Lagdroids will never understand this feeling

Lagdroids will never understand this feeling

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It’s American too hard for you spic?

stop tripfagging in every thread retard

it does waste more space

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>no pip

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iPads are unironically the best tablet there is right now. Android phones have iPhone by the balls but in the tablet market Apple has zero competition.

way too busy for some small screen, but yeah android needs to catch up.
have pip sorta, but devs have to set some option otherwise the video will pause when you click outside it.

Reminder that this iPajeet shill outed himself.
>makes fake celebrity account
>sends himself messages for "le ebic trole xD"
>forgets to remove his sim
>exposes himself as a literal pajeet on vodafone india
>actually tries to pull a "i-i-i was just PRETENDING to be a pajeet" "i-i-it was just a joke!"
>even tries to hide it with airplane mode

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it does pip too but it doesn't have a tablet's screen area so it looks even more stupid

Such a faggot, op

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>literally two posts in each window

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Sage, report and hide, retards.

>Announcing sage

Enjoy your ban!

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Yeah, it's a phone nigger. Your features are old hat, and I'm too lazy to leave my comfy couch to grab a tablet to prove OP even more wrong

>airplane mode
Must be painful having to use Vodafone India.

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>my 10" iPad has more screen real estate than your 4" Android! Hah!

Not an argument

Remember when posters didn’t post stupid memes to discuss stuff? Me neither.

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My shitty android 4.4 can do that.
That's a weird way to say Spanish.

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>That wasted space


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What tablet? Because that sure as hell isn't stock android.

Why are you so ashamed of your country my son?

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>reverse search all the images from the archives you linked
>all of them come from reddit
How long have you been falseflagged retard

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but here I am, doing exactly that

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And on a phone, too. While it's true iPad allows split screen and PiP iPhone doesn't.


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July is for fags
That's the shitty asus zen ui

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>watching pedo weeaboo shit
Enjoy prison

She’s over 20 after all the time resets after becoming a witch. Her body it’s the only one to reset, so legally she’s 20+

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Apple is gay.
Even winrt can do that, Apple got it last

>”le gay xdd “

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Prove him wrong.

Tell that to the judge bucko, you're coming with me.

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>Even winrt can do that, Apple got it last
Couldn't even refute the non meme point.
Get back to your cuckshed

Jesus christ you people are mentally insane

T. Closet homos

t. Pedo

>anime girls make you a pedo

drawings are ageless

When will Lagdroids get dualscreen like non-Lagdroids?

literally use a pc dumb fuck.

Since at least two years ago.

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Enjoy being blind at 40

no u

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>"wahhhh why doesn't android have split screen???"
>"wahhhh why does it look so small???"

Yes, be proud the brits 0wn3d your asses for decades, silly poo in the loos.