Software to host a static site

What are good software solutions for serving static html pages? I'm making a project log and have written a static site generator, but need something to serve the html.

Something in the vein of darkhttpd but won't crash if you POST to it.

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Nginx is the de facto standard.

The only thing I've tried is Flask and it seemed like a pretty simple way to do it to me.

Flask literally warns you in the documentation that it sucks at serving static files and you should use something else on top of it.



Node js

>static pages
are you blind

Nginx is a little bit heavier weight than I want
this, and flask is heavier than I'd prefer
thanks for the recommendation! Checking it out
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after more searching, think I'll go with one of these

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nodejs + express

>server technologies can't serve static pages
are you retarded?

They can. Doesn’t mean they’re good at it.

BCHS: This is an entire web application stack. httpd is good at serving static pages but might not have as many features as OP wants. OP will have no use for CGI and SQLite so this is a stupid answer.

AMP: Again, another web application stack. Did they mean Apache? Why would OP run MySQL and PHP on top of it if he wants to serve static pages?

Node.js: Good for running application logic, but slow as fuck to serve static files and not really made to host public facing servers without a reverse proxy in the middle. This reverse proxy can probably serve files faster than Node.js anyway so it’s pointless.

>nginx is heavy
dude what the fuck are you on

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it is heavy compared to these



dude just get apache server and set the document root