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>tfw bought beats headphones for 100 dollars on a whim

Idec I love them

God, I wish that were me.

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>Linus Tech Tips shills for Schiit
And thus cementing that they'll never fix the quality of their schiit.

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did mods ban floor user yet? let's test:


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nice catto

They are garbage

How much before they ship?

>Current earphones - Sound magic e10c (they sound kinda muddy to me though)
>Budget £100
>Looking for in ear earphones with clarity that will pair nicely with an amp, dap or both in the future (as of now using xduoo x2)
What do

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what are you listening to /hpg/?

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i'm listening to that new gus dapperton ep you dumb avatarfag
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The best headphone under $1000.

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sr-507 and L300LE are both under $1k

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It's been about 3~weeks the lead time is 5~ soon hopefully. Soon..

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they're also destroyed by 15 minutes of use in a room with more than 5 specks of dust, requiring hundreds of dollars in repairs sent to china

no. first of all, dust affects estats and dynamics in the same way. it weighs the driver down, it's just that estats are so light it can actually make a difference. a driver's weight affects it's efficiency not its "speed". it gets quieter and is easily corrected. not like you need to correct for channel imba considering units that have been used for 20 years rarely need to be.

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What are you, a caveman? Go clean your room, user!


Wait do we have a second 660s owner here now? My brother

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Massdrop x nuforce edc

They should make a 600 ohm version and call it the hd666

Crack with or without speedball?
I've read the dt1990 also pair quite well with the massdrop kcx

electrostatics attract dust while they're running... from electrostatic force. I see you don't know anything about them and why they have a dust problem.

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hi, I just answered why dust is not a problem if you had read my post. dust does nothing more than cause channel imbalances which is easily correctable. 20+ year old units have no issues with channel imbalances.

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Causes discharge and arcing. Sometimes heard as squealing. Dust is naturally attracted to charged plates.
Not something that happens with coil or planar dynamic.

fucking hell /hpg/ is going totally 2d degenerate very fast....


no. those issues are prevented by the dust filter which prevents large dust particles from entering the field. if you end up with a unit that buzzes it mostly a manufacturing defect or other issues like a previous owner overvolting his shit.

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/hpg/ has always had animu girls how new are you

Anyone have experience with the WS1100iS? How are they?

What is /hpg/ listening to?

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Good if under $130

Narrow but wider than MSR7s. Great detail and imaging for a portable. Easy to drive. Contrary to the name it isn't a particularly bass heavy headphone. Maybe for audio technicas which are generaly bright. Bass is smooth and good quality. Not muddy at all.

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overpriced chink ear-rape garbage cashing in the success of the lower end models... fuctk KZ and their 2pin shite... you should see how many zs5 have been breaking on /csg/ .... yinyoo pro for $20 or Tin T2 for $50 are the top dogs

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>/hpg/ has always had animu girls how new are you

i draw a line when literally cant see a single difference between /a/ and /hpg/

Can you please recommend good earphones for £50 or less? Pretty pls...

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I like mine. Have had ZS5's for 6 months now with no issues whatsoever.

In my opinion, the sound signature of the ZS6's is practically perfect, although the mids could be slightly more pronounced.

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Not really. You need more money senpai.
You might be able to find some Philips SHP9500 or Audio Technica ATH-AD500/700X on ebay for a little over 50 burger bux.

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are these shit?

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For some reason i was thinking about proper over ear headphones not in ears. My bad. Check out 1More. They make decent quality cheap in ears.

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The mark of death for any general

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Holy shit, I thought this board despised Audio-Technica. I stumbled across them while looking at M50Xs and they're $129.44 on Amazon, but it says they'll ship in 1-2 months. Are they a better alternative to M50Xs?

At least he's not "garbage" user or "based" user.

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m50X is shit though
plz no bully

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Yeah I was tempted to buy them though since anything would be better than my IEMs but this is my first pair of cans and I want to get a good first pair.

I want Stax 009S.

i can get the Fidelio X2HR for cheap

is it worth it or should i get the ATH-AD700X?

both garbage

X2s are wonderful. Pretty reminiscent of speakers + sub.


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Looking for new headphones. I mainly listen to idolshit.

>closed so no one can make fun of me for listening to idolshit
>under CAD$300
>listen on OnePlus 5t and PC


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Last thread I asked about crackling in my HD599s and anons suggested to check for hairs on the driver. I cleaned out everything on the driver cover behind the ear pad as well as in the housing behind the driver and I thought it helped but there's still a crackle, which makes me think there must be a hair actually inside the driver itself. Is it possible for me to access the driver to get it out without ruining it? It seems to be held on with glue but I don't know if it's safe to remove it or whether I could glue it back in properly. I tried blowing compressed air in from the back but I think it made it worse.

I've been able to temporarily fix it before by running the bass shaker test on here and jiggling my headphones around a bit:

Might be a waste of time, but you could give it a shot. Your headphones are probably still under warranty though, and you could just send them to Sennheiser.

You are supposed to check for hairs in the driver, a stuck hair rubbing onto the voice coil.
Are they not held in by tabs? Take a picture if you can.

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even girls can't resist the cuteness of other girls


God, I wish that were me

I was under the impression the warranty only covered defects which I don't think I can claim this is.


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you wish you were wearing beyerdynamics? eww..

Okay maybe not that...

What are some good RCA cables to hook up my schiit stack together?

I bought some Ghentaudio 6 inch RCA cables but I'm mad as fuck, they keep falling out of the jack to the slightest of movements, and they have to be extremely still in a certain place, otherwise I'd either keep hearing feedback or they fall out.


Yeah unfortunately the 599 looks nothing like that inside.


>spend a gorillion dollars to listen to 60 year old music

The cables cost less than $25

You can just claim it's a defect.

I'll try it if I have to but I'm not sure they'll buy it since it's towards the end of my warranty and I'd rather not have to send it out to them. I'd prefer to do it myself I just need to know whether it's reasonably possible to remove the driver without ruining it and how.

Idol trash here. I approve of OP.
What's your setup like, user?

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Does anyone own wicked cushion ear pads?

I realized my replacement earpads by another brand were ridiculously hard and not pliable enough to make a good seal

Wondered if these were going to be softer or equally shit. Using MDR-v6.


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