Average user can't tell apart a 128kbs mp3 from a 24 bit flac in a blind test, prove me wrong

Average user can't tell apart a 128kbs mp3 from a 24 bit flac in a blind test, prove me wrong.

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I can tell a difference between 128 and 320, but that's where my deaf ears peak

averge user can't see more than 24fps, but autists claim they can

average user is a brainlet

Average user doesn't give two shits of a fuck about music to start with, they just listen to it because it's what everyone else does.

depends on the content

Average user doesn't know to listen for the high end where the mp3 is cut off. A 320 mp3 is much more difficult.

who the fuck cares about average user?

but an average music '''''''''''enthusiast''''''''''' definitively can

>niggercattle can't X
imagine my shock

128 mp3 is really fucking bad so I would imagine most people could probably double blind it.

>24 bit flac
This is bloat though.

>strawberry fag
If you had said 320 instead of 128 you'd have a case. I just keep FLAC around for whenever the next opus comes around an encode to that for my mobile devices.

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The average person can't tell the difference between a rolex and a $20 fake.
That doesn't make them equal.
Prove me wrong.

>the average person can't tell the difference between a diamond and zirconium

>therefore there is none

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MP3 isn't too difficult. AAC/Opus are.
And you're not telling a 256k AAC/Opus file from FLAC.

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>Hiro is the most bland main character I have EVER seen in my life
Confirmed for speedwatching. Hiro is an absolute madman with a monstergirl fetish.

some top-tier fate quality there

If you're saving anything for more than a few years on a PC, might as well grab as close to the the source material as you can.

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I might have believed you if you were talking about V0 or 320k mp3.
I can tell the difference between 128k and 320k MP3s on my 21 year old Pioneer Linear Powers connected to a Lepai 2020A+ without using a DAC.


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Average user can't even tell apart mp3 from flac you dumb idiot kill yourself

Average user can tell a difference between 128 and 320, but the difference between 320 and flac depends on the track really. Your weaboo songs may even perfectly fit in 128 but some weird shit like Asura starts cracking when compressed.

i encode flacs to 128k opus. more or less the same quality and file size is smaller than mp3

They stop seeing flickering at 24fps, but larger fps is perfectly perceiveable.


>Have tinnitus
>Still able to tell between 320kbs and flac
Step up your game

Maybe but I have my whole library in flac, refuse to listen to youtube or soundcloud audio, have $2500 in headphones, and have three 144hz monitors.
Fuck the average user

Average user listens to music through tinny phone/laptop speakers or crappy headphones/earbuds.

If by average user you mean someone with tinnitus or otherwise substantial hearing loss form other sources, then your little hypothesis could as well be correct. Feel free to prove yourself wrong if you don't already have significant hearing loss:
Also applies to:

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I tried this and indeed I couldn't tell the difference. With DT 770's


Can't tell the difference between any of these tests. All sound the same to me. Result was like 48% correct.

You didn't bother to mention which tests you did. You shouldn't have to bothered to make this post either.

First one that did 5 tests.

Should I explain what's wrong with your statement?

I don't need to.

300 tested people already did.

lol, says alot about the "audiophile industry" big companies cashing in on faggot elitists who think they hear a difference with higher quality fules, better dacs, and HIGH QUALITY CABLES, etc. its all a jew ploy to get retards money. no high end headphones should be more than $30 for example but there are jews selling $1k+ headphones that have the exact or marginally better performance to a $30 set. wake up sheeple.

You said it yourself, average user.

How am I supposed to look at the hex dump, if I'm blinded?

Go back to /mu/, audiofag

If you can't tell the difference between 24fps and 60fps you should get your eyes checked.

Your Realtek crab integrated audio is objectively pretty damn good and you probably don't need an external DAC or headphone amp unless you're buying 600ohm memephones

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Please lurk more before trying to be a smartass

This, you need proper equipment to tell the difference in the first place.
Even FLAC will sound shit when played through phone speakers.

So no arguments?

Arguments for what?

