>retrieving metadata
any good alternative to this dogshit software?

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Stop downloading torrents with no seed

Update your software noob

You realize that other clients stall and retrieve metadata too, right? They just don't change their status away from "downloading".

lasts for a few seconds at most while it's figuring its shit out
>retrieving metadata
Just point it where it's supposed to download to and move on, or go to the description page and click the magnet link.

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a lot of fucking retards in this thread

go back to your stupid utorrent gaylord

>lasts for a few seconds at most while it's figuring its shit out
You mean hours to days?



literally who
garbage on windows

If they removed the "stalled" and "retrieving metadata" announcements like most other clients do, you stupid fucks wouldn't be complaining. This is why everything gets simplified to shit.

You're talking out of your ass
>be me
>using qbitshit
>start torrent
>dl at max speed
>fuck yeah
>pause torrent for whatever reason mid dl

stop downloading obscure animoos from torrents made 10 years ago with no seeds you fucking retard

Which ones work best with a large number of torrents without getting buggy?

>you fucking retard
You mean you?

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Show the peer's progress.


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>Muh anecdote
Oh looks fun, can I go next
>Be me
>Use qBittorrent
>Downloads and resumes from pause just fine
>Wow is this magic

with the same torrent + utorrent 2.2.1 I'm able to max out by 100mbps connection.

Jesus Christ... Are you OP? Is this your first time using a torrent client?

mother of god you're dense

>tell torrent client to disconnect from peers
>get mad when it disconnects from peers
qBittorrent isn't for retards, sorry. Some of these might ignore your user input more, and assume that you're too disabled to manage your own torrents. That seems to be what you're looking for.

ITT: OP using torrents for the first time

>no active seeders

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>i-i-it's supposed to be stalled if you pause it!!!!!
So tell me, how do I pause a torrent so that it can continue when I want it? Apparently hitting the Pause button is wrong?

What did you ask for then?

What? It says it has 5 peer and 1 seeder and I'm connected to none because it's fucking stalled out of its ass.

qB is the most stable desktop client on GNU/Linux that I've used.

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>how do I pause a torrent so that it can continue when I want it?
You can't, realistically. Not sure if other clients work the same way, but you lose all connections when you pause. If the seeder(s) that you were downloading from were found through say, a lower priority tracker, DHT, etc. you will have to wait until the client finds them again and they'll start uploading to you when they're ready.

The torrent might have seeders and peers, but they might be unable to upload to you due to various reasons on their end. Though, at this point I'm 99% sure you're one of those anti FOSS fags.

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Not him, but not a single torrent client starts a downloading immediately after resuming. Also:

>What? It says it has 5 peer and 1 seeder and I'm connected to none because it's fucking stalled out of its ass.
Where is the confusion? Seeders may be available, but your client hasn't been connected to them and your downloads can't start. Again, is this your first time using a torrent client? Please show us any piece of software which would download a torrent file without any connected seeders.

is this seriously a thread? We're entertainment to a drooling mouthbreather who doesn't understand the difference between a magnet link and an actual torrent?


Deluge has never given me any problems, it's just the best.

Cool story. Where's that screenshot?

I know that feel bro

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WOW, your torrent isn't downloading when zero seeds are connected? What will they think of next?


it's a bit unintuitive design-wise, but its solid and dependable as a rock

So you're telling me the peers can't send you information they don't have (both are at 98.0% like you)?

you're mom are at 98.0% like you

it's what I use. don't use private trackers but I've heard a lot of them will ban you for using tixati. dunno if it's true or not

some of them do, because it allows 0% seeding

>doesn't know how to force download start
>doesn't understand magnets
Just download utorrent from its website and call it a day retard, you don't deserve qbittorrent.
>inb4 shill
I use transmission

I just wanted to have some sympathy for OP who seems to be in the similar situation.
There is a guy from Burgerland who is an actual seeder. Bitch appears for 1 hours then disappear for the next 3 days.

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>doesn't know workarounds for buggy shit
>just use a honeypot
also transmission sucks ass. either use rtorrent or a client with a plugin structure

Sometimes they just cap their uploads to 0 because they're assholes. Or the client is restricted (through settings, or by the router capability itself) from creating any more tcp peers, or the upload cap is spread too thin by other torrents/peers that they refuse to upload to you because 500 bytes per second for a 4MB chunk is completely inefficient and not worth wasting a tcp connection on, assuming one of the peers doesn't just straight up disconnect during the 3 hours it would take to upload said chunk.
I feel bad for you and everyone else effortposting in this thread, he's was very obviously the thick-headed autistic type that assumes any community that doesn't straight up ban him welcomes him.

>his alternative to qb is some ncurses hipster garbage
I literally found that out within seconds the first time I encountered that annoyance. Thats the beauty of the gooey, you don't have to trudge through the entirety of some autists magnum opus to find out how to start downloading shit off the internet.

You fucking retard, you actually think I'd bother giving him legitimate advice?

Sounds like another one of those Jow Forums memes, I'll keep using the program I'm already used to thank you

aaan that's why you should butt the fuck out, you have no legit advice to give cause you're a tard who doesn't even know what a webui is

>implying transmission doesn't have that
I'm mostly using scripts to import my shit into transmission anyway. Im gonna stop talking to you, you clearly show no ability in logical thinking

>oh noes he called me illogical because he didn't understand I was talking about controlling rtorrent through webui. and thinks scripts are better than plugins
ok spock

you need to wait a bit longer you dumb faggot

retard. you have 0 seeds. RETARD ALERT RETARD ALERT

>no proofs

nope. its the most optimized and also the fastest

>using 20MB of BOTNET when uTorrent 2.2.1 exists.

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>shit on qbit
>brings up ushit
every time
you are so transparent

There is nothing wrong with Qbittorent you colossal faggot.
Perhaps the FBI just want proof that you are downloading

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Qbittorrent did have a massive problem with stalling happening forever especially at the very start while other clients would have no problem, but that has been patched out a while ago so you're either retarded or didn't update your software, maybe both.

uTorrent actually works.

My seeds are inside your mother's womb

>tfw you reboot and your stats for the run get reverted to qB tier.

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