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I need to replace my phone and I was thinking of an iphone 7 since it is relatively cheap now
Is it still worth to buy an iphone 7 now?

Rate this picture taken in low light with Redmi 4 Prime with Gcam (quality wise)

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I don't buy vivo because I'd rather spend it on its parent company OnePLus but this one with retractable camera is great

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the apex looks real nice

6/10, something about it looks off. Like a subtle blurryness

who knows what type of issue is going to come up on the 7

What is the best way to block ads on Android? I'm using chrome browser
>Inb4 idiot
>I know

use adaway and install firefox klar

Anyone still using a Blu R1 HD as your daily driver? Hows it holding up?

>money taken from my account
>payment still says pending on paypal
give me my first flagship (s9) or i'm coming for grimes, elon

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idk, but I'm actually using brave browser, it just werks

Not looking to root. Guess I'll just live with ads in apps
Just installed it. It blocks ads, but also bugs out 4chin - images won't load and I can't post responses(tells me no connection to host). When I disable the ad shield it starts working. You don't have these problems?
>LG v30, android 8

currently have a s5 neo. Have been wanting to upgrade. S8+ is on sale for 700 dollars. Should i pull the trigger?

I have used a Moto E2 4G LTE on AT&T (cricket) in the USA for the last few years and am looking for something better. The Nokia 6.1 seems like a good choice but there are so many phones (Moto G6, Moto X4, all of these weird Chinese phones, iPhones, Samsung...) I just want something with a very long battery life.. at least as long as this, but more power, larger screen, real cameras, not taking over two hours to charge... My budget is unlimited but I just want the best value, not diminishing returns.. I'm surprised that there isn't some list for best value

What's a cheap phone with a removeable battery, good LTE coverage (T-Mobile Oahu), and an accessible SIM tray (not requiring taking out the battery to swap it in would be nice)
PDANet is fast enough for me and I'm grandfathered in to that Unlimited plan from before they introduced whatever they have now so I'm looking at cancelling my home internet. But I don't want to introduce unneeded wear on my main phone.


>phone from Amazon vs Google fi has a $50 price difference
>phone on Amazon is already MSRP

Ok what's the catch, I don't see anything forcing me to sign up for Google fi, why are those versions so much cheaper

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If you don't want to root, you can download Blokada. It's the same thing as Adaway, except without root. You can find it on F-Droid

Galaxy s5 is good, along with the V20. Neither can have their sims swapped without taking out the battery though. Of the two, the galaxy s5 is cheaper with a better screen, but the V20 has better specs overall. Depending on how you feel about LG, I'd say go for the galaxy, but if slow updates don't bug you, V20 is a good choice.

What about this app store?

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fucking chinks scammed me with a fake microSD card on amazon. going through a refund now.

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I do, got it around it around the time two years ago when Amazon was doing the $75 deal. It still works, because I have been Keeping it in it's case.

Thanks I'll look into it

Thanks user

>I'm surprised that there isn't some list for best value
There is. Kimovil has a breddy gud won. Re: your other retardation, research wat a battery is, its design and how it functions.
>I just want something with a very long battery life...
>...not taking over two hours to charge...
This riddle will then be solved. You can then move onto more advanced topics like componentry and subsystems.
>I just want something with a very long battery life..
>more power, larger screen, real camera...
These conundrums will become obvious as well as their resolution.

How does Jow Forums feel about the Motorola Moto Z Force Edition 2nd Gen or Moto Z2 Force at the 375USD TMobile is selling it for? Also, the difficulty level in rooting this device?

Yes I still rock my 7Plus since it came out and no issues whatsoever and in my opinion is the best iPhone.

Set up a proxy adblocker you dick

Whats the best vpn to use on mobile? While we're at it whats the best vpn to use overall? I trust you Jow Forumsentlemen more than reddit. Its crazy that I have to worry about it simply for browsing this site and shitposting but these are the times we live in. Also recently I was IP range banned when posting on mobile and Im worried about using my workplace's wifi to browse in case some shill drops cheese pizza to derail a thread. I cant even post a stupid picture of a green frog without worrying about being found out and fired for illegal memes.

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use clover for Jow Forums.


>unironically implying good kind of chinkshit exists
Ya no

700 damn that's a lot of money, if I were you I'd buy it for sure. I heard lg g7 thinq is awesome too with all the google and ai stuff inside it.

well, as per op, many of the chinkshit phones are suggested. I am returning my grammatically incorrect, low-speed, 128GB SDHC Samsung card from Taiwan tomorrow. Thankfully Amazon will pay for shipping and refunding as far as I can tell. I don't know where to turn to now for Class 3 4k-ready microSD. Amazon's store isn't trustworthy.

seems a bit chinky? idk

holy shit, kimovil is awesome! I really like the top 10 stuff from them, really updated.

