Speccy Thread

Didn't see one in catalogue.

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>Maximus 1155 board with 1066 RAM and those timings
>Dual Fermis

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Ahh, much better.

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Surprisingly this p4 on 2gb ram is holding up well for web browsing.

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outdated but still good enough to shitpost and draw porn in krita

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can i see your porn?

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how are so many people on buttdozer
it was never good

>tfw a UD3P has a better VRM than my old 990FX gaming board

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If you're rendering video, an 8350 will overclock to 4.4GHz easily and outperform the 3770 in rendering while costing $195, that's the little fact the muh single core people leave out.

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it was good in our hearts, that is what matters

>using fahrenheit

>locked i7
why would anyone do this?
it was outdated as soon as it came out

3770, the K SKU, whatever... it got beat with a mild OC 8350 that cost much less, even down to the motherboard the FX stuff cost less

originally had a G4560 but I picked this boy up on ebay used for $247. didn't realize after I got it that the stock intel cooler is not sufficient enough to keep it cool at idle so I had to pick up an aftermarket cooler than would keep the 7700K cool enough and that was small enough to fit into my small case.

compiles maps really fast, and makes up speed for poorly written software.

>inb4 motherboard temperature

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>didn't realize after I got it that the stock intel cooler is not sufficient enough to keep it cool

doesn't help that if you look it up people everywhere are going to swear up and down that it is. My 4790k was a literal housefire on stock, going over 90c on only moderately long loads. Even replaced the stock application with really nice tim and it didn't do squat, the crappy little heatsinks just can't dissipate enough heat to cool such high clock cpu's even at stock without minmax undervolting and being mindful of what workloads you put on it. It's got to be even worse for you because after Haswell they dropped the copper slug in favor of going full scrap metal aluminum mode.

damn what do you keep on all of those storage devices? why on earth do you need 32gb of ram?

nice skylake-x

I feel you nigga, been there

good processor from the era of intel. how do those two video cards work together? hella hard drives too

vega my man

ayy my bulldozer boys are still out there

what's on those drives?

I feel you dog

oldschool my man



friend upgraded from that same processor to a r7 1700-- rocked his world

>24gb ram
whatchu need all that ram for?

1050ti is a good card

idk what people were talking about, I was idling at 75 C at the desktop with the stock cooler and it was just about running at 100 C. I reseated/pasted the cooler and no luck. Picked up a be quiet! pure rock slim-- excellent cooler.

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>damn what do you keep on all of those storage devices? why on earth do you need 32gb of ram?

>damn what do you keep on all of those storage devices?
Because I ball hard

>why on earth do you need 32gb of ram?
Because I ball hard

looking at upgrading my GPU tho, the 970 GTX 3.5 GB meme keeps me up at night tbqh

I need to upgrade badly. I'd like to pick up a 1070 or 1070 TI on ebay sometime. also need an SSD-- probably won't pick that part used unless it's not as bad as I think it is.

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only reason the dell is at 85hz instead of 144 is because i have to use a really long cable to reach my pc, but i game on the XL so it doesnt really matter

nice cpu temp. what cooler you got going on? or is it a multitude of things that help with that?

Living in Antarctica helps

hyper 212 believe it or not lol. although i do have my windows open and room fan running pretty fast

just in case no one believes me lol. not sure how well you guys can see it

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currently trying to un-fuck windows 10. Having to take ownership of the entire drive... It wont let me even as admin modify files inside program directories?

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that cpu is smokey

its running 100% on all cores at max turbo. Its a 55watt CPU, sharing the same fan with a 45watt GPU. my SSD is feeding the take ownership command as fast as it can crunch the metadata.

The Lenovo w520 heatsink total is only rated at 55watt...its a poor design for thermals

interesting, well if that's your max temp then that's alright I suppose

Doom 2016 it hovers around 70, with the GPU pushing about 70 with the fan Maxed to 3600rpm

Typical Laptop usage (fan off) is around 43-45c.

FHD youtube stream (fan off) is around 55c. 2k youtube is around 60c fan off.

Unrealistic tests like P95 push it right to 95 thermal throttle. It is at least socketed, if it blows its cheap to replace

> (OP)
>currently trying to un-fuck windows 10. Having to take ownership of the entire drive... It wont let me even as admin modify files inside program directories?

I ran the spybot disable telemetry crap, cut off cortana's tits, and used AutoRuns to cut off a bunch of other telemetry crap.

I created an admin account tadmin that is a member of the trusted installers group. Then went in to the protected programs directory. I almost threw up, but the next time I do a yearly maintenance, Windows 10 is GONE. Fuck microdicks in the ass.

( Hint, look at the security of the programs directory to see what ACLs you need to be in to make changes... but dont. Microsoft will reset EVERYTHING next time you update. EVERYTHING. )

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i have a script to do all that stuff, but i did not realize that as an admin.. i could not modify files...But the script lets me remove all the crap that tracks you, preinstalled bloat etc. I can turn it into an N version effectively, yet still retain the Xbox functionality.

