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So I was just watching a YouTube video a few minutes ago when I got a notification for something and when I go to clear it from my notification bar I accidentally did something which made the chrome browser turn into this square thing that can be moved anywhere in the home screen and I am wondering if anyone has done something like this before let me know. I own a Sony Xperia XZ1

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Other urls found in this thread: to use picture to picture in oreo&oq=how to&aqs=chrome.0.69i59l3j69i60j69i61l2.8162j0j7&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

Maybe a bug? I know Chromium now supports picture-in-picture when you run a video and minimize it. Maybe it's not properly implemented in Chrome yet.

>using youtube in chome
do you still expect you will get lesser botnets with that?

I don't know probably an unintentional feature? I'm still yet to figure out how to replicate this which is why I made this post

I don't know If I do have a botnet since my antivirus would have detected it by now (Malwarebytes)

The power of Android


OK so I found out it actually is picture in picture to use picture to picture in oreo&oq=how to&aqs=chrome.0.69i59l3j69i60j69i61l2.8162j0j7&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 but I just can't seem to actually get it to work on my chrome browser

Here's a quick look at my system and yes it is Oreo 8.0.0

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Open your recents menu, i think its called small apps?

i remember it from my prior phone, xz5c. never used that feature once so i dont know how to get rid of it. good luck.

>using antivirus
w h a t a r e y o u e v e n d o i n g ?

What are you asking me? I don't understand why you're trying to insult me. If you're not gong to help out then don't bother with this post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Thanks. Good luck to you too. With whatever it is you're doing

And also you can't get botnets using YouTube on chrome I can tell you that so I don't understand why you're making it sound like what I did was the result of a virus when actually it's just a feature you can use.

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How about no

Isn't it just the picture in picture feature from oreo?
I mean, my phone is still nougat, but I can resize some apps to be rather small as well, maybe its just a feature you acidentally discovered?

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I've already fucked myself too many times for a jackass like you to tell to do it again. I don't think so you cunt

It is. But my question is how I would be able to replicate that very thing when I'm watching YouTube using chrome (as shown in the image provided)

Or just simply do it when I'm on a webpage

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I'm not sure about picture-in-picture, but for me, I just select an app I want, open it, then hold the recent apps button

Another way you can do this is by tapping on recent apps, then long pressing an app you want

This method is a bit less common but works too
You open an app, then put your finger on the top right or lefr corner of the screen, then drag it down, as if you were trying to acess the notifications, but doing diagonal movements

I know it ended up being confusing the way I wrote it, so I'm sorry for it, but I wish you luck trying to makw it happen again