>Amazon's store isn't trustworthy.
Ya, I'm getting that feel, too user. I don't imagine that scamazon has much longer of a ride as it has for years now. Happened to the best of em, ebay, craigs, et al. All good things...
I only found that site recently and wat I can make out is it's quite the excellent resource as far as current mobile phones related go.

why is the s8 max sd size 256GB and the s9 max sd size is 400GB? It all seems limited by software/arbitrary. Or was 256 just the biggest storage at that time, and the phone memory controller supports the higher cards?

Any advice on what phone I should get?

I'll be using it with Boost Mobile in USA.
I'd like to not go much over $300.
For the size, I don't mind much as long as my rather large hands can use it.

For the features, I guess a decent battery and camera. I plan on using it for Pokemon GO, texting, reading papers, and maybe snapchat.

Also, I have a 64 gb SD card I'd like to use with it.

Is there any way to expedite unlocking a Xiaomi Note 5? There was a bug with 2 accounts before but it seems it got patched. I haven't tested.

I got mine today and the seller accidentally sent me a unit with the Chinese ROM on it. The phone works perfectly, but it has no google services.

If I have to wait, what should I use in the meantime to get apps? Mi store is chinked out of it's mind.

My S6 is failing me with its deteriorating battery and tendency to restart itself every now and then.
Is the Nokia 7 plus a good upgrade?

Is the Moto X4 still a worthwhile phone?

Main concern is custom ROM support once it stops getting official updates. I'm guessing it's still growing?

opinions on the Sony Xperia line Jow Forumsentoomen?

is it worth it to get the XZ1, or XZs, or XZ premium?

is the essential phone worth it in 2018

>what should I use in the meantime to get apps
f-droid->yalp store

This is likely due to script blocking.

Contemplating grabbing a refurb s7 active for ~320.

Any other comparably durable phones in the 250-350 price range that I should look at? I'm not against spending more on the phone, but I don't need absurd amounts of power.

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are you okay with just durable case but no water proof? maybe you could find waterproof case, idk.

Fucking Nokia 8, its almost been a year since the release, still no us warranty and 4glte, is this shit even real

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If there's something saying "with special offers" they're subsidized by showing Amazon ads on the Lockscreen

Where do I buy the Asus max pro M1? Looking to upgrade from Nokia 7 plus, and it seems like my dream phone, but it's only available on some shitty pajeet site.

You need to add more flour and slightly more butter

I'm a brainlet so I just use firefox with ublock origin.

I was planning on getting an XZP but the touch issue was a deal breaker for me. Not sure if it's still present on XZ1 but I've heard it has another set of problems regarding screen quality.

>250 usd
>4 - 4.8 inch screen
>telenor, norway

iPhone SE, might need to increase your budget a bit, at least here it goes for 269€ for the base model

Probably gets asked a million times , but what android phone will get me the longest period of vendor updates ?

Probably a Pixel.

Something Xiaomi

Mi3 got released in 2013 and just got MIUI10 beta + latest android security patch

Really? Wow, I was expecting Pixel but I'm surprised Xiaomi offer decent updates because my Huawei got hardly any at all before it was abandoned

This is good to know, I was thinking of getting the P20 but if there won't be any updates I don't think I'll bother.

did you buy it from a third party? if it's not at least amazon fulfilled then it's most likely fake

Not sure how they treat their flagships, I had a MediaPad X2 which was a bit more niche

what app do you use for Jow Forums? clover has started bugging out i cant add new boards and images dont always load

>my Huawei got hardly any at all before it was abandoned
Threat to national security. Get it? Before becoming a prolific manufacturer of mobile phones they were busy trying to nail down dotgov contracts to install mass amounts of network h/w complete with tainted firmwares. Wanna take another guess as to why no updates?

Vivo Nex:
162 x 77 x 8 mm (6.38 x 3.03 x 0.31 in) 199g
Galaxy Note 8:
162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm (6.40 x 2.94 x 0.34 in) 195g

What is the fucking point if they made it huge like an xbox?

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I'm looking for a midrange priced smartphone in Hungary, the budget is around 250eu.
For this price or less, the ones I'm looking at are the Huawei P10(although I had bad experiences with the brand before), the LG G6(this is appealing because of the custom roms and ip68) and maybe an IPhone 6S(which just works). Which one of these would you recommend?

