Net neutrality - I'm still pissed off at you faggots

The relentless shilling for net neutrality in 2014-2015 really shook my faith in democracy. Seeing literally everyone jump on the NN bandwagon with absolutely zero skepticism was like witnessing a goddam North Korean political rally. The complete lack of critical thought on this issue from both laymen and professionals alike was extremely disturbing. I honestly thought the average American was smarter.

To this day I have conversations with people who bring up talking points that were debunked 3 years ago. It's like Netflix whipped up everyone into this perpetual frenzy and somehow managed to bypass the critical thinking section of people's brains. It's actually really impressive. People have been trained to give out these canned responses to any imaginable objection someone might have to net neutrality. Even when you handhold these retards through your argument, the conversation will always end with them accusing you of being a corporate shill. Every. Single. Time.

I fully expected reddit to be on board with NN. Reddit will shill whatever the fuck Google tells them. But I never expected Jow Forums to swallow the pill so readily. Now months after NN has been repealed- what has happened? Literally nothing. Internet speeds have actually increased. Oh, but if I had a nickel every time one of these NN shills retorts "you just wait, the internet apocalypse is coming!", I would have as much money as Google- a company that is ironically bigger than all the ISPs in the U.S. combined.

tl;dr I'm still pissed off at the netflix shills for shitting up this site with their shitty propaganda

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Exactly. We can still do all the things we love doing on the internet and NN will just help us do them faster. This video explains it pretty clearly.

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>People have been trained to give out these canned responses to any imaginable objection someone might have to *insert mainstream political opinion here*
get used to it faggot

>people are stupid
yeah what a shocker

you're right, it's bad not wanting a tiered internet. Sooo bad.

Wow, you really don't understand NN.

Hurr Durr it's not happening now so it would never happen. Things don't change right?

Fuck off Jow Forumstard newfag, Jow Forums supported net neutrality before you were born.

>People have been trained to give out these canned responses to any imaginable objection someone might have to *insert mainstream political opinion here*
Yes I know this is generally true. But often you will find that if you press people hard enough on an issue, you can force them to think critically about it. This literally never happens with net neutrality. I don't know why normies are especially retarded on this one issue.

No tiers just means everything is on the lowest tier. Imagine how slow Fedex would be if there was only 1 delivery option.

you got me, i had no idea people hand delivered my packets, dayum, mind blown. TIL

Yes, infinite bandwidth can travel through the network. The ISPs are just jewing you when they limit your speed.

See, here- the canned responses. This is what I'm talking about. I've seen these snarky quips in a million different forms, but they are all based upon the same 20 or so memorized arguments.

its called DOCSIS, probably should look it up?
ISPs shouldnt do traffic inspection/analytics/throttling at any level. It's a conflict of interest. It's like if the electric co limited your kWh. Yes, the internet is a utility. If you argue with me about this you're even more retarded than I thought.

> hur hur I dont like their valid point, so I dismiss it

They don't within their own network. How it gets there from the outside is dependent on a variety of factors. And yet you keep getting idiots blaming the ISPs for the fuckups of Netflix being too cheap.

Blaming netflix for having subscribers is like blaming people for having jobs and having to use the roads to commute.

You have to understand that, no matter what happened, we all get screwed. (((Comcast))) was shilling for NN's repeal, while (((Google))) was shilling to keep it. It was corporation versus corporation, and whoever won would shank us more by the end of it. Either we'd get more government censorship in the form of hate speech laws, or Comcast would shove its fibre optic wang up all our modem's buttcheeks. The UK's dystopian nightmare police state is the result of the former, and uncontested ISP monopolies in Clapistan are the result of the latter. Who won here?

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Netflix did not have enough bandwidth to send their packets to their customers in the first place. And they managed to fool everyone into thinking it was their ISP throttling them and not Netflix being retarded.

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> Netflix did not have enough bandwidth
They have plenty of bandwidth; they're distributed throughout AWS. Please, learn before you talk.
ISPs throttling netflix is literally a conflict of interest especially if the provider provides any form of advertising or TV services.

>Hurr Durr
go back to plebbit you fucking nigger.

ISPs were not throttling Netflix. Does your ISP throttle you when you only pay for 100 but need gigabit? They did not have the bandwidth they needed. Being on AWS doesn't magically give you infinite bandwidth.

