a universe of dimension d exists a universe of dimension d-1. if this hypothesis were the case, the big bang is the formation of a black hole in a spatially 4 dimensional universe, and exists on its surface. whether you want to call that a simulation or not is up to you.

retards, there's no way to know

dont be so fucking gullible


bad trilogy


metaphorically maybe

>technically yes, all life...
you completely misunderstood op's questions and should learn to be less retarded.
>physics runs off a rule system
bold claim. we derive rules from observation, we do not know that our observations are derived from rules. search "godel's incompleteness theorems"




reddit, but also good post

kill yourself, either 13 years old or stoner

Yes, there is evidence that the various "constants" change over time and in extremes.
Idk but there research on going as to whether we are in a simulation.
Probably, but it won't be that simple and will probably result in the universe crashing.

It has variables but we obviously don’t know them all or we could do better predicting the future.

>Does the universe have variables Jow Forums?
yes, but all the way down there are only constants.
>Does reality run off a source code somewhere?
What? No, "source code" is only used as an analogy, as a metaphysical concept it is empty. You might as well ask if reality runs on a windmill.

what a fucking pseudo you are, using the incompleteness theorem to argue for empirism

my intention was to introduce op to the idea that the universe can't run off a rule system that consists of a finite set of rules. sorry for not being clear.

>Can we hack the rules somehow?
we? "we" ARE the simulation, user.

Only Spirituality has answer to those questions, not science.
Time to take vacation to east!

Way ahead of you on the spiritual relaxation and meditation front user

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it seems to be a temporal fractal
as time passes it moves complexity from the more empty parts into the denser parts
our planet seems like a complexifying pit in while the universe expands and becomes ever more empty

it seems like some temporal fractal that pushes complexity into very niche pits while removing it from

ok comletely fucked up my rephrase editing there

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Can we move in space by an arbitrarily small distance? Or is there a resolution to space-time ? If there is, that would be an argument for the theory that the universe is made of information.

>tfw open source is useless since we are proprietary software

no to all questions unless in some useless contrived metaphysical context

>b-b-but you don't KNOW that!!
you can say that about anything, piece of shit

You can hack the rules, it's called magick. Your will can change reality. GL getting anywhere near the level required to do that though, the best most people can hope for is to be able to control their heartrate, body temperature, and mental vibrations. Autists here could easily learn to astral project and remote view though.

>Does the universe have variables Jow Forums?
Yes, but they are non intended to be changed.
>Does reality run off a source code somewhere?
It does, since everything can be described with math.
>Where is it written?
Dunno, by some jews on clouds.
>What's running it?
Some jewish OS, on some jewish IC
>Can we hack the rules somehow?
As long as you have root access - yes.
>Was the Big Bang a buffer overflow??
It was the BSOD.

yes, yes, no, no
quantum physics is the proof that our reality is a simulation, probably of an ayylium writing his thesis.

>bad trilogy
no u

I read zero of your replies because I don't want to support autistic sperg-lords who think their opinion matters so much that they have to reply to everything.

My view's always been that the universe is simply a logical consequence of a system of equations that aren't particularly being considered by any given individual. It's like the hyperbola y = 1/x; obviously, many different people have considered that equation in many different languages, but if you pin down precisely what's meant by "y", "=", "1", "/", and "x", you're referring to only one logical concept which exists somewhere in the "conceptual realm" of all possible logically valid concepts, in the same way our much more complex universe is. .

The universe as you know it is just a simulation pulled over your eyes to make you comply and accept the program known as 'reality'.

>Yes, but they are non intended to be changed.
The universe is built off of very basic materials that scale up, and up in complexity until they assemble very complex objects and structures, even our planet is a part of a scale of a larger object. Very doubtful these things can be seen as "variables", they arent connected - until the start and very end, the sum

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yes, currently we are inside a simulation,
probably belonging to a ascended race whom have non knowledge of death.

