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I want to fuck her so badly

hello Jow Forums can you help me
I'm having troubles with gpu on my laptop (like 5 years old)
It usually happens after a while when I'm playing gayms or watching youtube
when it does sites won't render correctly, or games won't run - sometimes I get memory allocation related errors
I also got a blue screen crash once, with nvidia related thread name in the error description
enabling and disabling the card in device manager fixes it but then it happens again after a while
windows says I have the latest drivers
what do? is it dead? or is this a sw issue?

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me too

I just reinstalled Win7 on this computer and I'm getting this infinite loading shit. The fuck? YouTube works fine.

Shit... pic related.

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something something flash/html5

That didn't work. Youtube works just fine. But I went and installed flash anyway and nothing changed.

I assume it doesn't work in any other browser either?

Nope. Firewall disabled too.

what do you not understand?
it's dumb programming exercise, used mostly in interviews

What's the best software right now to convert a bunch of video from h265 to proper h264?

I'm about to set up a NAS for media playback on my TV. Should I bother looking at NAS-optimized drives, or is any old SATA good enough? I feel like NAS-optimized is not necessary for just a home media server that's going to run for a couple hours a day at most.

Any reason why my ssd is performing that way? I have another one and it has steady speed with no variance. I know it's not the fastest SSD on the market, but 6.6MB/s at the lowest ? Come on.

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help is appreciated

Will there be a large difference in performance of these laptops?
- i7-8750h, 1060 MaxQ
- i5 7300hq, 1060 not maxq

Assuming storage, RAM etc to be similar

NAS drives are a scam, with a proper ZFS array you shouldn't have problems, add an 120GB SSD as l2arc cache and let your drives sleep.

what can i use to view .gif files and be able to pause them?

Guys I really need your help on this one. I got an old Mac Pro recently, from 2009 or so. When I got it it was running OSX, and was persistently crashing after boot up. Usually it would run fine for about 10 minutes or so. After that I installed Debian thinking it would fix whatever problem I was having and I was wrong. Still crashes after boot up after some time just by browsing Firefox. I thought it was ram, so I took out all the old RAM and installed 16gb of DDR3. Still crashing. Here's the specs of that helps at all, I'm just not sure what to do from this point forward.

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Pic related is the task manager when not running anything

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Client wants to move his whole server closet to another room for some bizarre reason.
For reasons even more mindboggling we're not allowed to lay new, longer cables to it. Only extend existing ones, as it's cheaper.

Out of this retarded situation a question emerges - can i just take out the entire fucking patch panel and extend from that, without losing signal quality? Or am i in for punching down 100 junction boxes?

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Pic related is the task manager after freezing up

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post pape pls

ASUS Radeon RX 580 O4G Dual-fan OC Edition
This card is on sale at Newegg and with the promocode EMCSPVER3 brings the price to about $210 plus taxes. What does /g think about this card? Some of the reviews on the newegg sight claims that it can overheat because the ram isn't in contact with the cooling system?

Ur fuckd

How do pirates justify piracy? If you just say "I don't care, I'm stealing" I don't care, but so many pirates say it's moral/ethical.

Are they just people who've never worked a job where they create things in their lives? Would make sense, since they probably work retail which also correlates with not being able to afford media.

I undervolted my 5500u by 0.060V but my temps have increased as a result. I did change the thermal paste an half an hour before doing the first stress test so that could be the cause though. Did I do it wrong?


Rei is the best

what's the closest I can get to an external version of this keyboard?

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If screen is 2D and therefore every image on it is 2D, why do we need to constantly render the complete 3D models of everything in games instead of the visible (2D) parts only?

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Help, the wi fi of my laptop stop working what do_

Depth perception?

Why case manufacturers insist on putting USB 2.0 ports on their cases, not to mention that they completely ignore thunderbolt.

Are usb 3.0 and thunderbolt ports so costly?

its probably an overheating issue
try cleaning your laptop and if you really give a shit open it up and apply new thermal grease onto the gpu (google it)

>Depth perception?
On a flat surface? It's an illusion.

Imagine a house. You see 1( at most 2) side of it. Do you need to know what the other sides look like to perceive it? No.

My question is, if we don't render the interior of said house, why do we render the exterior that we don't see? If we don't, GPU requirements would likely plummet.

