Tfw too smart for webshitting

>tfw too smart for webshitting
>tfw too lazy for OS development
>tfw too unintelligent for machine learning

what the fuck do I work on? I've been sitting around doing nothing for months because I can't find a single project that I am actually capable of that isnt webdev.

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embedded, it's the perfect place for brainlets like you
>t. embedded dev

This, its literally easier than webdev. Even assembly is easier.

I know, it's perfect for brainlets who are so dumb they literally think they're too intelligent for web.

I guess, but what do you even do? I could compile some assembly and run it on bare metal on a Pi, but theres not going to be any output. What is a good project to start with?

>too smart for webshitting
>can't find a single project that I am actually capable of that isnt webdev.

either learn something or do webshit.
finishing html course does not make you an OS developer

ah yes, because clearly webshit is home to the most intelligent developers of our time.

>html course
where exactly did you get that from? I have a couple yrs full stack experience in webdev and got tired of all the js cancer

>probably 80% of the smartest devs are working in some form of "webshitting"
>distributed systems, realtime analytics, databases, networking
>but you are too "smart" for it

pls kys

you're a lazy cunt, go kill yourself

>t. web brainlet

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>tfw too lazy for x
That means programming languages won't do either.
Hm, how do domain specific crap like sound/image processing sound, OP?
For starters you could implement a software that does seam carving. It's cool, because you can start very basic with intermediate results and optimize your way up to realtime video seam carving that looks weird.

media processing is actually one of the things I've been looking into. I haven't come across any software capable of working with a decent amount of file formats, or doing it performantly. I'll look into seam carving, thanks.

>most female devs are webshitters
>top 80 percentile intelligence are webshitters
explain yourself

It's impossible to be "too smart" for something. And if you're "too lazy" that's not something to bitch about to others.

>tfw too smart
Stopped reading

Of course it's possible. If you aren't learning new things or encountering new challenges, then you're wasting your time.

learn AVR then switch to whatever mcu you think is neat.

>>tfw too unintelligent for machine learning

>too smart for webshitting
actual web development is actually extremely engaging and you are not "too smart" for it, rather it will make you feel like a retard
>too lazy for OS development
OS development is extremely lazy if you're doing it right
>too unintelligent for machine learning
you must be retarded then, its easy af.

t. guy who has an actual job in the field

when I say web development, I don't mean database design, or API architecture. I mean frontend/backend programming. That's where shit becomes painful and idiotic.

as for machine learning, if you're just using Keras or TensorFlow then sure it might be easy. I want to use something *and* understand it. Understanding what goes on behind the scenes in these frameworks is not easy.

Have you done a lot of this front/back-end programming? You'll find its a lot better once you stray away from the retards (better in the sense of it being more engaging, though if you are talking about the constant battle against stupid shit which some massive company is doing then I have bad news for you about the other options in the industry :c)

understanding why things work in machine learning is impossible to a degree actually and redundant, the virtue of not having to understand the entirety of the model and how it works is the virtue of abstraction.

well, to be fair, the company I work at right now has a pretty large amount of legacy in Microsoft's stack. There's not much focus on bug fixes or anything. I think you could be right that webdev isn't so bad in some situations, but finding a situation like that isn't easy.