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your set-up is literally goals, 10/10

warm lighting and that would be

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Oh boy, another thread filled with shitty decor and random computer drap covered in gaudy fucking colored lighting and no fucking battlestations that are actually pleasing!

it's been alive for awhile, just doesn't have /BST/ in the title.

Catalog search for BST AND "Battle" before creating a new thread.

>no fucking battlestations that are actually pleasing

>if it's not exactly what i want it's shit and wrong

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suck your mum lad

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oh hey a pureOS user.

Thanks my guy

I searched for "bst" and "battlestation". Close but no cigar.

Here's mine

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If this room was a song: youtube.com/watch?v=BiEH8x4O8Ac

very nice

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What is your plant
What do you do with your pi ?
Can you share wall

Quiet neighbors, eh?

new. got rid of the air 240 cause hdds were hot in it.

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what is that case? it's sweet


The one on the left is a King Protea, on the right is a whole bunch of stuff.

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cant you be original and find your own wallpapers

not really, no

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what a faggot

Can you share your mom with us son of we know u dl erry day here go /hc/

Which router do you use ?

Kimera Cerberus

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Are you a sim?

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What a great representation of autism out in the wild.

Modern cooling system??

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Nothing new or on the way

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From old thread

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nice stations

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These ones are at least 8/10s, even 9.

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recently moved into a new place, thoughts?

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Looks great. Nice color scheme


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My first actual desk.
How'd I do?

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dog dick pipe out of 10

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Don't have access to my desktop right now but it's a 4690K and GTX 960. Keeps relatively cool in the box but I do have to open the door when running games. Upside is it's completely silent normally.

u have the yard full of deth people user?
r u stupid or just idiot?

Excellent choice in monitors.

Where'd you get that entertainment center your TV is on?

ay yo whadup

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Its an odroid c2 with ubuntu mate for garage computer.

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stay mad
>youtube recommendation core
>meme turntable
really like it. it being clean and bright is nice

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>garage computer
Look at this big brained dude. Good job.

Is that the 'Stone' coloured logitech mouse?

>On the road again

Nice as always opie
Little crowded and cluttered with all the wires everywhere. Not bad doe.
Comfy window stations are comfy.
Little claustrophobic. I'm concerned about that doors load bearing capacity.
Better cable management would make this a top set up. Looks good.
Not the hoardmeistro again. This gives me anxiety looking at it.
Nice setup, needs a better desk doe.
Nice clean setup.
Hello again. Nuts as always.
I hope you don't sit in the dark all the time.
What is even going on here?
I used to love me the fuck outta marlboros. Colas bad for you doe.
That desk doesn't do the setup justice. Pretty nice though.
Pretty chill room. What kind of entertainment set is that? I like it a lot.
>obligatory (you)
>3 counts of archaic wallpapers
Cramped as hell
Looks pretty tight in there.
Comfy setup is pretty comfy
Ay yo
breddy nice +1 for Gordy having his own shelf

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They generate a hell of a lot of heat, and draw a lot of power. Look great though and 4:3 is amazing for most things.

Lmao this has to be bait the Scenery vinyl makes it too obvious

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They’re awesome. I wish dell would update these, 4:3 is great for productivity. Would love a 2018 update or maybe even an update where the resolution is updated to 3200 x 2400. That would be awesome. People at my work either have ultra wides or 16:9, and I rock these bad boys.

Work/college laptop. PC is running through the tv until my new monitor comes.

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love the colours and natural lighting and for some reason the beds placement

i like the plants alot

Yeah they're great. I got one for £50 and the other for £10 and I've no desire to upgrade. A modern 24" 4:3 LCD would be reason to upgrade, or maybe a 3:2, but they don't exist yet. As far as productivity goes, these are king unless you count 4K etc, but that's massively more expensive for a similar quality panel.

It's a tight room but it can work. TV at the foot of the bed is great for watching films and playing games.

Good afternoon. Kotatsu battlestation reporting in

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lol, i assume you have cheaper housing because you were was willing to select a place next to a graveyard that was not selling.

every get lucky with any of the neighbor girls?

same pile of old ebay shit in a really small room, lol will you ever make an actually cool setup. i think you tried to do some edgy cyberpunk theme but failed miserably. it is just too cringe.

where do you live?

where the fuck did you get that steins;gate clock?

not the guy you replied to but that's a divergence meter

c o m f y

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fuck that lighting is comfy af, 10/10 user


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That wallpaper is lame af

>anonymoose mask


Oh fuck me that image again. Just get's stranger every time I look at it.

>Pretty chill room. What kind of entertainment set is that? I like it a lot.
not him but

definitely Ikea. got a coffee table with that same style

New York
I got it from the future

Old picture, OS looks very different now. Also I do have RGB strips behind the desk, they just are not on.

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What happened to that creepy painting you had?

>Tfw seeing all these amazing setups

>I'm trying to make a nice battlestation

>Just got a new monitor

>Wanted to use my old one as a side monitor
>After some time of setting it up
>Realize my left speaker doesn't have any room

Kill me bros. It looks like shit doesn't it. The cable management is driving me crazy too.

wish i had a nice view

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Looks very cozy user, love the plants too!
To die for/10
Like it user; do you run everything off the pi?
Kinda cluttered but points for best candy.
Looks okay, a little cluttered maybe. Post dog.
How's the Oasis buddy?
I like all the grey user. Very pretty.
Cozy room. Cute dog. Post him.
Very comf
>We do not forgive, we do not forget.

New speakers, that's about it. R8 and H8.

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Used an outdated image oops.

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>Tfw seeing all these amazing setups
>I'm trying to make a nice battlestation
>Just got a new monitor
>Wanted to use my old one as a side monitor
>After some time of setting it up realize my left speaker doesn't have any room
>USB hub turns my PC off when I plug it in sometimes

Kill me bros. It looks like shit doesn't it. The cable management is driving me crazy too.

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Looking at this gives me constipation

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>Cozy room. Cute dog. Post him.
Since you asked. The other fellas mine as well he's nearly a year and a half. The little guy is an absolute unit weighing in at 68lbs on this, the day of his 6th month birthday.

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It's not bad. But that speaker placement...

Yeah I don't know where to place it. If anyone has any idea or if I should just remove the second monitor I want to hear some ideas

you got comfy wallpapers

Get a VESA mount, mount the monitors in the center part of the desk, put the speakers on each of the elevated parts of the desk, and save up for a new/bigger desk and matching monitors.

Or get an ultrawide. LG makes some decent ones for a reasonable price.