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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

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Looks like mi max 3 will bug yuge

I like my mi max 2 very much, so comfortable

Also Vivo nex, very much technology!

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Please post in my thread thank you very much.

What's the consensus on the Galaxy S9 boys? Haven't kept up with /spg/ in a while

Is anything after snapdragon 800 worth it?

What version are you on, lads?

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What do you think of the Motorola Moto G6 Plus?
You know a better phone for 250-300 euro?

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Redmi Note 5

Snapdragon 800 is underpowered.
This is enough for current computing. Not to mention the incredible optimization in terms of temperatures and battery endurance.

So let me get this right, the Pixel 3 won't have notch but the Pixel 3 XL has it?

Allahu Akbar brother

I'm going to upgrade from J7 Pro and I'm considering getting the huawei p20 Pro. it costs 800 dollars where i live.

i'm going to use it for taking pictures and videos, as well as some light mobile gaming

are there better alternatives within this price range?

I'll get one next fucking week so i'll let you know


I'm guessing I should wait for the Mi Max 3 to come out before I buy the Xiaomi Redmi 5 due to price drops?
Either going Redmi 5 or 4X (3GB/32GB versions due to money limitation)

Why would Mi Max 3 coming out drop the price of Redmi 5? Completely different line of phones.

Speaker is okay
Watched plenty of top gear and grand tour in it
The problem is with headphone,audio doesn't go far enough even with a senheisser
Even compared to my IP6 and P9 lite

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My phone is my internet..
how badly do I hurt its battery if I plug it into charger when its 100% loaded and use hotspot

Is it like laptop that it understands not to overcharge_

My carrier is Verizon. If I buy a phone online and do that swap from old phone to new phone myself through their online services will I still get the locked Verizon boot loader and bloatware?

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Didn't the J7 Pro launch last year? Before even thinking about what you might buy, why on Earth would you replace a phone so soon?

Not him but the obvious answer is
>because he can.

Wouldn't the other phones drop price since they would become older generation?

was it easy to adjust to the new aspect ratio?

That's so wasteful, though. From an environmental point of view, but especially from a personal finance point of view. And most likely coming from people who deride Apple because it's "overpriced". The only people who laugh when you buy a new phone every year are the OEMs, Qualcomm and the Chinese companies that own the slaving rights for the Congolese cobalt mines.

tell me about your experiences with google fi, is it decent?

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Youre such a fag

No, they're in completely different segments. Redmi 5 would drop in price when Redmi 6 comes out, which just did.

Moto X4($250) or Moto G6($200)

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oneplus 6 or s9+? i can get the s9+ for 600 usd with no contract.

Why the fuck has my S8 battery life dropped by half in a year?

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whats a decent smartphone for someone on a budget?
i have €50, €100 tops to spend on a new phone, dont need anything too fancy, just something compatible with a pc program to manage music like itunes and not much else.
i always liked nokia/windows phone and have used a nokia lumia 630 for the last 4-5 years but now i realize its outdated as hell and want something better.

I own OnePlus6, it's a good phone for 500 euros, but that S9+ sounds like a fucking amazing deal which I would personally have taken if it was offered to me.

S9 or OPO6?

Price difference is around €70

S9 imho

This update fucked the Gcam up

Uh, alright?

also im in Italy and use TIM

Since the people in the watch threads start reeeeing every time someone mentions a smart watch, which android smart watch do you guys prefer?

I recently got a note 8 and my apple watch is all but useful now.

Samsung will never update the s7, at least I get the security patches

What do you not like about the OPO6 that the S9 does better mate?


If it is just 70 euro price difference, that's VERY LITTLE for a much better camera of S9.

I played with OP last night and posted my 'review of it'

>OP6 after six tinkering it with 7 hours or so
- Camera is visibly below mediocre, no doubt about it is the weakest point of the phone, but considering I only paid 500 euros for it, I'm fine with it: "it's good for its price" tier.
- Handlets should not look into this phone.
- Silly that they have two buttans for volume (the up/down & ring/mute)
- Tested the screen outdoors in sunlight, requires pretty much maximum brightness; big plus for being able to set it at very dim lightning.
- Software/overall user experience when using it: it is very snappy after the OS update that I had to install when I booted it.
- Sound was good in calls.
- I don't care about the notch, I really don't even notice it when I use it but that's just me.

Thanks very much. The camera is definitely a deal breaker for me.

Redmi 4A

What's a good cheap af chinkphone that will work with Sprint? I'm broke af and looking to do their $15 unlimited deal.

The OP6 camera is not bad, it is one of those 'this is good for 500' but you can tell.. just from using it without comparison that it's definitely not HTC/Samssung tier (these I believe are the best cameras on phones).

While when you look at say HTC U11 camera without comparison, you can say 'wow that's good camera'.

I can post some samples in couple of hours when I go for a 2AM jog, 2AM is when the sun comes up here and I want to see the first magical hour and see if I can get some pics.

Any alternative to airdroid?

Don't want to pay yearly

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Where do you live wtf

The only chinkphones that work on Sprint are Moto phones, so Moto E4.