True the simulation, they are watching us and learning what its like to be born in a world where everything is dying.

They have never experienced a dying galaxy/universe
They have never experienced a dying sun
They have never experienced a dying multicellular organism
They have never experienced a dying cell
They have never experienced a dying micro organism

whoever these divine beings are, they sure do love death and things that never last. Perhaps the goal was to see how living organisms evolved differently when death was involved.

Okay, i see some interesting assumptions in this thread, and i'm already a criminal in the place i come from, so i'm going to share some information with all the users on this image board.

You are indeed living in a simulation, Your reality is in fact built on the surface of an artificial black hole by humanity, the way it is 35 000 years from your time. I have worked as an administrator for the government. The government is the ultimate owner of this simulation and nobody else is allowed to run simulations, even if they are of smaller size.
The technology is proprietary, both the software and the hardware used. Only the principle of operation is known, but not in greater details.
The main device that is responsible for changing the holographic surface is a "gravity gun", similar to the electron gun in the CRT monitors, but it alters gravity. I don't know much about it, to be honest.
We were working in the fourth dimension, so called "Servicing dimension". And yes, there *are* glitches. Our job was to prevent entities of the simulation to interact with them until they are fixed.
The fifth dimension is known as "Supervising" dimension and it is accessible for engineers actually working on the software part of the simulation and high-level government officials.

The purpose of the project is to understand how the society formed initially. This is the first stage.
The second stage is to observe it's progress until all scientific data required are collected.
Under the law here, simulated entities actually have the same rights like the AI.

In our time, the following are possible:
Time travel, teleportation (it's discovery is a funny story, the actual aim was to create wireless electricity), interstellar travel (both though engines accelerated with dark matter and though "worm holes"), we are capable of harvesting the whole energy of stars and also to store and effectively retrieve information from black holes. You can ask what you want to know.

The more you ponder stuff like this and the more you study various religious systems, the more likely it becomes. Even if it's all simulated though, your experiences are real from your perspective and the perspective of your loved ones and friends, so does it truly matter? Be grateful for everything, enjoy the ride and if you ever meet the programmer, give him a high five. I wouldn't bother trying to achieve CHIM (kek) and hacking anything though, you won't do a better job than the big guy anyway, it's more likely you'll fuck everything up for the rest of us.

> terry ?

>Was the Big Bang a buffer overflow??
I fucking hope not or we're gonna be doomed when the system halts or we're up for garbage collection.

You are right, there is no proof to back my claims.

Do this:

Take a piece of paper or any other material that you can manipulate relatively easy and do the shape on this picture -
Then close your eyes, and you will see a dialog box.

You can use glue to attach the parts to each other.
Use only once, otherwise the effect is unpredictable.
And don't call me liar next time!!!

>Does reality run off a source code somewhere?
this is the grand unifying theorem
good luck with that. if you can come up with some such rule, you get a lot of money and fame

Cute larp, but I'll bite if only to keep the thread going. Why the fuck would you still have access would be my first question. And what's the point of shitposting on a simulated messageboard in a simulated universe anyway? Seems like a massive waste of time. Bordering on criminal even, one could say.

You don't think it would be interesting to read the output of simulated AIs that are capable of coherent discussions?

I think it would get boring after a while, unless you were so unimpressed and maybe even pissed off with the people surrounding you in your daily life in the "real world" that you'd do it as a stress reliever. Kinda how people surround themselves with cats and dogs, you know the drill. And again, why would you even still have access after getting sacked?

