Worst hardware/software ever thread

Post the worst pieces of technology you have ever been forced to use. It can be anything, like prebuilt desktops, work-issued laptops, terrible software, etc. Pic related, it's the optiplex gx260 from my high school years.
>pentium 4
>hideous exterior design
>ran windows xp
>case filled with dust rapidly
>motherboards broke constantly causing the school IT staff to shit their pants

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this thread

When I was young my father would only install it on the computers around the house, xp wasnt' around at the time so there really wasn't anything better, but I hated it.

cisco packet tracer

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BASED FATHER, fuck you for being contrarian against your dad. He knew whats good and just because you couldn't relate with the normalfags at your school doesn't mean you should disrespect your father and stallman by installing closed source spyware. (btw your father might be a pedophile)

Windows: on Linux games run slower. We need more games built with vulkan

I don't think he is, but judging by these desktop/anyfetch threads, most linux users seem to be pedos.
And I was no contrarian, I dealt with it and used linux until 2008 before switching to freebsd.

This piece of shit site keeps crashing.

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Also, he started using windows 7 and 10 the moment they became available, he only used linux because 9.x and xp were so unusable.

>this stupid image is still being served from hiro's bootleg 2ch over plain http

THIS PICE OF SHIT, no more OpenGl for EVER.

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I was given a free apple iii when I was a poorfag.
I have wrestled with all sorts of pieces of technological shit but that thing was retardulous.

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I had one of these, put a 7600gt and played WoW at low quality for a few years before the capacitors on the otherboard popped.

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So many bad 100uf capacitors.

>a fucking grill running at 90c
>burns palm until it smells like chicken
>impossible to take apart without breaking some shit
>battery life 5 minutes
>is complete shit

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There is no such thing as bad hardware, there are only bad users.

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That reminds me of the piece of shit HP2510/2530p they used to issue, but women used to complain at lugging "heavy" laptops around, so we were forced by management to buy these overpriced pieces of shit until they discontinued them.
>worlds shittest cooling system probably running at 90 degrees like yours, they got genuinely uncomfortable to use on your lap, toasted nuts time
>crappy core 2 duo that would throttle back heavily thanks to the above shit cooling system
>1.5" 30gig hdd (yes, 1.5") that they wanted 300GBP for replacements
>fucking over £1500 bastard quid per unit, not including the shitty docking stations that were needed
It was a great relief when I could finally buy Lenovo X200/X220 machines at half the price with 2-3 times the performance, because that HP shit wasn't part of our service catalogue anymore.

This except mine was the 2MB version.
To be fair with the card, the 2D was top notch, but the 3D, that 3D well..
It was a choice of having a higher frame rate at software mode, or 16bit colors.

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A reminder never to buy HP or Compaq anything.

>nvidia's shitty chip will kill it in a month

never buy team green

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Anything consumer level burned, melted or died. Pro or Elite are decent for the most part.
Optiplexes in the p4 days were a nightmare. Popped caps everywhere. Future wise okay, but still went HP elite models
Cheaper feel but honestly did well on consumer level for price
No HP consumer products. EVER.

>No consumer products. EVER.
would have been enough

I was not kidding on the Acer doing well and the Asus as solid. Their consumer level for the price are top tier.

I heard and have seen otherwise for Asus hardware. Then again, it was related to their Botnet Input Output System and HP and Lenovo fucked that up as well.

i think the integrated graphics vista PC i played WoW on for years