Foobar2000 1.3.19 Released! Another release Linuxfags will NEVER have!

This is a maintenance update, contains only bug fixes backported from 1.4 series.

>Made possible to load our own M3U8 files again. Sigh.
>Worked around certain Ogg files playing incorrectly.

Isn't it great to be using an OS that has the best audio player in the world?

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Foobar runs near perfect, enjoy your botnet software and os

>Loonixfags hate their shitty audio players so much that they had to find a way to run Foobar2000 on their povertyOS

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>Isn't it great to be using an OS that has the best audio player in the world?

OH NOHZE ! look at your bland shitty player running in debian linux next to the all mighty Jriver Media Centre 23 Native Linux Edition

OH look im de-multiplexing and a mixing 6 channel 2.8mhz DSD into 2 channels on the fly. You try that bud.

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nice toyOS

Why would I want that piece of crap when there's mpv + shell?

>mpv + shell?

literally who

post your config

I also do that lol, it just werks

What's the point of that configuration if all shit you do is listen locally?

>tfw no opensource foobar2000
I'll write a clone.

Call it Gnoobar

Sorry, my player can handle ancient formats and shitty playlists perfectly unlike yours.

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>has to use shitty playlists of music in shitty format
I feel sorry for you.

spoiler: you won't

>using VLC

Why is Foobar2000 closed source? Does the dude even make money off of it?

> people actually use foobar when Clementine exists

>Doesn't know what DeaDBeeF is

Proprietary software is for retards.

But we have this.

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t. brainlets

You don't need any configuration. Just do mpv * --shuffling. I also have audio files associated to not display video, which is optional. I usually make sure to debloat my music files by removing embedded album art.

That should be --shuffle. Sorry for the brain fart.

If I want to visually play a single file, I can use midnight commander. If I want playlists, I can make a new folder and use symlinks. I don't use playlists.

>he thinks an audio player being closed source means anything

kys autist

*scans your computer for music files and nothing else goy, trust us.*

>being this paranoid

Your open sores players are still shit, trust me. kek

>not being paranoid
>trusting everything without a second thought
Young, dumb, and full of cum.

>he thinks foobar2000 is a botnet

fuck off memer

These are the right questions.

We already know the answers

Probably doesn't want trannies/freetards (is there even a difference kek) getting their hands on it.

pretty much this

>trannies/freetards (is there even a difference kek)

So what brings you to Jow Forums?

Closed source proprietary Chink Ching Chong BOTNET pile of shit

DeadBeef sucks

Jow Forums isn't exclusively filled with only one kind of mental defect


what meme is this

>Ching Ching Chong
It's russian you dumb fuck not chink.

Because wine was made specifically for foobar.

I just re-encode everything over 16bit and 44.1 khz back down : \

nobody uses foobar on windows

everyone uses musicbee

You and 2 other retards.

nah, everyone uses musicbee

only a small autistic vocal minority uses foobar, aka you and OP.

>everyone uses musicbee

never seen anybody use it

Fuck musicbee. Last time I tried that crap it took the liberty to move my files around. I had to re move my precious Beatles flacs to their original folders.

Clementine and Audacious are better than poobar.

it's because you enabled this, so it was your fault, dipshit

that's because you don't want to admit it

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Who's this everyone you speak of

i used foobar for years, but musicbee is simply better and doesn't require hours of customization to look good and have all the features you need. i don't know why anyone would still use foobar, unless they're really into autisticly ricing ever last aspect of their music player.

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Been using it for years now. I like it, despite its multiple flaws and being forced to configure everything yourself.

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>DeadBeef sucks
Thorough, nuanced answer. Can't argue with that.

No one uses Foobar.

We're all using MusicBee. Sorry OP, but your bait was just weak and shit this time around!

>using a bee for your audio
what the fuck?

use AIMP3, it's better than winamp

I was digging Clementine for playing back from a network share but then I needed to add ReplayGain tags, so back to foobar2000 I went.

>Clementine and Audacious are better than poobar.

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>one music playing program is better than another.
What a juvenile perspective. None of them fail to play music. Aside from that, you're basically slinging shit over a different UI and bloat.

Another update I won't be installing because why?
I haven't experienced any problems with foobar in years that would warrant updating it.

You are definitely not a programmer.

>>it's because you enabled this, so it was your fault, dipshit
I did not. I DID NUHT, surely it came by default, the shit shit.

he might definitely be a sysadmin

enjoy ur botnet

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>I haven't experienced any problems with foobar in years that would warrant updating it.

imagine being this stupid

shit meme

>updating shit for no reason

Yay! It still plays my mp3 files, just like 0.9.5!
Have you upgraded yet?
It's time yo upgrade!
Don't play your mp3's on old player!

>he uses old software

kek do you still use xp?

>using proprietary software.

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There are two kinds of software in the world: open sores and botnet.

One is a bunch of commie basement dwellers who can't code (or work in any form) their way out of a paper bag if mommy was shaking deep-fried chicken tendies at them. In their universe, everything is everyone else's fault.

The other sells your browsing history, your credit card number, your children and your soul to the lowest bidder. They insist this is fine, because you clicked "I Agree" in that EULA you never read.

Now choose a side.

I never even heard of this "musicbee" until now.

what player is this?

lol no one uses musicbee


Wrong, this is objectively the best for winblowz

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This is a not nearly comprehensive list of words that your average Jow Forumstard should be executed for using - because they demonstrably have no idea what they mean.

Poor attempt at samefagging.

Everyone uses Musicbee. Deal with it, you Foobar shill.

I posted , and would rather drag my scrotum through broken glass than write like . So grow a brain user, your hyperfaggotry is showing again. This sort of behaviour is why everyone laughs at you, and why your parents beat the shit out of you.

>listening to propertiary music

Yea no thats a terrible to listen to music

>being forced to configure everything yourself
where the fuck do you think you are

I actually prefer clementine. Though I get that it's more resource intensive but Linux uses way less resources so it balances out.
Works perfectly with wine though.

>foobar shill
lol dude I didn't even mention foobar. Deal with it you musicbee shill (see I can name-call too!)

what's wrong with the way I write? :(

Stop replying to your own posts, Foobar shill. This is pathetic.

How the FUCK do you jump to the current song being played. It just werks on Spotify, why is it so damn difficult on foobar?

just use musicbee lmao

I'll definitely be looking at alternatives. Fuck foobar.

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lol dude relax. why are you so mad?

I don't even use foobar

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>brainlet can't figure it out

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agreed, musicbee is way better. Decided to give it a shot one day and never went back.

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pathetic attempt at editing out the (You)s

>musicbee is way better

said nobody ever

If WinAMP gets ported to GNU/Linux, I'll use that, otherwise I'm just sticking with Rhythmbox.

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>I'm just sticking with Rhythmbox.
pass user would be dumb enough to do this

>not just using spotify like every sane person