Windows 10 1803

Windows 10 1803 april update just got released 15 minutes ago and you can now update via windows update or via update assistant or fresh ISO. Why are you still on outdated 1709?

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i litterally installed windows for this so i could try backdrop-filter in edge, lol

>Why are you still on outdated 1709?

Oh don't worry, it 1803 will get shoved down everyone's throats in about a month.

>she isn't using enterprise edition

>being this cucked

Quality response

Thanks Microshill. I've deposited you 10 rupees for your effort.

I wanted to talk about technology on the technology board

what changed?

I just found out the same thing. I clicked on check for updates and it was downloading 1803 and without asking it's going to install it. I hope at least I will get a restart message.

>In this new update, the Start menu includes Reveal highlight, which is an interactive visualization that brings illumination to display hidden borders, helps you navigate, and interact with an app. You’ll see this feature while hovering items in the “All apps” list and Live Tiles.
Sorry, not using star menu since 2010 I guess
>Additionally, right-clicking a Microsoft Store app, and selecting More, you’ll now see a Settings option that will take you straight to settings page for that particular app.
I guess no use afer I did: Get-AppxPackage *windowsstore* | Remove-AppxPackage
>When using the dark theme option the “Clear all,” “Expand”/”Collapse,” and “See more,” the links text now use the current system accent color. In Addition, the “Clear all” text has been replaced for “Clear all notifications” to make clearer the action of the button. Action Center now supports a two-finger touch gesture to dismiss all notifications. If a notification doesn’t support being dismissed, the toast will now show an X instead of an arrow, and when writing a response in a notification and you dismiss it by accident, Action center will now save the draft automatically. In addition, Action Center uses “am”/”pm” when indicating timestamp with the 12-hour clock format, rather than “a”/”p”.
Yeah, it won't make me ignore it any less...
>On version 1803, the Cortana’s Notebook is getting a face lift that makes the experience easier to use and more responsive with tabs and card-based items.
thankfully, still no cortana in my country
>The taskbar
Oh yeah, I do use the taskbar!
>The taskbar in the new version of Windows 10 isn’t getting major improvements, but now Microsoft has turned on the Fluent Design Acrylic material the new version of Windows 10 isn’t getting major improvements, but now Microsoft has turned on the Fluent Design Acrylic material effect.
>Windows 10 introduces a new Game bar with a new design
Just no

Edge is finally a decent browser finally being able to use extensions in private browsing so there is that

because I need a stable work environment and am not willing to beta test macroshit's latest disaster every year when the """feature""" update rolls out and foobars my entire system.

>I wanted to talk about consumershit on the consumershit board
ftfy even though you're still right

As web dev, no it's not. It has all of the exact same quirks/bugs/design flaws that IE does (probably for compatibility or some other cop out reason).

We don't even distinguish between IE/Edge in our ticketing system when bugs occur, there's just a tag called IE/Edge. They both behave almost exactly the same outside of performance. IE/Edge is literally the only special case we have to handle in terms of browser compatibility. Everything else just werks.

Perhaps 1803 will be better

What am I in for?

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probably a reformat or at least a half hour of fixing everything it breaks.

>none of the images load
great website famalam

About 4 restarts and some questions that you have to click on "no".

I hope you're at least using Ubuntu 18.04

But I already have browser

i like it

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>let my pc sync with the botnet

what about tabs in file explorer?

Not till redstone 5 1709

I don't care then

lol, I'm still on 1703 and receiving regular security and fixes updates

Because I just upgraded to Bionic Beaver and it's better

>its almost 1805 already

why cant microsoft just name it 1804 or 1805? same thing happened with 1709, it got released in 1711

already on it senpai

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Is it really necessary to reset file type associations every single update? Shit's annoying.

It did not reset for me.

oh boy oh boy

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stop cheating faggot

> still on outdated 1709
The fuck are you talking about?

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I've been using a registry edit to use windows photo viewer as default for jpg and png since Photos is complete garbage, and every time there's an update like this it resets everything and I have to set it all up again.

>not using a superior os

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I think Photo Viewer's an exception, since what you're doing is essentially a hack from Microsoft's perspective.

if youre using windows 10, you dont belong here, fuck off

>the current state of Jow Forums

Just finished updating, took over 2 fucking hours...
What the hell's even different?

>muh secret club
we get it, you only started using linux to post in the desktop threads, no need to shove that down everyone's throats.

Because I don't want to deal with users complaining about their computer being broken. Again.
This is why our systems are locked to version 1703 via WSUS, and the WU servers are blocked from clients in the firewall.

>Why are you still on outdated 1709?
I'll wait for others to confirm that this is BSOD free thanks guinea pigs

so this update somehow deactivated my Office copy, when I contacted the Microsoft support they tell me my product key is invalid even though I bought from their own online store and showed the receipt, they literally told me the only way is to buy another key, like fuck Microsoft for real, I bought this damn key 3 months ago for 80 bucks and it's now useless because Windows decided to update, what the fuck do I do now?

