How many of you fell for the BitCoin meme?

How many of you fell for the BitCoin meme?

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me. in like 2012. I'm decently rich from it
I have 1k XMR, XLM, ADA and 5k TRX

why do you ask?

>im a cryptocurrency millionaire

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>1k XMR, XLM, ADA and 5k TRX
2/4 of those are literal shitcoins.
there is no way you bought in 2012. larping faggot. oldcoiners only hold btc/xmr/eth

classic pump and dump, if you bought in early you made some decent money and hopefully cashed out when it peaked, use that money for tangible shit like commodities and metals

everyone else, it sucks to be you

>tfw local craigslists are flooded with Rube Goldberg mining contraptions

>tfw wasted 21 bitcoins in 2012

What's to fall for?

>claims I said I'm a millionaire
>clearly say I have a couple thousand

stop getting so worked up

I didn't buy anything, ever.. I mined bitcoins back in the day and traded some of them for other coins last year, which made a major profit so far. I have about 1.7 bitcoins left

why do you try to put words in my mouth. is it because you are jealous?

I mined like 50 bitcoins and sold em all for sub $5 back in the day.

>So zoomed out you can't tell the dozen times this pattern has happened before
And you won't be able to see this when it balloons to $400k either.

It had to be nerfed by the jews in power to do it. Crypto will linger around until a great happening then it's moontime again.

I did and I'm glad I did. I do feel a bit sorry for anyone who did after 2017 but that's their problem. I've bought all the things I want and gaming pcs and laptops and iphones and things like that for my nephews and nieces and I have a hundred times my initial investment in cash and I still hold a fair amount of coins.

I do think the price will reverse upwards the next block halving - which is one year from now.

some advice to non-coiners: $60 to $18000 or just the $6000 level we're floating above right now is not something I see repeating from this level. by that I mean that I believe it's totally unrealistic to buy in at $6000 expecting price to sky-rocket to $600000.

>tfw throwing away $1m-500k for pocket change

Invested 500$ when it was 1k, got out when it was 16k. Spent all of it on audiophile memes, computer parts and phone. Now I'm broke again.

Grug still hold bitrock, grug have strong hands.

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look at OP, laughing at bitcoiners
little does he realise the graph he posted looked much worse when it crashed from $32 to $2 in 2011
>he didn't get in
then he saw it rise to $1250 and crash to $166
>he didn't get in
>he's still not moving in now
it's ok OP, you stubbornly hate money, we get it. no need to take it out on us.

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i might buy a few bitcoins when goes down, because it might go up again, then i'll sell


Bought 10K in LTC Feb / March 2017.

Sold all early December 2017 (just off high of 360).

Bought property, new vehicles, a few other things, put the rest in savings.

Not quite a millionare, but given that everything is paid off, I don't exactly have to work hard to pay bills...


lol only if you knew you fool

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just hodl me, Jow Forums!

Why would you bump this


Guess it's time to buy.

Turning power into heat for no good reason, you people should be shot for speeding up global warming.

>I have a couple thousand

Or maybe they should be hailed for delaying the heath death of the universe.

They're actually quickening it, but ever so little. The heat death is not about everything freezing because there are no sources of heat. It's about the universe reaching it's maximum entropy, i.e. thermodynamic equilibrium where nothing can happen anymore.. Entropy is increased in irreversible thermodynamic processes, such as mining.

>value of thing goes down

I fell for the AMD meme.
Bought in April for 10.30$ and sold for 16.15$.
Feels good.

>I'm a buttcoin billionaire will girls have sex with me now???

You fucked up it's going way higher

Institutionals are already cashing in. You are going to get meme'd if your outlook is less than one year.

You do know you could sell those coins and transfer your euros to your bank account...

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I bought $1k two days ago
wish me good luck

Oldcoiner here. I hodl Btc, Xmr, Ltc and Zec. I traded all my Eth when the SEC FUD got started.

>he did it

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Not so fast, bog.

u can still just daytrade it and make anywhere from 3-10% per week.

I bought it in june 2017 then sold it all in january 2018. I bought stocks with the proceeds. Pretty comfy but wish I bought more.

I bought $10 worth and sold that for $10.22

Lambo here I cum buy low sell hi

>xmr eth
Lmao I remember when fucking litecoin was new and I don't even horde your dumbass coins. Also cryptocurrency taks belongs on Jow Forums.