>I can post some samples in couple of hours when I go for a 2AM jog

That would be great

Above arctic circle.
Sun is down like 11 minutes now.

It will be in 5 hours and 20 minutes or so.

user, they're called smartphones for a reason, don't worry.


Lmao, they updated my s7 to 8.0 just a few days ago my guy.

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i'm going to give it to my cousin. the current trend of dual/triple cameras fascinate me

pretty much this

I have one. It's fucking good and fast and cool. Helped me up my shitposting game to maximum. Has more features than I know to do with like:
>Headphone jack
>Stereo speaker
>Ip68 certification
>SSWQHD++ res so crisp I nut all over my screen uncontrollably each time I touch it
>pedo meter
>heart rate sensor
>receive call

Downside is very average battery life further ruined by fucking gay WhatsApp and Facebook wakelocks. Also Samsung bloatware means 2 copies of every standard app but that is a non-issue.

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>no US sellers yet

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Anyone have a chinkphone that's working on Sprint US? if so which one

I like my moto g as a music player but it is a 3g model.
What can I get that is better for the same price as a 4g model with microsd (around $50-60 USD)?
It will never be used as a phone so network compatibility is not an issue.

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I need a new phone, since I broke and fixed my op3 like 5 times already and it's starting to show it's age.

I live in the US, price doesn't matter but I'd like to spend less than $700, I don't mind buying a used phone.

I want a really nice camera, good display, fast processor to play gpu heavy games ( I want to emulate on it), front facing speakers, headphone jack, and fingerprint sensor (I know most phones have it these days)

Id like it to be ~6 inches, I'm not really a handlet.

I've been looking at the pixel 2 xl, any reason why I should look elsewhere? The lack of a headphone jack is really annoying

Anyone here changed their IMEI to one that's whitelisted by the carrier? to get it activated.

So I got my sony xz1 compact update today. I custom flashed the firmware so that I have both the finger print scanner and T-Mobile wifi calling.

Can I just install it normally or do I need to do a flash with the flashtool? If so, what's the process for that?

>xz1 compact
a big mistake, sorry to say.


I disliked its camera personally.

Moto E4 Verizon Prepaid


And that's a big mistake?

user, please. I don't give a shit about cameras. It takes acceptable photos and that's all I need. Good tradeoff for better battery and form factor

This thing is fucking massive. Bigger than the galaxy note.
Fucking chinks I swear.. Why the fuck they didn't made the origianl apex? It also had a headphone jack

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So I'm under straight talk, would the redmi 5 plus even be compatible with it? I've been looking it up, but my knowledge of phones may as well not exist.

Go for the note 5 instead after checking the network compatibility obviously, it's better in every way.

Why the fuck do message apps not use the ringtone? Why is it a fucking notification? Am I just irrationally angry at this shit? I just don't want to ever hear this phone make a sound other than the ringtone or something I specifically ask it to play, I want to only enable media sound when I need it and otherwise keep everything off except the ringtone.

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That's what I meant, the redmi note 5 plus.
Unless you mean the vanilla note 5?

Why the fuck would you want an entire ringtone for a single text message? If you get 2 messages from different people or you're in an active group chat then that shit would get annoying as fuck.

I think you mean the Redmi note 5 pro. That's the pajeet model name. Internationally, it's the Redmi 5 plus (625) and Redmi note 5 (636).

I meant the message apps in general you nerd.

And my ringtone is a simple beep, faget.

Any methods of customizing the navigation bar which work on Android 8.1 and work on all devices? Any Xposed modules that can do this?

hey /spg/ I currently have a G4 is there anything worth upgrading to? im honestly happy with it, I just need more storage and I could get multiple SD cards but I don't want to have to switch them all the time. what do?

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So wait, which are you recommending? I'm more confused now.

Anything at all, because it would eventually and inevitably bootloop. Do it as soon as possible.

oh shit haha, thats why they replaced my phone after I had this problem for free even though it was out of warranty, I knew there was something strange about it, what would you recommend user, that has a replaceable battery?

Just bought that on sale last night for €149 with a free bluetooth headset.
Expecting it tomorrow

Bought a phone online from Samsung's website over a month ago. According to my bank I was never charged for it, but Samsung claims I was and that everything is fine. TL;DR did I get a free phone? Money is still just sitting in my bank account.

Did you check the amount of money in your acct instead of a list of charges?


HOLY HELL! The note 5 meng. Were u dribbled on ur head as a newborn?

deez quadz n yo mou

Just pretend that I was.

Nope, checked the amount. Even called the bank to make sure.

There's like maybe three phones total that have removable batteries n u want none of them.

The only one that matters.

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The note 5 pro, the actual note 5, the one with dual cameras and SD 636.

Also called Samshit. They said they don't ship the phone until they have their money. Currently phone posting with said phone right now.

Some features need a subscription but if you just want notifications and file sharing the free version is good enough.

If I were you I'd be prepared to have the amount deducted eventually, just late due to accounting errors

So, what? Is it technically stolen now

Yeah I plan on leaving the money there and not touching it.

Ah, yeah I got all confused.
$255 range is a bit high and I'm not sure about 3gb of ram though.