Which do you learn first?

Which do you learn first?

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>turbo c++.

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C first. It's the Latin of programming languages


C++ first. C makes you braindead - you'll write C style in every language. Like BASIC used to.


do not use c++ in any circumstance

Rust, which will be much more important in a few years. Get a head start now.

Do not mix these languages at all. They should be treated as totally different. Using C code in C++ is a horrible mistake, learn the modern C++ features and don't touch anything C related. Also when learning C you will spend 99% of your time learning how fucked the language is with undefined behavior and broken functions that should never be used like strcopy.

in my college it was:
>compsci intro
it was C++ (iostream, namespace std) but it was taught as if it's C.
straight up C

and then it branched into whatever you wanted (C#, Java).

C. C++ is significantly harder to write for than C, and as said, many modern languages take influence from c, making it easier to learn new languages in the future

In the long run though, you should aim to switch to c++, since it's ultimately a much more powerful language than c

That only applies if you're a braindead retard who doesn't think when he codes.

this but unironically.

Brainlets can't handle C++

C++. Took intro classes in Java, took an advanced class in C++.

Never got to C or assembler.

If you have no programming experience, then C.
If you know OOP like Java, then C++ might be OK to start at.

C++ for better or worse.

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Borland C++

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If you're just programming shit, either works, not a big deal. If you're looking at learning them to understand more about their influence on programming languages, you should go with C.

>learning how fucked the language is with undefined behavior
C++ has a lot of that. In fact, a lot of the same undefined behavior.

>broken functions that should never be used like strcopy.
okay, yeah, C's standard library is largely fucking awful, particularly with anything involving strings
who in fuck's name even let something like gets() or strcpy() happen