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Can someone explain something to me about Samsung tablets? I get that tablets are unfortunately dying out, but I use mine all the time and I'd like to get a new one. Thing is, the specs on these things make no sense. Unless you want to pay twice as much and get stuck with a 4:3 aspect ratio (on a fucking tablet! in 2018!) you either need to go with the A model, which is stuck with just 2gb of ram, or go for a model that's over 4 years old, but seems to have better specs?!

I'm really confused by this. Does anyone here have much experience with Samsung tablets? I'm currently weighing up what's more important between 50% more ram or a newer version of the OS. I feel like I'm either missing something obvious, or Samsung's tablet division is run by literal retards.

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4:3 is the only acceptable ratio on a fucking tablet in 2018. Why the fuck would you ever even consider anything else?

I don't have experience with Samsung tablets, but having a Kindle FireHD with the widescreen specs, I don't think widescreen is so great. I use my Kindle for reading programming books, so a 4:3 aspect, I think, would be a better use of space, no?

I think the biggest factor is, if the tablet download apps from anywhere, or just a proprietary store. Amazon ssuxxass.

I'm kind of happy in that tablets are becoming nerd geekwear. I'm eyeing Samsungs now.

Because I like to watch videos on it.... why on earth would you want 4:3??

It's a Samsung tablet so it would use the Play Store, I imagine the Kindle is only tied to the Amazon store because it's an Amazon product.

Had a quick look, seems like your options are the tab S which is 4 years old, or the tab A which is newer and has the newer os, but a slower cpu? Agreed seems kinda stupid, but the newer one will probably take longer to become obsolete.

I was leaning that way, but then the Tab S has a Super AMOLED screen, whereas the newer one doesn't so it seems to be a lower quality screen. Also it's very slightly bigger at 10.5 inch. It's basically specs vs OS which is bizarre.

Get an iPad 2018 9.7 or iPad pro 10.5
Had a note 10.1, it's literal shit anyway.

I have zero problems on 2gb RAM thus far

I don't want one of your fruity toys itoddler, gtfo

what are you using it for? my current tablet has 1.5gb of ram and it seems to be a problem.

>having a Kindle FireHD
There is no such thing.
Kindle = ebook reader
Fire = tablet

Learn 2 Google?

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Videos aren't the only thing I do on a tablet. I also read and browse the web on it. It's the best aspect for that. Even then, You'd still habe more resolution that most phones. Tablets at that size wouldmhave resolution of 2048x1536. You have slightly more vertical pixels available than a 1080p phone if you're watching a 16:9 video.

Don't bother, user. There are people who enjoy waiting 5 years to get the latest Android version.

also interested; i wanted to buy a tablet for my gf, since she seems to like watching videos on it, but didn't find any recent, decent ones.

watching videos on her phone*

Usually, manufacturers would put out an entire family of units but because of the low demand, manufacturers aren't too keen on refreshing their flagship with the newest technology. Refreshing there is still incentive to release the low tier line because of parents using smart devices to babysit their children.
The only manufacturers that I could recall that have recently refreshed their flagship tablets are Asus and Huawei, even then their chips are slightly behind that of their flagship smart phones. For example the recently released Huawei Mediapad M5 uses the Kirin 960s processor while the Huawei P20 has the Kirin 970.

You should look into Huawei's tablets.

Just picked up a brand new sealed google pixel C tablet for £150, did I do alright lads? I think I got lucky with my find considering I can sell it on for more money.

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4:3 is ideal for a tablet.
if you want to watch movies, buy a monitor or a TV.

Ignore those idiots and look into huawei tablets.
Sadly the lack of decent tablets is because most phones have large screen, and when you reach the 10" range you're better of getting a netbook.

i still use the tab s8.4 daily. the screen is too high res for the gpu to handle. It's not snappy at all.

wouldn't recommend despite the nice screen.

Didn't even know this was a thing. How does it compare to the galaxy tab s3? What's the size / aspect ratio?

pixel c was shit at launch and it's still shit today