Ram companies literally in price fixing conspiracy as proven in court docs

>ram companies literally in price fixing conspiracy as proven in court docs
>ram prices still higher than before

>ssd gets cheaper
>manufacturer removes the smallest model
>now smallest model cost even more
>ssd prices still higher than before

>shitcoin miners took all the gpus
>no real improvements in tech anyways
>gpu prices still higher than before

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you know mate, shit happens

>Built a 1080Ti and Ryzen setup with fast DDR4 right before the price hikes
>Could still sell 1080Ti and ram for massive profit right now
>Nothing on the market to make it obsolete in over a year

>he lost his soul to consumerism

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Hey I use Linux and don't game I guess none of this applies to me

I'm guessing that you know the ancient secret of downloading memory, right?

A bunch of retards accused dram manufacturers of price fixing with 0 evidence and are calling for an investigation in the lawsuit. That's literally all that happened. China already looked into it and found nothing

SSD price per gigabyte has stagnated for how long now?

How can you "price fix" your own product?

>Have something
>See huge rise in demand
>Put price up
>People STILL pay for it
>Raise price higher

What the fuck is it with burgers

It's simple, just go to downloadmoreram.com and choose how much

>What is supply and demand?

Conspiratards in a nutshell. The simplest answer is too simple for them.

It's not stagnant at all. 500g drives went from $150(on sale) to $100.
Right now I would just get a 500gb sata ssd and wait for nvme to drop a bit more in price.

I use Linux and macOS and game on an Xbox one

Why should I fucking care about any of this. I have never build a computer

Price fixing is a term used for collusion among a small group, forming an effective monopoly. Most countries break up monopolies so that there is more than one company providing a good or service.

It's a serious enough issue that previously a CEO (or maybe it was multiple) of a/multiple RAM companies went to jail for price fixing.

don't know why any one would need more than 8gigs or ram maybe even less if you don't plan to game.

Development work benefits from 16GB.

you are cancer

the way free market economy works is every individual company sets their own prices, that are usually adjusted due to competition, e.g. if coke sells a bottle for 1.50 and pepsi sells for $1, then coke will try to match pepsi's price to stay competitive. the competition keeps prices as low as possible.

price fixing, or collusion, is when these companies conspire to raise the prices on particular products at the same time, thus inflating the price of the product. So coke and pepsi meet up privately and say "hey, lets raise our prices to $5 a bottle", and people will get fucked because there's no competitive alternative

collusion is illegal btw, if RAM manufacturers are colluding to fix prices then expect a big lawsuit soon

Ricing fags loves rams. Then you have those giving excuses that they do renders and all that shit. If they're seriously doing real jobs, they won't posting on /v/. 8GB is the sweetspot for normal office spreadsheets, webcoding or even gaming use. The muh browser ram is a fucking meme because these faggots can't stop opening 20 youtube tabs and says 16GB isn't enough.

Theyve been busted for it before, and the only reason was because they wrote it down and published it. What's more likely - they've risen above that and become independently noble organisations (probably a first) or that they just havent published the details for everyone to see this time?

You've gotta be a special kinda naive to think its "just market forces" at work here.

My wife doing boring office work needed an upgrade from 8GB to 16GB due to out of memory errors. You truly are a pleb.

>On the site, Gates takes questions from kids.
>QUESTION: "I read in a newspaper that in l981 you said '640K of memory should be enough for anybody.' What did you mean when you said this?"
>ANSWER: "I've said some stupid things and some wrong things, but not that. No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough for all time."
>No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough

>build everything with server/workstation parts
>prices are what they should be

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buy ps4 and install gentoo

>running 2 vm's
>firefox with 8 tabs+youtube
>ide open
>still only 6GB usage
muh 16GB

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your 'sweet spot' is an autistic fixation on what you learned a few years ago, influenced by what you had access to. you're probably young right? went through a formative period during the 2-4GB era and blossomed into 8GB with a fixed confidence in the world? in 1996 you were probably saying "16mb of RAM is enough, only posers get 64mb of RAM - just close winword when you want to run WinAMP, what sort of lamer needs to leave everything open."

>what is swap?

probably because she works with a company too retarded for real databases so they use massive excel files.

nice try but no, she doesnt use excel, she's just found that the fastest workflow for her is to not close shit constantly like she has an OCD fixation on her taskbar clutter.

the premise that we should change our workflow to suit an artificial hardware limit is asinine, people have been saying similar shit about all hardware forever. shit, luddites were saying we didnt need computers in the home at the dawn of microcomputing - this is no different.

Still pretty happy with my 480 8gb, I'd really like to ditch my 2600k @ 4.6 but doing so would mean buying overpriced RAM to replace my existing 16gb of DDR3 which is what's stopping the upgrade to a ryzen7 2700 from making sense for me atm.

I wouldn't mind a faster graphics card, but the 480 will last me till this mess of a mining price boom goes away.

slow crap even with an ssd

they can sell it at whatever price they want thats how being a company works