I use some older NT/XP era software that has to read, write, and edit some files and update DLL's at runtime. Win 10 just gave some cryptic error like 'error runtime "5"' which turned out to mean permissions.

im just scorched earth taking everything recursively owning it and giving full access. I deserve the right to fuck my shit up.

Need 2 more HDDs to block my airflow.

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Interesting monitor choice, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get them specs.

Well, might upgrade to FHD monitor soon. This is my old speccy.

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I didn't even know AMD made Phenom CPUs with Propus cores, thought they were all Deneb cores, not a bad system.

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>feels comfy man

why leave the 570 while the 1070 is there? Why bottleneck it so much? Wouldn't a 1060 suffice?

it was CHEAP! Especially after Haswell came out. You could built the equivalent of an i3 for the price of a Pentium! Piledriver was a big improvement from bulldozer too, on the same level as Sandy Bridge to Nehelem. All of these are still competent performers, with the AMD chips aging better as multithreading became more commonplace.

>Piledriver was a big improvement from bulldozer

I mean it had to be, Bulldozer was so abysmal that if it wasn't, they would actually have to sell the cpu's for less money than the amount of silicon wafer it took to make one of those immense 300+mm^2 die's.

It was still shit, however.

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Manually patched BIOS with latest Intel microcode and I'm feeling the performance degrade in emulators and VMs. Probably going to get 7nm Ryzen adn a 144Hz Freesync monitor next.

>Speccy Thread
Why is everyone using that shit?
It can't even detect my ddr4 ram or cpu.

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And forgot pic

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Stay extinct for all eternity. :-)

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>laptop shitters
Kys yourselves

Genuinely curious what Jow Forums thinks of my desktop.

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Eh it was a hundred bucks and it's good enough for shitposting and youtube and good battery. The Windows license is worth more than the computer.

>Acer internally naming the computer after a fucken pokemon

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Your pc is okay but you are a retard for posting a 4k pic if only 1/4 of it shows anything.

Jow Forums, do i need to upgrade my cpu if i were to upgrade to a gtx 1050 ti and add up my RAM to 16gb?

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>dual fans at front of case prevent hdd from reaching 30C
>rear fan doesn't turn on until processor hits 40C, no more dual ball bearing noise
>still haven't needed gpu since AAA ports are crap
I probably don't even need to disable turbo and undervolt this PoS but it sure is fun to be cool. Pay for double brick when you purchase a property to live in.


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i5 4460 is a pretty slept on cpu.

Would it be preferable to upgrade my mobo/cpu or am I set for the foreseeable future? I run overclock on my CPU.

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replace thermal paste

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you can upgrade right when Ryzen 2 7nm comes out next year, 50% of Jow Forums are waiting for it to happen, including me

It was just to test PhysX
I got anime tiddies on em

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That thing is understated as hell for a gaymen board, I like it.

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sup cucks

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Not even speccy but some entertaining shit happens when you run a CPU-Z version older than your CPU.

You guys should try it.

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How come i bought this Lenovo ideapad for 700€ back in 2012 (it had a 1TB HHD back then but i had to replace it cause i btfo'd it).
It still works flawlessly and runs intensive programs like a charm and similar specced laptops are STILL sold for the same price TODAY and i'd need to shill 800+ for an upgrade what the actual fuck

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enjoy your housefire

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>He doesn't run the patriot's voltage

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Not yet finished

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I've been messing with OC for the first time and this shit's sitting at 50Cº idle these past few days it's been hotter in my area, before that it stabilized on the lower 40's.
Running on a meme Noctua so I believe temps could be better, will try replacing thermal paste tomorrow because I think I fucked up on that end, otherwise I think I'll settle for 4.8Ghz at 1.2V to cool it down.
I might swap it for an i7, too.

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I can't wait to build a new computer, she's showing her age a little. Plan to keep this computer as is but make it my seeding machine.

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how did you get them audio specs?

They just showed up I did nothing.

oh ffs

I did just install it so maybe you need to update it.

>[screaming harder]

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That's a nice system desu.

I'm upgrading to a 2700x in a few days. Thank fucking god. I'll still use this system for other stuff, probably.

FX still has it's uses, the thing was basically a cut down server chip from day one, that's why it's so good when used as a render box.

I really need an upgrade for most of my drives and my monitor. The monitor is dying and most of the hard drives are ancient.

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Its alright as a render box for sure, but doing shit like baking lightmaps in unity is really slow and it gets really hot even under a noctua d15, something I've used to cool a 5ghz threadripper with no problems. I'll probably just end up running a server or something on it with a gpu passthrough so my gf can use it to play overwatch or whatever.

>really hot even under a noctua d15
Shit user, how high is that thing clocked? i'm at 4.4 on the daily and it's 60C on a Hyper T4 with small FFT, which is hotter than any real world program.

muh thinkpad

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It's supposed to be 2133Mhz DDR3. Speccy is trash

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