Would I get robbed if I had one of these?

Would I get robbed if I had one of these?

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no. you'd get raped tho

You gonna get fucked in the ass too if you have a pink one

Quality thread OP, if you live in fucking the middle of Loo2Poo India, yea probably.

Does it actually have the fucking number 9 on it?

Depends how diverse your neighbourhood/city is.

give it back jama-

i mean yes

yea it has, you can't see a shit, since it is on its front panel, at least it shots nice pictures.

Nevermind pajeet didn't realize it was on the screen not the back

Yeah they made it so you cant change the wallpaper. Fookin gooks

Niggers only like iPhones

And children
And women
And the elderly

Why is Jow Forums so afraid of nonwhites

The unknown, they only see them on YouTube because they live life in a shelter.

My children use LineageOS

t. Lives life in a shelter

only if you live in a ghetto shithole

I never really hated them until i worked nights at a gas station in jacksonville for a year.

Two words. Crime Statistics.

I hope you learn a hard lesson

No, but probably beaten.

maybe they were next to them for like 5 minutes. around blacks, never relax


>Basedsung fags btfo

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If you ever decide to travel be careful.There are certain places where people will literally cut your arm off for that phone.

i can already imagine a skinny, white boy with his expensive phone shaking, trying to not even look the black guy that's sitting next to him that's doing absolutely nothing.

that's kinda hot

Yes, Samsung will take your money.