Best software for learning to type?

I don't type normally and it puts strain on my fingers and they get tired quicker because of it. What's an effective website or program for learning it properly?

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Anything that shows you what finger to use.
I literally learned how to type from this game when I was a kid. Not even memeing.

Have a bump. I type 140wpm+, but also with a non-standard style that causes me strain. Largely because most of the typing is with my left hand.

I know but I can't find any, also should have mentioned that free would be preferred.

Likewise, mine is about 120wpm and mostly use left hand, but the rate at which my fingers get strained is just too much now.

>Likewise, mine is about 120wpm and mostly use left hand
I've heard that qwerty is left-hand biased, at least for english words. I have a friend who uses dvorak and recommends it. I'm a bit scared for such a major change, as it'd involve ages of typing slowly while I learned.

I used to type for a long time with my index fingers only.. i then had the idea to use colored post-its, cut small pieces with adhesive on the back ans color codes my keyboard like picture related. At first It slowed me down a lot and I got frustrated... But then, as strange as it sounds, basically overnight something in my brain switched an I was able to type with all my fingers. Still slow, but at least i did not have to look down to find the keys anymore. That was like 1-2 years ago, since then i've been slowly improving and getting faster, but the switch/change in my head/ muscle memory happened overnight


>I can't find any

>But then, as strange as it sounds, basically overnight something in my brain switched an I was able to type with all my fingers.
Something to do with sleep helping to store new memories. I noticed something like this when I first started playing StepMania. I used some weird key bindings someone recommended, and was kind of doing shit at the game at first. I started to improve after many hours, and then after a short break and going back, I suddenly couldn't do it again. The next day I was dramatically better. It seems with some things that you sort of hit a wall and then your brain figures it out while you're asleep.

The typing of the dead
Look it up, I learned quite fast with it

For me, it was pic related. It might have been just a demo though, I can't remember. Basically, all I learned from it was to use the home keys, and the rest came with practice. Now I do everything as OP's image suggests, aside from using the opposite hands for '6' and 'B'.

Also I use picrelated, which I got while I was in Japan. So I have to do shit a bit different like
' = Shift + 7
* = Shift + :
so yeah a bit different. But I don't expect the courses/sites to take that into account.

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Have seen this work for some people.

GNU Typist, anything else is stupid


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I meant to include this pic:

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Why do you need special software for this? Just type things until you get good at it.


honestly this, all the home row bullshit is pointless, if you type enough you'll get good. Never used any typing training tools, and I type 110 wpm

Typing of the dead

Just make a conscious effort to type properly. Look at the keyboard if you need to, and if you type something correctly but use the wrong finger, backspace it and do it again properly

mavis beacon

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Sega is superior as always.

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Any software where you have to type will do.

Typingclub. I swear I went from 2 to 10 fingers in two weeks (no caps or digits yet though). And it's free. I tried them all, it's the best.

>tfw can type fast, 90-100wpm but type with mainly my two middle fingers
I don't know how I ended up typing like this but it's too late now for me to change.

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In the past I did not know how to touch type, so I used the hunt-and-peck method on every computer I used. I picked up touch typing with Dvorak quickly and now I use it on all of my computers. It's comfy and does not strain my hands. The few times I need to use someone else's computer I hunt-and-peck if it's for a short time or change the layout and change it back when I'm done if I have to use it for longer.

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I've screwed up my typing pattern somehow, and now I only use the index finger on my left hand and every finger on my right hand, which means my typing speed is half fast - half slow. Any tips to relearning how to type with my left hand?

>using left/right pinkies for anything other than shift/enter respectively

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left index on F, right index on J. put a box over the keyboard so you cant see what you type (how i was taught) or maybe blank stickers so you cant see whats on each key. then practice. which finger hits what should come natural

It's not about speed, it's about even distribution of strain

this right here. it is actually really fun to touch type with dvorak. I am still not as fast as I was when I was using qwerty but I can feel myself getting faster. Hell I even put dvorak on my phone to drill the layout into my brain. qwerty now seems foreign though which is the only downside.

I was going to post this.

Worked for me.