Brainlet needs help

size of the video file is 1.7G
Runtime is 114 minutes

How many MB/s is this?

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4.02352941176 MB/s

literally use a calculator

Not even 1.

but ffprobe says this
Duration: 01:54:58.59, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 2017 kb/s

unless i've made a mistake;
((1.7*1024^3)/(114*60))/(1000^2) = ~0.26686565801169590643 MB/s (or ~266.87 KB/s

that's in kilobits per second, not megabytes per second
the above in kilobits per second is;
((1.7*1024^3)/(114*60))/1000*8 = ~2134.92526409356725146199 kb/s

the discrepancy between 2135 and 2017 is 118, and is likely the audio (say 112kb/s plus a bit for container overhead)

Gb or GB or GiB?

How fucking retarded are you?

0,2545 MB/s
2,0360 Mb/s

in linux and some other systems, the single-letter terms "K", "M", "G", etc refer to KiB, MiB, GiB respectively
it's quite common

Window too.

that's only for windows

wait so it's not even a megabyte per second? FFS
this file is 10bit x265 btw

Samurai desi.
Some amount exceeding zero or and one.

That's the definite answerrp

>wait so it's not even a megabyte per second? FFS
nope, only about a quarter of that
1.7G is really small for a movie-size video, even a DVD is more like 5-7G

You normally measure bitrate in bits per second, not bytes per secont. Your file has two megabits per second.

This is coming from someone asking how many MB/s in a 1.7GB file

1.7 GB = 1700 MB / 114 min / 60 sec = .24MB/s

>This is coming from someone asking how many MB/s in a 1.7GB file
i understand what you mean, but there's nothing invalid about his question, it's not usual to measure video bitrate with bytes, but op provided no context that suggested he didn't intend bits, i prefer to avoid hypercorrection

It's 1740.8

YIFY rip
Duration: 01:41:13.39, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 1111 kb/s

I believe x265 has a variable bitrate, which would also explain the difference in cpu power needed

>retard who can't even do basic math gets spoonfed
the absolute state of Jow Forums

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