Any good browser on Android?

Chrome is a botnet
Firefox is slow as fuck

Before we had things like Snapdragon Browser and they were so good
What do we have now?

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install gentoo

ff runs fine on my computer, maybe try some of the forks like icecat or waterfox

wtf you mean firefox is slow
it's fast if you don't use bloated websites like facebook

I said on ANDROID, on PC is fast and infinitely better than Chrome
Unfortunately, it's shit on Android. Crash almost everywhere and it's HELL slow. I can use Via browser (which is a lot faster than Firefox for Android) but it doesn't have suppport for extensions.
And no I don't use any social apps on the browser


Instal duckduckgo browser is really fast

Everything good stopped receiving updates sadly, lightning was OG but hasn't been updated in nearly a year and I would recommend brave but it's just an ad hider instead of blocker, there's just empty spaces on pages where the ads we're and at that point I would just rather embrace the ads

A browser isn't good if it can't handle certain sites

Buy an iPhone :^)

Firefox focus, unironically


>not programming your own browser in C++ without all the bloat and botnet stuff

Brave browser. It's open source, made by the founder of firefox, as fast as chrome, and has built in ad-blocking and privacy protections.

brave and bromite are pretty good on android, they even have a built-in adblocker

ive just got a huawei y6 2018. first android ever, what apps should i get/ anything i should do to stop it slowing down etc.

i use pale moon on my computer, maybe you should try that

Samsung internet hands down, fast chromium fork with extension support.

I use Via. Light, blocks ads
and overall pretty fast


Unironically Brave.