Want to build cross plattform app

>want to build cross plattform app
>have to use this
its not fair

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> what is qt

instead of just hating stuff because everyone else does, you have to actually state a criticism of the thing you are hating on

Genius, would make Jow Forums's userbase 600 times smaller in 8 hours.

>not tailoring your app for each different platform
cross platform design is just being lazy, so electron is a perfect fit for you

>implying OP has ever made anything to cross-platform

>Massive install sizes
>Beefy ram requirements
>Can slow down with more than one electron app open
People are writing projects in .NET and building them to electron, it burns my brain, what's the point? Those that write electron apps are making the decision that a users resources like disk space or ram aren't that important, they'd like all the potatoes.


Found your problem.

I'm building a Jow Forums desktop browser using react and electron.
Should I bother finishing it?

>kills the whole memory hierachy
>security holes in most electron applications because it isn't feasible to update the underlying chromium and so almost nobody does

Too poor for Qt?

finish it user, and it's gonna be awesome because YOU made it.

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Probably not, because there was already a Qt based application out there somewhere.

This seems to draw shitty developers like flies who think "whoa cross platform" but that doesn't mean anything cause their work still sucks.

just finish yourself

Better than anything Linux brings to the table.
I still have nightmares due to GTK on Windows.

>instead of just hating stuff because everyone else does, you have to actually state a criticism of the thing you are hating on
I hate it because smarter people than me hate it

>This seems to draw shitty developers like flies who think "whoa cross platform" but that doesn't mean anything cause themselves and their users all use Windows

>using GTK

>not using GTK

isn't gtk just a shittier version of qt because freetards had a hissyfit? just use the original

Why not just Java?

>vs code

Why would anyone suggest that shitty language.

Next time try php, at least it works as intended

>Why would anyone suggest that shitty language.

Cross platform.

guys what if
what if someone made a javascript to C compiler

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Qt can also do crossplatform faggot

No but there is currently a C compiler written in Javascript being worked on.


Remember the last time somebody created a static compiler for dynamic languages like Lua, Python etc. and it wasn't worth it?
Also, it wouldn't solve the issue. JavaScript is literally the least of electrons problems.

I don't like Qt because I can't easily use it with CLion.
I don't like QtCreator

You guys do realise you can do just as much in SDL or openGL right?
It wouldn't take much code to make it mimic the most important features of QT even, so what am i missing?

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>have to use electron
No, you can use Qt or gtk

>running spaghetti chromium as an standalone ap.

sepples shit
doesn't run on mobile platforms

I'd kill for a working crossplatform ui framework for dotnet core
that seems to be the only option besides Qt as I had a hard time getting bindings to work in any non-c++ environment

Electron would still be incredibly slow because it needs a complex layout engine which is already implemented in C++.


>so what am i missing?
Edge cases? Take a glance at the lower level parts of Qt to see how retarded it can get.

Qt is fine, kys


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Stupid tripfag. You know intentionally bypassing wordfilters is against the rules right?

my app is great, I use it myself daily. crossplatform didn't matter to me when choosing electron because it was intended for personal use on gnu/linux anyway

>I hate it because smarter people than me hate it
that's a great answer user, pic rel

it's very likely that your bank uses java extensively in their backend
just remember that next time when ordering your onaholes
given our dependency on large computer systems and what they're tend to be written in, if java stopped working as intended overnight we would be finished

are you suggesting that he write his own ui library just for his program? because that's how you make sure you'll never actually make that program


What does this even mean? What does this meme have to do with technology? Take this literal gay shit meme to

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You have a point there, I just expected a Jow Forums for my shitpost more than anything else

I needed a Q&D windows app that could talk to a PLC and graph data. I downloaded the netbeans sdk and the scenebuilder javaFX gui builder, and had something working in 5 hrs with almost zero prior Java experience.

If I must deal with windows, rather than deal with whatever abortion MS has shat out to develop for their dying platform, fuck, I'd pick Java any time, particularly given my above experience with it. I'll stick with linux/c++ otherwise.

Use xamarin.

Why isn't there a way to design your ui with html/css/js but having the compiler aware of the parts of that stack you actually cared and giving you a lean and performant application doing precisely what you use instead of an entire browser?


like removing the code for handling some html tags would make any difference


You will spend more time messing with the build tool chain than actually developing something.


Basically just a react-syntax layer over `libui-node`. But libui-node is pretty fast and easy though.

But `libui-node` is nice though.

I present you our master and savior xamarin. It work... mostly of the time

>proving his point

He doesn't HAVE to implement everything QT has for the style of program he wants to make.
I've made responsive menus / UI's in OpenGL before way way back when I used to make alot of games on my own.
Could you give me an example of something that's hard to implement in OpenGL but that is easily and often done with QT?
Like I said I'm pretty sure I'm missing something, so please enlighten me.

nothing is hard, just time consuming

But i'm talking it taking maybe 1-2 workdays to get most of the dynamic layout done, is that really to much time to spend?

Hey Reddit fag

b-but muh s󠇦󠇦o󠇦󠇦yscript!

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>no one suggests Xamarin
It's almost like no one here actually programs.


you can use any language you want
nobody is forcing you to use electron

My apologies

>shitty language
>uses javascript
Java is a lot better than that meme lol

>have to
It makes it quick and easy to create a decent cross platform program, but you pay for it with much higher resource usage. Qt is an excellent alternative if that's an issue.

Shitpoor performance, high memory usage (ok if one electron application, but if you have several ones then it's an issue). The bigger (more code) and application is, the more likely it is that there are bugs/security issues

This is a completely western idea. In China they're still building native programs.



Fuck off. Are you serious?

Do it, I'm doing one by myself.

You need a full browser engine for the captchas anyway now that they removed the fallback.

better of making a browser extension or website,

people browse Jow Forums and surf the web at the same time boi

Just use textual UI. Here, problem solved.

It requires too much memory considering how little it offers over a native program to the end user.

Count yourself lucky. I'm currently working on a legacy project in work which uses mfc. When I get more time I'll probs just redo it in C# and windows forms unless there are better looking tools to use for windows apps.