2016 MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards failing twice as frequently as older models




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I don't think anyone was ever defending this keyboard.
It was a known fact that it's breaking very often.
Also it's hard to replace.

I still use rubber dome


My thickbad t520 doesn't have this problem

sounds so gay

just buy a PC

Just kind of a waste to buy a laptop with it then.
It is the sole reason I am abstaining from getting a Macbook.

I wish i could still get the pre-butterfuck macbook pro with nvidia gpu :(

>commit heresy
>get smited

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Mactoddlers will defend this.

>tfw sold my 701c for $100 on eBay in 2000

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Can confirm for piece of shit keyboard. Only good laptop is the xps 15

Basedims will defend this

I bought a second hand 2013 machine late last year because of how expensive the baseline model has gotten, how stupid the whole touch screen function key bar is and how much I loathe the new keyboard. Hell, when I needed to replace a desktop keyboard (eventually got to one too many spillages with under-the-tap rinsing over the 10 years I've had it) I just tracked down an old stock keyboard rather than pay something like 150 euros for Apple's current external numpad-including keyboard with these shitty form-over-any-semblance-of-function keys.

Sure, the GPU aint much to brag about, but with the way Intel has stagnated in the CPU department I didn't lose much in terms of CPU power.

>Consumer Dell
Pick one

i had to replace the keyboard on my 2012, wait till you need to gut everything, think your home free, only to find 80 fucking microscopic loctited screws holding the keys into the case, fucking unreal patience needs to be exercised, remember when that shit would just pop out in the old powerbook/ibook before they incel'd everything?

To be fair, the modern Latitudes, other than the Rugged series, are just an XPS with a different sticker and a longer warranty.
The Precisions are about the only legit business grade laptop being made by dell, right now.

Feels terrible to type on. So pissed off I sold my 2013 MBP for one. Got rid of it after a couple of months.

On the bright side the older keyboards are way more reliable so you're probably never going to need to replace them. Have a whole bunch of friends and family that own various machines with the same keyboard design and none of them have had them fail on them. Closest is my sister who had water spilled on her machine at a meeting, but the keyboard replacement, labor and parts, was covered by her bosses' insurance.

I wonder if Apple are going to quietly backpedal, or try and push a "3rd generation" version.

They will never backpedal.
They will fix it even if it takes 4 generations.

>every time i see this masterpiece of keys

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Such abortions should never be allowed out of product development.

My boss has one of these. he had to pay to get the keyboard fixed twice... because he ate cookies by the computer and crumbs got in the keyboard.
He payed 150$ per visit...

You do not understand, it is a feature! Apple generously has a built-in sensor that allows the user to know when the bookmac is ready to be replaced!

Why are we not more grateful for this???!!?!?!?!??

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just because a new word you learned is funny to you doesn't mean you should use it as frequently as you possibly can

found the macfag everyone

I actually like the keyboard it's kinda like a mechanical switch.

>thinking memebook muh furst only puter
the world is a bad place because of people like you

what about the touch bar?

>AppleInsider, the worst Apple fanboy echo chamber out there, calls Apple out

How frustrated are Apple users over this problem?

not enough to make a difference

I was looking in to the Macbook (2015+) because the lack of a fan would be very useful in an industrial application I need a few laptops for, and I've had a Macbook air for over four years now and it's working flawlessly, my only concern was the keyboard.
Something tells me the reports are only talking about the Pro because those with the Pro use the keyboard much more than those with vanilla macbooks.

>For the 2014 MacBook Pro, of the 118 repairs, 8 came back for a second go-around on the repair within 90 days. With the 2015, 6 did. None came back for a third time.

>For the redesigned 2016 MacBook Pro, of the 165 keyboard repairs, 51 came back again once, and of those 51, 10 more came back for a third time. The 2017 fared better in this regard, with 17 of the 94 coming back once, and 3 of those coming back for a third time.
Fucking hell

which would you rather? Butterfly or Scissor :^)

I have one and what I can say is that after jizzing all over the keyboard and screen, it still works.

My keyboard has been replaced. They also replaced the entire bottom body of the Macbook Pro which includes a new battery.

Did your boyfriend jerk you off on your basedbook pro?

tfw you spend millions engineering hardware to break more often

Enjoy your 0mm travel keyboard.

>butterfly keyboards
leave it to apple to call existing tech their own fruity definition and name

It's called scissor-jack idiots...
"Butterfly" keyboards are like the thinkpads that expand when opened and contract when closed.
Fucking apple seriously

Do you even have to ask bro?
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