Another question is why do we render objects that are very far away (think, in Skyrim) in an obvious low quality shitty version instead of converting them to the "photorealistic" flat picture that becomes bigger when you move closer, until it's replaced by a new one and, finally, a true render when you are close enough.

log your temps and run a HDD check

what cable is this?

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is it possible to search for all comments on a github repo?

maybe for the purpose of lighting, cant properly model the light reflection off (whats supposed to be) a 3d figure if the engine only has the 2d info

4 pin mil spec connector , pls google

Look who hates himself!

Possible, thank you.

How about rendering everything close by, but applying textures only to the visible part? Maybe even rendering in 20% resolution for the invisible stuff.

I'm a software dev and content creator and i pirate shit. I don't care if it's stealing, but it's not.

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I tried googling. are you sure? the cable is only about 1/2" diameter

>what is backface culling

> instead of converting them to the "photorealistic" flat picture that becomes
In all the games i've played recently i've seen bill-boarding used for far-away LOD'd items. Pretty rare for it to not be used.

Gamedevs arent (that) stupid, these techniques have been around forever.

Is there a version of NirLauncher with the "Fat Trimmed" so to speak?
As it comes, many of the programs are not really applicable any more and a LOT of them get flagged and removed by Windows Defender.
Or, is there a list of the "must have/essential" programs by NirSoft so I can just keep those and not worry about the 300 other programs? (SysInternals too)

thank you gee

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Had a thread whining about how I can't get a CS job with a BS in a related field that 404'd just now.

Here's my resume--what am I doing wrong?

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if it makes you feel any better, i graduated in december 2017 with a BASc in mechanical engineering and im posting on Jow Forums at noon on a wednesday

fuck the job market

What are the secure steps to change from ubuntu-desktop to lubuntu-desktop? Without full reinstall? Is Lubuntu worth it? I am having slow performance with gnome desktop currently

temps are fine, CPU running ~120F, I'll do a HDD test and get back to you

Why is my 2600x running at 4.1 Ghz at idle? Shouldn't it downclock automatically? I have my power plan set to "Balanced" in Windows

Free as in beer and freedom software with a GUI to make a drive copy? Not only data, the whole install too.


What would cause a device to not connect to wifi properly while other devices can? Once connected to wifi, this phone wont load any pages at all. These stupid android forums are no help at all as well

>I want to fuck her so badly
Move to Russia

looking at xinitrc,
what does the command "exec" do?
checked the man pages and I still don't get it

Someone tell me a good pair of speakers that are decently priced and also aesthetically pleasing. Walnut finish is a bonus, I want to keep them on my desk with my PC.
Please provide a powered and passive option I'm considering either.

Should I reload nginx using --post-hook or --deploy-hook when renewing certificates using certbot?

How would I go about printing a book into a booklet?
Basically I have a PDF file of ~300 pages, and I have laserjet and I'd like to print it to A5 form factor.
Are there any tool that do that or at least re-arrange the PDF to be easier to print for that purpose?

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3 websites have access to a private domain's email address.
Today I received some spam email. Which one of these companies sold me out?

if i tried to use a built-in windows backup creator what would the effect be? will it do 1:1 copy of given volume even with OS installation?

you can usually pick up a receiver and a par of speakers at goodwill or something for under a hundred bucks. anyways whatever you do stay away from "computer" speakers, they're overpriced and don't have a great range

Here's said email

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bretty sure any resume with a bs goes directly into the trash. also people rarely get jobs because of their qualifications, it's about personality and networking

exec does different things depending on whether you give it an argument or not. if you have "exec command" the shell process doing the exec gets replaced with a process running "command". exec without a command changes the redirections of the shell doing the exec, if any were specified

Maybe you or someone you sent a mail to from that address has some malware on their PC or any other device that accesses their mail account.

>fake eyebrows
>armpit hair

1) have a good cover letter tailored to the job, sometimes more important than the resume
2) somewhere you should have a sentence describing a role/responsibility/project/contribution/something where you used those skills. eg, if you list a previous job or open source project, you could say a few sentences about your roles, technologies used, and how you used them, what you accomplished.

good luck, job hunting sucks for everyone, especially new grads

>2/10 elbows would not bang
Though I gotta admit, that nose ring is a turn-off...

