Novidia fags:

novidia fags:
>oh look, there's no novidia cards in my price range, but if I spend twice as much, i can get a great deal on a 1080

amd masterrace:
>perfect! i'll just buy an rx580

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>buy gpu 5 years ago for $250
>benchmarks roughly the same as $150 gpus in 2018
the problem is cryptominers, literally removing the incentive to innovate

One of my colleagues just did this...

>oh I only need a 580 but let's pay $1k+ for a watercooled 1080 because it's really quiet. Let's totally not buy a Ti for that money either.

>buying a 1080ti and not a titan for only a little more

delid only works with intel you fuckstick

no dummy you can delid all processors

>so new he doesn't know nvidia used to have heatspreaders
its time to go back

Team Red and Team Green should team up against Team Blue. The true enemy.

>oh look, there's no AMD cards in my performance range, guess it's nvidia again this generation


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Deep breaths everyone

i meant the delid joke since only intel is using shitty retarded jizz instead of solder

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>delid only works with intel you fuckstick
It's a script malfunction. Don't you know 50% of Jow Forums is just bots

/v/ makes the best threads
very creative and thought-provoking

Is GPU mining still viable?

I wish the mods would just ban posters with indian IP

Still using a 690, still happy with it. May upgrade to something from AMD next gen.

i am in agree, indian make website bad

The dragon is right, fiat is literally bank-backed crypto, while gold and silver both have great physical properties, making them in great demand even if there wasn't a massive luxury tax. Why is the artist trying to portray investors as a clansman in the last frame?

Why do people love getting ass fucked by corporations so much? I will literally never understand brand loyalty.

Dragons don't invest, they're actually just completely mental.

It's also a play on the word 'delete' for all ya bopmers out there.

>delid this

Would be better just to ban all /v/edditors, they post the majority of this hardware war shit.

They develop an emotional attachment to whatever brand choice they made to reassure themselves it was the right one to side with and will blindly defend their products till the end. If someone attacks the brand then it's like an attack on themselves. Corporations are like the new religions of the modern era which where blind loyalists are ready to give their life defending an entity who only wants to use them. One you've got them then you've got them for life.

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Supply and demand, the best products will have an increased price when demand surges.

Deal with it, manlet

Except the RX 580 costs as much as 1070 would normally, so who's really losing?

when is the next generation on p4000 mobile nvidia graphic card due

I think it escalates in the form of subconscious counter-shilling. As that new Adored video pointed out and frankly we all knew of it already, the forum shilling is very real, and when grassroots anons see a concerted effort pushing an agenda they reflex violently. And then the real shills counter-counter shill and we get an arms race of shitposts galore. After some time of doing, it gets ingrained on the grassroots anons and a solidified brand loyalty. Please pay attention to the fact that I didn't name the grassroots anons camps, as I believe all of 3 players have honest to god shills on the clock working all the time and all 3 of them also have real anons emotionally attached to their respective causes for different reasons.

cyberpunk is real.

Eh, people have been arguing about shittier things throughout history. Like fucking sports teams or religion.
I mean, here you can at least quantify things and compare them, even though the shills will inevitably skew any real world data out of proportion. What the fuck do you quantify about one imaginary entity over another?

that's another fair point.
people just love to argue, about anything, everything for the sake of it.

Nvidia masterrace
>oh look, my gt710 still works after 10 years and can still perform well in modern computing

>wooo, go poojeets, can't wait to buy a new gpu every year because my last one burned in a magnificent 100°c flame!

Not so much argue as pick sides. It's been scientifically proven people will pick sides, root for them and display enmity towards the "opposing" side even when the sides are picked completely at random and aren't in any sort of a competition... and the results stayed the same even if the participants were TOLD the sides were picked at random at the very start.

>nvidia longterm reliability, lifespan and/or even support
user, since we're talking about shilling in a meta and general approach, was your post reverse bait? I'm asking for science, since that soft ball was simply too juicy to let go.
You ARE promoting fine wine right? You wanted me to say it: fine wine. Here: fine wine.

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The 580 is more expensive than 1060 btw