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The new Desktop Thread or Screenfetch Thread

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My desktop is used, though.

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lol nice akarin

Reposting from last thread. Building my own OS. I'm far enough in that when I get burnt out on programming I've been working on GUI mockups. R8 the latest version, and please give honest criticism of the user interface.

It's a UNIX-like RTOS that uses a microkernel. The kernel core itself was inspired by MINIX, and it's pretty small and fast. I'm in the middle of trying to get a slimmed down Linux kernel, or multiple Linux kernels, to be able to run as their own kernel servers so that I can get driver support and binary compatibility, but I mostly want the driver support. Other than that everything is custom. Custom shells, custom window server and manager, custom login manager, and even a custom file system is in the works (using EXT4 for the moment). I'm also trying to make an interactive bootloader like GRUB or something, and right now I just have a small and clunky assembly program that boots the kernel and it's sorta half assed. Also networking is a shitshow that needs to be redone from scratch or with some BSD components if I'm too brainlet to do it myself. Not sure about a source model or licensing either, since I'm not even close to releasing anything yet.

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Are you properly modding a current DE or using ancient buggy programs?

deband your background please. It's triggering me.

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This is pretty awesome user.
If you can get the Linux subsystem stuff to work out, this could be a viable OS for general use.

I think you misunderstand. I'm building my own desktop environment and applications. What I'm posting isn't even in a working state yet. These images are made in MS Paint for brainstorming purposes to help me get an idea of what things will eventually look like. Right now Asgard is entirely text based with nothing more than a single shell that's under development itself.

Thanks. It might be good as a desktop OS one day but I'm not making it to replace Linux. It's supposed to be for older devices and for embedded stuff. Then again, there are people here who run BSD on their desktops and laptops.

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That's super cool, do you have the project hosted somewhere?
License it under

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qt legs

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>Do anything you want with this program
Yeah, nah. This code is mine. I know it sounds selfish but I've been working on various pieces of this for years in my free time. If I open source the code, it's probably going to be under a very restrictive license. Hell, I might even sell it and only provide the source to people who pay to view it.

Gib shekel 4 rtos

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That's fair, it doesn't have to be open source (although using something like GPL is pretty safe). I'd give it a shot it if it was an ISO, definitely not going to sandbox it though if you just provide an executable; not sure how bootable you have it at this point.

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normie reddit icons


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i dont care about ricing tbqh, i just need my machine to work despite looking ugly

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> just provide an executable
do you know anything about OS development? Like, at all?

no one's gonna appreciate your code if it's closed off
and to be frank, no one's gonna buy some obscure OS from some nobody that's closed source and therefore cannot be even be audited anyway
so you may as well release the code
if you release it, people that are interested will come and help you out
and who knows, you may even get a usable OS with some help
at that point, people may even donate money for your work

>That's fair
it's pretty dumb

Not a ton. I was referring to the self-contained sandboxed environments that implementations like 9vx and A2 Bluebottle/Oberon use.

If it's for a hobby, I won't blame him for not releasing the code.

but wouldn't you rather have it work while looking good with a cute anime wallpaper

not everybody's a mentally ill degenerate

he obviously wants people to appreciate it though
otherwise he wouldn't be telling us about it
and no one will give a single fuck about it if it's closed source unless it's coming from a billion dollar company
so it's pretty dumb not to release the source imo

if you'r e desktop looks ugly your work will become ugly too

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I doubt many people will give a fuck anyways, and being closed source doesn't necessarily mean he won't release an ISO or something.

while i have nothing against anime and do watch anime sometimes, anime backgrounds and "waifus" and whatever are not my thing and i rarely look at my desktop and have something open anyway
i just use something out of defaults or sometimes if something cool appears on the internet i might use it

good thing my work isnt related to computers, what i meant is i dont spend my time on customizing my desktop much, i just want my machine to do what i need instead of spending time customizing it a lot and making it "look good"

that's why I asked "wouldn't you rather have it work while looking good with a cute anime wallpaper" because having it ugly means ur mentally ill that can't into cute girls

>closed source doesn't necessarily mean he won't release an ISO or something
yeah so? my point still stands

>good thing my work isnt related to computers,
ok you will be ugly instead

no it means you're a pathetic incel pedophile.

im going to be needing that image ubuntu featuring six seconds please
in return you get this cool song

how do you tile those windows in openbox?

is using a desktop this ugly and then posting it a cry for help?

just install a tiling window manager baka

drumstick hits are my favorite

You're assuming he thinks the same way you do

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what WM is that then?

Removed kde and installed i3. package count and usage has gone down quite a bit

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nice gray and also nice distro logo

having an ugly desktop means that?


well I'm just curious how do you tile windows on openbox
I've tried pytile but it's shit


Bootable ISO will take a while. Might be doable in 4-6 months if I find the time. For now I offer only the mockups, and maybe a video demonstration in a couple weeks if I can get the display and WM components up on MINIX or something more complete. Probably won't look as good as the mockups though unless I figure out themes.

Well, I guess I'll be back in a couple weeks, maybe more. Might return later today with more mockups.

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~ pacman -Q | wc -l

I am a god

well let me tell you then it is pytyle2 and you should just use a tiling wm instead

Neat, keep us updated. And stop posting frogs.

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ugly personality too

nah not really
it's just that i prefer to use my computer instead of spending time customizing it
ugly, but does what i need and 99.99% of the time i have something open fulfilling this tiny 1366x768 screen, so i dont see a reason to spend my time customizing it much



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I'm gonna get a frog to post lol


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Don't ever post the source. If freetards get their greasy hands on it expect similar features to pop up soon, and bigger projects would eventually claim credit for all your hard work.

What happened to your userChrome?

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why do people still post frogs on this website years after it became a facebook meme?

What's your best pre-facebook frog

found the 15 year old

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very cool
nice n clean

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get on my level

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reddit desktop

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car pape = fag

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remember those desktops where it says :"ITS CHILLY OUTSIDE YOU NEED A COAT"
also funny the ones with the retarded visulizers on the wallpaper and giant buttons to open different video games

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>reddit desktop
so u think its bad?

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i kinda suck at this i guess
roast me

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is deer poster the shittier new ACBN

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cyberpunk desktop

just when u think we can't go any lower than ben or acbn

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Are you German?

>he hasn't riced his tty

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Maybe we just riced so good u can't tell it isn't a full desktop

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this 1 2

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why would you do that

anime "waifu" pape = mentally ill fag

because I can

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I love the gentoo font and aoba annd wallpper :5

Scotty P here.

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where's her face?

It's called minimalism, you wouldn't understand it.

>says the guy running KDE on Debian GNU + Linux

>The Melvins
Good choice
>192 kbps
just awful

Actually its abstract art you raging dipshit.