I can based on the amount/timbre of background static and the presence of high frequency sounds, but only on high quality headphones and with recordings that actually take advantage of it

Then again I'm a mega-autist who has much better than average hearing

You mean the frequencies that can only be heard by young people with perfect hearing which music therefore never takes advantage of?

so what, the average person cant tell the difference between C++ and java does not make them the same.

The average person is roughly 50% female.

>Falling for such tired, overused, and low quality bait
This isn't a question if you're new to here but the Interwebs as a whole

>"i-i was just pretending to be retarded! it was bait!"

Seems like we have the same condition

>comparing programming languages to audio formats
what a fucking retard

the average user doesn't have good enough audio equipment for it to matter.

>prove me wrong
No, you prove yourself right. Post peer reviewed studies fag.

I can't prove it, but i can still argue false equality.

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Dumb franxx poster.

I don't care about average users, i care about mine enjoyment of music.

Ah, the good old Jow Forums boogeyman even when it's something completely unrelated go politics.

>not him.but

>Used to think I couldn't hear the difference between FLAC and mp3
>Do a CD rip of my own and realized that I can hear the difference between mp3 v0, FLAC, and mp3 320, especially in the bass.
Man I thought it was just a meme.

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You found out the hard way that a lot of "flac" or "320kbps mp3" around is really just badly encoded 128kbps. You immediately realized it after ripping a CD in various formats yourself.

I'm above average, mom told me and school confirmed

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>Jow Forums
nothing he said was political, much less politically incorrect. Jow Forums is just a boogeyman for redditors at this point, so many flooded this site after 2016

DiF is garbage

128kbs mp3 is pretty bad dude...even a 30 year old boomer with broken ears could probably hear the difference

then you do an ABX test comparing mp3 v0/mp3 320 against FLAC and you realize that it was just a placebo after all

I'd agree with you if you said 128k opus but mp3 at that bitrate is very noticeable.

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If you can't tell the difference between 60fps and 120fps there's something wrong with your eyes.

You shouldn't use CBR, especially in MP3.

The -V presets (originally Dibrom's --alt-presets) were set using double-blind ABX tests as a quality target (what is generally considered to be -V2 should be transparent in everything except certain MP3 'problem samples' which mess with the way MP3 splits long and short blocks, and pre-echo). However, there have been some improvements since then.

128 is pushing it for MP3, due to structural problems with the format, but Opus achieves transparency at around that bitrate now.

An average user with an average amount of hearing loss on average equipment, may well find a VBR mp3 averaging around 128kbps encoded with the latest stable LAME entirely acceptable.

I do the same. I keep all my flacs at home for encoding and archival reasons and my phone and laptop get the OPUS version of the library. I can't tell the difference between 128kbit VBR OPUS and FLAC anymore and I bet at least 99.9% of the population can't either.

I switched over to Tidal Hifi after using Spotify. I have a V20 with a decent DAC built in and ATH M50s.

I cannot tell a difference at all.

I can tell the difference between 02 and ichigo, one is a cute oni, the other one is shit

Might've had some credibility if you said 256kb/s. 128kb/s is complete shit.

>yfw a 128kbp mp3 ran through an analog decompressor sounds nicer than any flac

Hmmmm. If only there were some big event that happened in 2016 that'd explain the influx of new users.

Sure, I can't tell the difference. But seeing .flac on the end of my files makes me feel like I know what I'm talking about.

>prove me wrong
No proof is on you.
But I believe it.
Do this people.

> thinks bit rate and a bit grid are the same thing
> thinks people can't tell the difference between a chewed up white noise generator

objectively shit taste opinion discarded delete you're threda


The average music listener cannot even perceive melody.
Why should the opinions of average people be equitable with extraordinary ones?
They aren't.
What you proposed is like saying a blind man would make a good judge at an art competition.
Musical taste or perception isn't a matter of chagon a son gout. Most opinions on music are wrong because they lack the neurocircuitry required to perceive it in the first place. Your nigger music isn't on par with Bach.



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