Is it worth spending money to get youtube views?

Is it worth spending money to get youtube views?

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Only if you get more money from the views than you spend

You mean pay directly for fake views or advertising for real ones?

I just want to get my art out there, I couldn't care less about making money

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i will get it trending

I don't want to shill on Jow Forums, I love you guys too much

but if you really want to see it search vermicelli and sort by upload date

no, build a community in all social medias (facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit..)

Pretty cool stuff my dude, but isn't bandcamp better at this?
Obviously they're not mutually exclusive.


youtube is dying, try

No, having bots view your video doesn't help promote your videos at all.

Pretend to make friends and encourage them to watch your pointless shit as a bonding exercise.
Or make threads on Jow Forums that ask uninformed questions like "Is this really true?" or "Are they BTFO?" and include a link to your video.

Thanks man, I’ll give bandcamp a shot

Never heard of this but it sounds interesting. I’ll check it out when I get off work.

All these jokers are either stupid or lying.
I'm someone that HAD quite a large youtube channel in the past, I don't know if things have changed much but they should be similar as this was all done around 2014.
Bots tend to spend a little while on the page, so you'll notice your viewer participation go up, this also means they watch all of a preroll ad without skipping it.
You ad earnings will increase as well.
How do you do it without getting caught?
Do it in small amounts, where I used, they did a thousand views over a few days.
I'd do this a few times till it was at 10k, which meant youtube searches would work better (my videos were on niche topics)
After I had a few thousand subs, I stopped using it, as youtube is made in such a way where only established channels can get attention, so once you have made it, the need to keep botting is low.
Don't bot over 5k in a day and you will be fine

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Why did you quit?

Attention, around the time I stopped I had around 30k subs, it was starting to concern me how I was gathering attention and a following, I never wanted the spotlight, just a smaller audience of like two thousand.
I won't say its name but I repaired, cleaned up, and restored older things, no autistic commentary, just me and the sound of cleaning on a very very expensive camera.

sounds cool, link?
This is? Reminds me of nick drake a bit. Audio quality needs improvement. See if you can get some gigs. Doing it live will at very least get you some art school pussy, or ass hole, whatever you're into.

Also don't waste money on bot views.

I hate to be that guy but sauce?

Link to what?
I'm not shilling my abandoned channel here