I'm so fucking mad right now

>buying an office key

>for EIGHTY (80) dollars ($)

yes I need it for college believe it or not

like we have a choice
>"Hey Everybody Go Get It!"

(thought that phrase was only used on s4s, *surprised*)

decided to bite the bullet since I would be forced to update sooner or later

from what I can tell this was the worst update so far, it completely uninstalled my video drivers for absolutely no reason and reset several applications to their default settings including third party applications

>buying office
The fucking state of Jow Forums

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Le minceraft XDDDDD
Literally a toy OS

Mine didn't uninstall shit, it just reset my monitor frequency to 60hz from 75hz (but granted, I had a custom resolution enabled)
Everything is fine, I have 0 issues desu. Just trying to get used to the multiple desktop thing (when you press winkey+tab) on the top rather than on the bottom.

Should've escalated. I would call back

Anything new and actually useful outside of the bullshit changelog MS releases that only lists IE, Edge, Cortana and UI changes?

As in, any new APIs, improvements on existing ones? Is DX12 now useful for video playback so we can get support for it in mpv?

how do I activate it without buying another key?

Why are they saying it's invalid?

Did a fresh install once the official ISOs came out.

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>buyers get flagged
>meanwhile my pirated everything is intact

No idea, they just say it is, if I try to activate Office again with the same key I activate months ago it'll also say it's invalid. Something tells me this shit is done on purpose to force people to buy new keys every now and then.

Feels good.

But this is how it's been, since the days of Vista and onward.
Life is literally easier if you pirate.

gonna do a clean install windows update is pure shit

74% of all privacy settings has been enabled again and you have to turn them off three times now (like pic related)

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If this is a work computer, fight them on it.
If this is your personal fuck around machine, just pirate the full version , and KMS activate it.

>that 2x10 pixel marker to indicate which tab you're on

holy shit, why not just mark/fill the entire tab for easier visibility?

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It's my personal PC but I use Office a lot for college since most of the time the work the professors asks for can only be done in Word because they want very specific magin and formating settings that I have no clue how to do in LibreOffice so I ended up buying Office for convenience, I got Windows 10 for free so Office is the only software in my computer I paid for and I never pirated anything in my life, how does this KMS shit you talk about work anyway? Does it require constant activation? Because otherwise I'll probably just buy another key to not have to do this process each month or whatever.

Updated in 3 mins AMA

Selecting the second toggle unselects the ones below, as the individual toggles are for selecting which specific program you want to access [thing].

when will the fucking street shitters at microsoft understand many people want a barebones version without any of this shit. just plain nt kernel and a basic DE like xp even, but noooo...
if other fucking programs wouldn't make mandatory windows 10 i would stay on windows 2000

when will you stop spending all your time shitposting about a corporation when you could just use linux

>Bionic Beaver
>"that sounds like an ubuntu version name, but there is literally no fucking way they picked one that stupid"
>one google search later

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The KMS tool bullshits Windows and Office into thinking it's been activated via a subscription licensing scheme, the software then re runs itself every 180 days, thus making the subscription look to have been renewed.

So install Server 2016, then.
Or go with the Enterprise LTSB release.

>for college
your college should have a 365 license to use
or at the very least 2010/2016/2019 keys
literally zero reason to use a kms tool or deal with microcunts nonsense

No thanks, Pajeet.

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Update 1607 was actually the worst. Without fail, fucked absolutely everything it could get its hands on. Oh, and reset the 'customer experience' cunt which meant your system redownloaded candy crush.
Surprisingly, this one actually just worked.

Microsoft takes care of their paying customers. That you're too dumb to know this leads me to believe you didn't buy it from their official store and bought it from something like instead.
Post receipt. You said you had it.

I'm not outdated
I've updated
to Manjaro 17.1.8

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Here's the attention you desperately need.

Why are you using the shittest OS currently available?

you seem confused

how can I backup the windowsapps folder so I don't have to download 120 gb of gow4 again?

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Should we clean Install this update or simply upgrading with your current install good?I remember hearing some people claim its always best to clean install every new build to avoid any conflicts, wondering if thats still true.

>be a clueless faggot
>use Windows 10

>so it changed back to aero for the windows with slightly more tint and less colour

>have no job, friends or hobbies and use computer exclusively to look at porn and post on Jow Forums
>use Linux as a desktop OS

You can get it for free if you have a .edu email

You need schizophrenia to use linux so no

You're barking up the wrong tree. I use 7.

At least you're not a linux using schizophrenic fucktard


my dude, let me help you out

also fight them on that $80, but if you're in a pinch it's free for students anyway.

Right on.

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Still doesn't top Fedora "Beefy Miracle" a few years back.

You're basically fucked.

>Beefy Miracle
Horny Hippopotamus, soon

Great, now what's all the new telemetry and tracking shit you have to turn off?