I don't have malware on my computer or any of my servers, so the only other possibility is one person I've worked for has malware in his company's computers/servers.

lol i don't care. if i had money i'd probably buy all the shit i use since i wouldn't have any use for it anyway.

let me rephrase
NEW speakers
650 USD is the absolute limit

Looking for specific recommendations of brand and model. Thank you


can you do anything with this shit
and 64mb sd card?

not giving them a view.

Why russia tho?


are you getting an IP? are the other network settings being set correctly?


Don't know what country you're in but I would guess amazon.co.uk/Apple-Wireless-Keyboard-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B076Z4RDMK/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=Y6P17EQ47AYEKDFTH9Z0 is pretty similar. I'm sure you'll be able to pick a much cheaper one up, with the same layout, that isn't from Apple. If it's still no good you might be better off asking in the keyboard general.

not sure, but you really don't want to do a disc image from inside the os. use something bootable like clonezilla

For Windows and I think it would be nice if I could tell it to skip a few folders (unimportant media that I remove when drive gets full)

>Bought a new laptop for work
>Began installing programs
>Didn't realize it had an SSD that was set as default for file installing
>Decide to just hard reset it rather than clear out everything cause I had work to do
>It gets stuck at 34% for 4 hours
>"There was a problem resetting your system. No changes were made"
>Startup laptop
>Half of my programs are gone
>Can't use the D drive because it "has to be formatted before being used"
>Trying to format it leads to an error
>Try to reset laptop but it doesn't do anything when I clock the Get Started reset button
>Cmd won't run so can't do it through there
>Tried to download Windows Refresh Tool but whenever I go into a File Explorer, it freezes up immediately

I'm probably just gonna return it and bluff it, but I'd rather try to fix it myself for educational purposes.

Anyone got any ideas?

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why should i not do that? it may brick or the image will be no-good?

Literally all the most attractive female cosplayers are from there, for some reason. (And artsy girls in general, for that matter.)
In other countries they're overwhelmingly fugly.

it's just generally not a good idea to try to image an os while it's running because it's not in a fixed state

I mean the Windows version is so bad it claims there is no NTFS drive connected when there are two. Comments say something it only accepts GRUB.

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That's how markets work. If something is a fair price then people pay it, if it isn't then they look for an alternative that's cheaper. You could argue the trade off is in what is being downloaded I suppose, you aren't getting a blu-ray quality rip (you can, but most don't) you're getting a yify rip and that is reflected by the price.
Movies/films/tv shows I couldn't give a fuck about, morally/ethically, not if they're anything to do with Hollywood anyway. Not because they're Jews, but because of how and why Hollywood was originally established, the hypocrisy is unbelievable, but I guess Jews don't do hypocrisy.

What do i do now that Oneechan plugin is dead?

hey, does anyone know what this warning means? i did some reading online and it seems that it gives this message when some blocks are out of order or something. so should i defragment my hdd and/or run chkdsk or prepare for it to fail soon?

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Hey Jow Forums, I accidentally created another user on my laptop (with Windows 10) with Admin controls and now it won't let me delete it. What do I do? I've tried removing it's role but he keeps becoming an admin account when I sign out.

need a network where two virtual machines are connected and can ping each other
but are not connected to the host network so that I can test how to route traffic in win7

I used internal network, default name intnet for both machines
I gave both the same subnet
machine_A is
machine_B is
both have subnet mask

cant ping each other, any ideas?

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Can you keep porn on OneDrive?

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>if it isn't then they look for a LEGAL alternative that's cheaper
FTFY. Markets only include legal transactions by definition (unless we're talking black markets specifically).

Otherwise, an "economy" where everyone just steals shit from each other would be considered a functioning market.

i actually have this keyboard, the problem is - and i know this will sound stupid - the keys are still too tall. i want really *really* short and thin keys like in the picture of the macbook.
the closest i've found is something called "synpatics thintouch" which seems to be what i'm looking for, but i can't find any way to actually buy one.

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to clarify, i meant i have the apple keyboard you showed me, and those keys are too tall. the picture i attached is synaptics thintouch.
also i live in the UK

I've found my old galaxy s3 neo, i want to install LOS but i can't use usb port, it doesn't work. do you know a different way to install custom roms without a pc?

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