When programs started to be called programs?

Was it with Windows 10?

That was the first time I started watching programs being called apps.

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I mean when programs started to be called APPS.

>When programs started to be called programs?
nice thread, retard.

>tfw you fuck up your thread title
I feel for you OP

Also I believe it started with the iSoy

Programs have been called programs since they were invented, dumbass

programs --> little programs in C --> java --> java applets (1996?) (OS crash soon) --> little PDA programs in Palm --> apple computer phone --> (hey these programs are small like little apples! magic! smiles! unicorn! anal!) --> apps

Now they are called apps in Windows 10.

in win 8/8.1/10 apps tend to refer to the shit you download through the M$ store, while programs are, well, programs

So apps come from apples?

Since smartphones

Windows 8 and it's metro design is when first noticed programs being labeled as APPS

And what do you think about it?

I don't like to call them apps, for me apps are the ones in the smartphones...

applications are user-oriented nigger
dhcpd is a program, but not an app

Palm OS had "apps"

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So the i+name wasn't an Apple thing either?

>The i prefix was used as early as 1994 by iVillage, an internet community site by and for women
I guess the i prefix was popularized by Apple, but apps aren't really just an Apple thing. My dad's Amstrad had apps on GEM Desktop

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Apparently it comes from anal


Sorry, 2009


t. born in 1998

You mean dhcpcd

I invented apps on my own when using DOS because Applications was longer than 8 characters.