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Are you spectre/meltdown/spectre ng protected?


Useful links:
>Intel microcode updates (Windows)

>AMD updates (Windows)

>Info on Intel microcode updates on Linux

>Info on AMD microcode updates on Linux

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No idea what it is and what kind of harm can it cause



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>install bios update
>install windows update
>literally see no difference

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Protected against Meltdown but not Spectre because Intel doesn't feel like making patches for older CPU's like the one in my X200.

Pretty much given up hope for local Spectre protection. Kinda hoping the migitations Google put in Chrome will be enough to protect against remote attacks.

Oh yeah, that Meltdown patch from Microsoft slowed down my CPU but not that noticeable for non-intensive tasks.


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My motherboard manufacturer still hasn't released a bios update with the fix.

Though they did at least confirm x99 motherboards will be getting a bios update eventually, the newer x299 and lower end consumer chipsets will get the update first.

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loo=/sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*;for poo in $loo;do echo "$(basename $poo) : $(cat $poo)";done
meltdown : Not affected
spectre_v1 : Mitigation: __user pointer sanitization
spectre_v2 : Mitigation: Full AMD retpoline

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which manufacturer

here qt

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My older PC isn't protected, but my main PC is.



Haven't updated anything since 2015.

that's weird i use an msi z270 and i got the bios update back in february

It can read any data from RAM. That's it.

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Yeah because that's a consumer chipset

X299 and x99 are workstation chipsets and have mostly been ignored.

Best I can do is download an internal MSI beta BIOS with the fix. But since I don't NEED the fix, I'll wait for an official BIOS release.

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but i thought ryzen was safe?

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>he doesn't mod his BIOS to the new microcodes

AFAIK, as long as your CPU is pre-Skylake, Retpoline can fully protect againste Spectre V2 without a Microcode update.

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AGESA and above

My latest bios is from 2015 and the mobo is a late 2013 model.

Let me guess, I’ll never be protected.

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Likely not, my motherboard manufacturer is doing the workstation motherboards from 2014, but nothing older.



what CPU? What mobo?


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>installing spectre and meltdown patchs to make cpu slow
No, thanks!

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Msi Z87-G45 4790k on 1.9 bios.

The tools says microcode available but thats the latest bios... protected and good performance except spectre unprotected.

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Mod your UEFI with UBU. At least you don't need to perform full-fledge hex editing like did


that + it's undetectable when there's been a read

you can't know if you're being compromised
in fact tons of computers could be exploited right now and no one would know it.

Man I really dont wanna brick this pc... its my main pc.

Yeah looks like 99 and up for msi.

No love for 87/97

It's hard to brick it if you perform the proper steps.
Anyway, for haswell, you can download the update from Microsoft if you are running the latest version of Windows 10.


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Fuck that where are the ME exploits so I can start game cheating

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Just get an Asus mobo with keybot
literally gamebotnet built into the motherboard itself

Does anyone here know how to patch spectre/meltdown on a t450s on shitblows 10?

Only IO operations are slower


>2007 to 2018
More like 1995 - 2018 meltdown goes back to the original pentium pro


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Thats it? doesn't it need a new bios to go along with it?

This isnt part of the autoupdates? Because if it is then I already have and the tool says im unprotected from spectre only

I don't think I ever got a fix for spectre and I'll take speed over protection, I use 2FA for everything important and change passwords regularily, also have a smartphone I use for 2FA and since it's ARM who cares, everyone in these threads is AMD shills

i am also interested in using the smm or me to start developing cheats, where could i learn more about them being used in a malicious way?

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it's a feature, goyim!

it might not be that bad

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it wont run since I am on windows 10 1803, the update is for the older W10, and it would undo itself anyways when W10 is updated.

So have to wait for W10 to roll it out for the new 1803 that just came out. Maybe they removed it so the PC would run faster and people wouldnt attribute the slowdown to the big spring update to W10?

>tfw Presshot
Am I safe g-guys?

>I'll take speed over protection

so are there any other insights on the nu-err... ng-spectre stuff?

What features does a processor need to have to be vulnerable to Spectre? From what I've read it sounds like a processor needs branch prediction and out of order execution to potentially be vulnerable, but the ARM Cortex A8 is listed as being vulnerable despite not having out of order execution (all other ARM processors that are listed as lacking out of order execution are listed as not vulnerable).

No, I use a PPC IMac G3. I am pretty much safe.

It's in-order but still does some kind of speculative execution, which is where Spectre lies.



Wait, I just noticed that the ARM Cortex A7 which isn't considered vulnerable isn't fully superscalar (one of the areas it's lacking in is load/store) while the ARM Cortex A8 which is vulnerable is superscalar. It would seem to me that the issue is that any processor with branch prediction that is superscalar (at least in all the areas needed) could have the offending memory read instruction as the predicted next instruction after a potential branch and therefore potentially execute it at the same time as the branch instruction.

win 7 laptop with ivy bridge i5-3320m here
not quite sure which are the proper updates


$ grep . /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*
/sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/meltdown:Mitigation: PTI
/sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/spectre_v1:Mitigation: __user pointer sanitization
/sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/spectre_v2:Mitigation: Full generic retpoline, IBPB, IBRS_FW

Prescott is never getting patched

$ grep . /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*
grep: /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*: No such file or directory
I'm invulnerable

$ grep . /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*
grep: /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/*: No such file or directory

I'm invulnerable

>branch prediction

inb4 performance crippled even more by the new patches (that don't even exist yet)


that's why they'll delay it until people start throwing shit at them


The original P5 Pentium had branch prediction, and the Pentium Pro had speculative execution and out of order execution so of course anything after that will be vulnerable. Also, quit flooding the thread with your deleted posts.

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>Intel microcode updates (Windows)
>Windows 10 only
I didn't want it anyway.

I use a bootlegged version of windows, what does this mean for me?


Got this nagging feelings all these vulnerabilities are only known to push Windows 10 and future "safe" CPUs.

There has never been a society with as little privacy as what I'm advancing, so these articles are all speculative bullshit.

And I'd much rather listen to one of the most cited scholars of all time than these dishonest, fear mongering civil liberties people.

If AMD dropped PSP I’d be a loyal customer.

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