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>Huawei P10(although I had bad experiences with the brand before)
You already answered your own question. Also, permanently locked bootloader and only a 3200 mAh battery.
>the LG G6(this is appealing because of the custom roms and ip68)
Only a 100 mAh bigger battery and perhaps prone to bootloops. I wouldn't gamble on it.

For some reason I just hate the brand huawei because of emui and I have to flash custom rom. Since you now can't unlock bl because of their new rules, I don't recommend them anymore, for me it's not even android anymore when you can't root, change kernel/rom and stuck with emui. I recommend lg g6 because I used to have it. Just solid all around phone, really nice display and the micro vibration that just feel comfy when you type stuff. I have never tested iphone 6s so can't say much.

>prone to bootloop
No. This is just rumor since so many asked because of lg previous device which sold on us carrier. I have never experienced or seen any of my family g6 bootloop. My sister and dad uses lg g6.

you'll be called a handlet, but it seems iPhone SE or Sony XZ2 Compact are the only decent options if you dont want a fuckhuge phone

why the fuck are they making such huge phones
i just want a bezel less 5.5 inch phone
the only phone that looks almost like what i want is the nubia Z17s

Is dns66 even developed any more? There hasn't been an update in months and recently it lets more and more ads through.

Thanks. The reason I'm leaning towards the LG is the relatively good custom rom compatibility and nice lifestyle features. Although I'll look out for the Nokia 7 Plus an Xiaomi Note 3 too, maybe I can find those around this pricerange.

So my Mi4 LTE finally started giving up after over 3 years, which means a new phone for me. I'm considering the Huawei P20 lite, all reviews say it's a good option at the budget. Any alternatives I should consider?
My only requirements are that the phone must be dual sim, have a somewhat good camera and not be fuckhuge (not a handlet, just seriously dislike the phablet trend).

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Will this chinkphone ever come to the US or will Trump's bullshit mean we have to import it with chink wavelengths and get screwed over?

trump doesn't have anything to do with this, they just only sell it in china
and it's really easy to buy it directly from china

I mean like if Trump's ban on companies like ZTE will affect these guys.
Also buying from the chinks is fine, but the bands probably won't work with many/most US carriers like usual

Rumor? LG was involved in a class action lawsuit. Models past V20 weren't included, but anyone with a shred of common sense wouldn't jump to buy the next iteration.

Did I fall for a meme?

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Any good phones on amazon uk under £150? Dont know shit about them but cousin keeps breaking his phone so need a replacement quick. Have looked at what come under searches but not sure.

Yeah and the Google fi version is even cheaper than those Amazon subsidized versions, I want to know what's the catch to those that makes them that price compares to subsidized versions

I didn't deny the previous model prone to bootloop. I said because of the previous model have bootloop issue, there's rumor that lg g6 have bootloop issue. I didn't encounter bootloop on lg g6 since I bought last, I already gave it to my family members, still no issue.
>people wouldn't jump to buy the next iteration
exactly, hence the rumors on the lg g6

>he fell for the notch meme

Why do you care so much about updates? Who gives a fuck if XY phone gets 1-2 month late updates. It means less than nothing. I'd rather have a better screen, build and performance than shitty Pixel XL plastic phone

>why do you care so much about security on a device that holds all your personal information

This year was one disappointment after another:
>lenovo z5 was a blatant lie
>mi mix 2s just a new camera
>one plus 6 NOTCHED.COM
>mi 8 notch shit iphone x copycat
>vivo apex(nex) huge ass fuck

I'm so glad I got the S9 and didn't fall for any memes

All your personal information is on botnet server already

It is such a passing fad, bezelless is coming and all these notch phones look retarded now and will look even moreso in the near future

my pictures and notes aren't

>yes I care about updates for support and security. But I don't mind if it 1 or 2 months late update. Yes I prefer better spec over updates. Yes I agree pixel xl is suck overpriced.

you're saying what everyone saying

Bezelless needs to fuck off and die too, the proper way to go is thin bezels at the top and bottom so you have something to hold on to in landscape mode.

Mi Max 3 will save us.

you forgot:
>samshit s9 touchjizzed

Anyone here using Gboard on a Pixel 2?
Try typing "radical islam"

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it's not 2010 anymore you know? also you can get any launcher of your like

You're right, it's 2018 and touchjizz is still garbage and it still goes deeper than the launcher.

>no micro SD card slot
>starting at $550
Never settle.

post screenshot