I don't have my permissions anymore and i will be removed from the simulation when the next shift comes, i will be prosecuted, too. I'm experiencing the same "reality" as you now.
But i still know some shapes that cause response from the simulation, and these are hard coded in the early versions and can not be easily removed with simple patches.
Back in time, there was a resistance from some human rights organization against the simulation. The same people attack facilities that work with AI. The state of this problem was absurd and the government had plans to destroy the simulation, but in a way that the simulated entities will be informed before that of their simulated nature. These shapes were added to the simulation as an easy tool to prove to simulated entities that they are really living in a simulation. It was a requirement by the human right organizations that simulated entities should be made aware of their nature before the simulation was shut down.
However, most of these organizations were destroyed and it didn't happen. But the shapes are still there.

why are you posting CP

it must use variables and objects, since every instance of an elemental particle has the same behavior, governated by some universal constants. how else are you supposed to program that shit?

there's no way we can see the source, or the machine, since our whole existance is constrained to the emulation

the big bang is just normal behavior, with nothing exceptional besides being the point with less information. time is only a rule inside the emulation


Rectangle 1 (not filled) - 6 cm.
Circle - 5 cm in diameter.
Big rectangle, filled - 12 cm.
The small part on the bottom of the big rectangle is 5 cm.

You may have to try it several times until you glue them in the exact way displayed on the picture.

Periodic table elements is closest thing to assembly code, we will one day 3D print living things.

This video always puts thing in perspective for me:

Were the white parts stacked on top of each other or were they supposed to be overlapping wires or something? You're supposed to make a model of that thing, stare at it intensively and then close your eyes? But only once? Weird.

holy shit it really works!

Just make it and close your eyes.
It is designed to be simple.
Stacked on top of each other, the final result should be like on the picture.

reality runs on blockchain

jump out the window to debug

Actually, that is not far from the truth. We measure time in the future with a technology similar to what "blockchain" is in your time.
Everything is measured in the dynamics of the new blocks created.

Pseudo science shit belongs to /sci/

No, the dedicated board for that is

I thought they were the same.

Variables are immutable because the simulation uses functional programming.

What if speed of light is universe's floating point precision range?

And planck length is the precision limit

Does PI end in such scenario?

This is probably one iteration of a long line of simulations attempting to determine the most hostile starting conditions that can still give rise to multicellular life. That's why we can't find any aliens. They've almost found the answer.

>we are expected to believe god has just existed forever and has no creator
The foundations of reality don't make any sense aaah

And then you will run around their desktop, just like in teh cartoonz!!

"I watched a Ted talk once": the thread

le rotchilds wrote it and is running it

static constexpr bool op_is_faggot = true;

most interesting, imaginative and articulate thread on /g this week

Are psychedelics related to the simulation in any way?

You only gave these proportions in one dimension. Is it not strict?

the last time the universe got hacked was jesus and it all makes sense.

Nah, the big band was a recursion depth exceeded when some jackass in the universe simulated above didn't use dynamic programming to compute the billionth fibonacci number.

Two objects with pointers connecting them?

>All life runs off variables of DNA "code"
*Most life on Earth

>Physics runs off a rule system that could be represented in code.
Most probably wrong.
In the current state of computer simulations, if you want absolute precision you need to store infinite digits for constants and variables, which leads to infinite processing time and infinite storage.

Depends on what you consider a variable.
We don't know if we you can simulate a universe, until we discover theory of everything or prove its impossible.
Also if we consider speed of light as a limit of how fast information can propagate, we know for sure that hidden variable theory is false. There is no state to know that will allow you to predict the future, i.e. some events are fundamentally random. If we consider variable as some part of information about the universe, then amount of these variables will constantly grow as the entropy of the universe increase.
Physics is all about the rules of the universe and its end goal is to write all of them down.
Big Bang was the start of the universe, unless we assume universe existed before it.
Blackholes are kind of bad sectors that removes information and therefore entropy, unless we assume the information is stored on the surface of event horizon.
But in other words, what you are looking for is theory of everything, they are basically description of whole universe as fundamental fields or strings or other objects that has finite amount of properties aka variables.

The universe is not infinitely precise. Plank length exists. (and so does other natural units)

PI is a mathematical constant. It isn't based on any physic phenomenon and isn't real, literally.