Tfw you can get a college level of education in any topic using youtube

>tfw you can get a college level of education in any topic using youtube

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That's cool and all, because most companies (especially the big 4) and the one I work for right now make an effort not to hire people who aren't on track on to graduating/ don't have a BS in EE or CS.

Go back to school

I want to be an art guy, not a wagekek programming dumb trash for pajeet managers in your SJW company.


No you can't, but you don't have to go to college to read books.

>Art guy
I had a friend who went down a similar path after school. He tried art for good 3 years, didn't make any money. Got depressed, and now he's homeless wishing he had any degree.
So choose wisely. Things change. Interests too

I'm sure he was trash.

>3 years
not enough time to be good.

you need to be not trash to make any money with art.

There's plenty of artists making six figures.

Why doesn't he live with family to get back on his feet and maybe learn a trade or something? There are some like machining, even cnc, where I think someone with a talent for art could do interesting things outside of their job.

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Idk they were pretty good. Just my two cents user. You're free to do what you want.

His family threw him out when he wasted his parents money for 3 years with no income

maybe he sucked at networking or shit.

There's plenty of artists who make a living off art, game studios keep hiring them, film industry needs them.

hell, even shit tier artists make money from furry porn.

Doesn't he have any brothers or sisters he could fall back on?

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Theoretically you can get it from books and scientific publications. Maybe in some subjects from YT, too.

Unless you manage to do something truly great with this or have friends or family with connections that will get you hired even if you have nothing to show, nobody will fucking care, though.

So you need the actual degree from a reputable university in a field that matters enough.

An elder sister . But she doesn't live near him tho. And I can't have him over because
I myself live in a dorm

Yeah, Maybe. I guess he wasn't at the right place at the right time

apu makes me happy

unless you have proper special training and you know how to improve and work hard as fuck on how to improve, you wont be a good artist in three years, specialy as a self taugh guy.

Yep. I know half a dozen people who went to college for a tech related job and they don't know shit.

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college is advertised to dumb rich teenagers basically as just a social club
it's a mess and i am relieved as fuck that i didn't go straight in after finishing school. waiting for a couple years to figure out what i actually want to do saved my life.

What are you doing now?

about to start my final year. putting the work in and getting straight-a's.
got a summer internship which will look great on my cv, and making shit for my portfolio. i'm going to be shitting golddust for graduate employers come next summer.

I don't care about your grades my dude. What are you graduating in?

computer science

>tfw majoring in information technology because I'm too big of a brainlet for computer science
hopefully life turns out okay

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>tfw forgot what IT actually stood

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Programming has been around since the 80s, so where are all the older (ie 50 yo) programmers at your "big4" company? I wonder what happened to them?

What goes around comes around.

No, youtube is by far the worst possible source of knowledge for anything. If you watch youtube videos to learn you're an idiot.
Books/official docs are much better.

you can,
but you won't

The new Boston taught me everything I know

>So you need the actual degree from a reputable university in a field that matters enough
>in a field that matters

Coding is art

The problem with CS is that people who study it tend to do the bare minimum, if you don't read and program in your spare time you're fucked.
It doesn't help that the material and lectures you are given are mediocre at best.

I never did much more than required reading and assignments but I did polish them as I went on. Turned out ok. Biggest part of the program is getting internships and making the most of them. I had a job lined up because I networked at my internship and even though they weren't hiring for what I wanted, I had an inside track to someone who was. Had beers with some of them before I graduated a few times and got hired right off. Didn't even have to interview because I had several internship coworkers vouch for me. Don't neglect the social skills kids. They're harder for autists like us but you can build them.

Yeah but the key to success is still luck and connections and Youtube does nothing for those. So nothing changed.

>tfw you can get a masters level of education in any topic by shitposting on Jow Forums
I love my new political science degree!

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Should have drawn furry porn instead of selling pictures of sunset beaches and flower pots on the street

Read what?

Oh cool, any topic? Can you link me to the youtube video explaining the application of the rule in Kerridge v Foley in enforcing restrictive covenants against the registered proprietors of subdivided servient tenements registered under the Torrens system in NSW?

Is that a college level topic? Nobody gives a shit about your country's jurisprudence anyway.

Why would you get a degree in an area that will soon be replaced by machines, user?

I actually majored in PS and just minored in Computer Science. Apparently minoring was good enough because I got a shit load of offers for CS related jobs.

Not sure why most people don't just opt to minor in it. You take all the core courses you need for the major anyways. HR isn't going to give a fuck if you didn't take Calculus Based physics or a higher math beyond Cal 1/Discrete math.

I'm honestly considering this. I'm passionate about CS enough to go for it but I started for a history degree anyway, so I want to minor CS so I can actually get a job eventually.