Do these work for reaching nearby free wifi? Anyone ever use one of these or cantennas?

Do these work for reaching nearby free wifi? Anyone ever use one of these or cantennas?

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>not making wokfi

Can't imagine it would be very good. Even if it picks up a nearby wifi I'm assuming the speed would suffer greatly

I sure do love summer

Used a cantenna when in a military dorm at end of hall to reach dayroom wifi. It worked well.

how much range could this achieve? could it pick an AP say, 2 and a half blocks away?

>wokreless fidelity

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>Picture also related.
10 kilometer = 6.2 miles
And this back in the early 2000s, technology has gotten better since then.

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oh looks nice

It's surprising how powerful it is, very interesting too.

so I'm kinda good with hardware but a retard when it comes to networking and especially radiowaves.
Now does that signal from 10km away does actually arrive there(as it's weak and the dish accumulates it magnetically), or just the dish focuses the receiver to grab from that far? I always wondered about this.

I'm currently in a situation where I don't have unlimited data cause I had to move away temporarily and been trying to crack some nearby networks with no succes, could I use the tv antena(yaggi) for better range?
I have the Alfa AWUS036NH

> he doesn't beige-box

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King card picks up 328ft without barrier.

Would windholes cut smaller than the waves counteract this effect while maintaining signal fidelory?

Just use a colander, or sieve.

Give it back Jamal.

Yes but what a pain in the ass it would be.
Just actually anchor the fucking thing. A couple of screws and that fucker isn't going anywhere.

>nigger-rigging shit out of cutlery and utensils
>not building a chad yagi-uda out of nails and barbed wire

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Probably not.

Just get those cheap Yagi antennas that goes for ~$13. You can get extreme range with those

That's fucking hideous, and I bet it doesn't have nearly as decent range.

>paying $13 for a Chinkshit
>not buying the American brand sieve

>caring about looks
>20 dB
>poor range
I bet even if you built one you'd put some rainbow RGB shit on it like the arselicking fairy you are.

Everything is made in China. Even the "made in America" sticker.

They're a scam.

Just look what they have inside
> A fucking USB dongle on the "antenna" box"

I lice in an apartment complex where everyone around me has fibre. I've always wanted to crack a bunch of their wifis and use load balancing to have one super internet.

Everyone and their dog is trying to throw away old satellite antennas. Add a careful chosen dongle and USB cable and you're way better than you pic OP

All those cheap chink antennas are poorly made and don't perform better than a dipole. You can make a cantenna for a few dollars with a toilet brush holder (they're almost made to correct size for 2.4GHz). I used one to steal my neighbours WiFi when I had no Internet and got the full 42Mbps from the crappy ISP router ~20 metres away.