>everyone flocking to Netflix and other streaming sevices because they're tired of paying $100+/mo for their TV to spew advertisements at twice the volume of the content every 15 minutes
>Comcast and Time Warner peerings with Netflix suddenly start performing like shit

Actually I've had my ISPs throttle Netflix. I've also had my ISPs intercept HTTP traffic to tell me they've done it. Yes, I live in America.
> Being on AWS doesn't magically give you infinite bandwidth.
>> doesnt know how aws works
ISPs throttling any service is unjust. There is no reason to. They cannot even claim reason if there is a DDoS; simply because a DDoS can be mitigated on the network by blackholing the target(s). Throttling/shaping traffic is for the network controllers advantage only; if you think it's anything else you've managed to convince yourself that "they're doing it out of the good of their heart", meanwhile
> there is no reason to believe that
>> ISPs still havent blocked TLS
>> after all they should because well VPNs are loaded with piracy, and blocking VPNs would cut down on piracy, so good of their heart right?

My point pretty simple; information and traffic is free speech; limiting it is censorship. Fight me bitch, you know you want to.

Confirmed for not knowing how AWS works

Comcast and Time Warner never peered with Netflix.

To be fair, Jow Forums was probably one of the most anti-NN places, and those people here who were for it, were probably reddit fags trying to shill it

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>obvious larping shill trying to complain about shilling
Go back to your Twitter accounts Alexei

They peered with the network Netflix was using

And guess which side was doing the "throttling"?

>government by removing everything the brown guy did

Oh please tell me how renting someone else's servers suddenly give you infinite bandwidth to every home in the country. The fact of the matter is ISPs did nothing to Netflix traffic. Netflix was simply too cheap to pay for the bandwidth needed to send their traffic to the ISPs in the first place.

Comcast/Time Warner/AT&T, the ones with the threatened profit centers

KYS comcast shill

>The fact of the matter is ISPs did nothing to Netflix traffic.
>cites a "fact"
>no source
oh right these are those alternate facts

Nope. Try again.

How many gallons of corporate jizz did have you sucked out of your girl's vagina?

99% of Americans hate their ISP, and that has not changed.

>Oh please tell me how renting someone else's servers suddenly give you infinite bandwidth to every home in the country
> doesnt know difference between bandwidth and throughput
You really should learn about these terms before you formulate opinions user. You literally do not know what you are talking about.
> The fact of the matter is ISPs did nothing to Netflix traffic.
I've had two ISPs (Comcast and a small one) throttle and block netflix completely for me a few times. They've even intercepted my traffic to tell me this. Again, you demonstrate that you dont know what you are talking about.
So, to summarize user:
> doesnt know what aws is
> doesnt know what bandwidth is
> doesnt know what latency is
> doesnt know what throughput is

>a hypothetical scenario shilled by a megacorp is a valid point

>a hypothetical scenario shilled by a lobbyist is a valid point
i can play that game too faggot

>We need to limit streaming services because they're consuming all the bandwidth of our glorious job providing ISPs
>Netflix didn't have very much bandwidth

No they don't. Just because Netflix is slow for you doesn't mean your ISP is throttling you. Learn how networking works.

Gas yourself shlomo

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> meanwhile, we're big fat ISP and...
>> we're shilling millions to get NN repealed
>> we're consuming more bandwidth with our shitty cable network
>> how can we compete with no commercials?
>> people want to ONLY use US to provide INTERNET access??!??!?! UNACCEPTABLE
>> we have to sell "triple play" packages and get suckers pay for a "land line" phone they'll never use!!!!
>> how can we do this?????!?!?!?!?
>> we'll drive prices of internet up!!!!! and treat them like "data plans" because we "think" we're a cell phone network

your average shitty american ISP

Whether you deny it or not, that's what was happening, corporate cuck. Keep stocking those shelves, your corporate master will make you a billionaire too someday.

kys comcast shill
> doesnt know how utilities work

how dumb can you be?
oh god, you probably are just so ignorant you don't even make your own research.

when you buy AWS, it gives you bandwidth. Amazon gets bandwidth in a way that doesn't matter to netflix, as long as netflix is inside their quota according to their contract with AWS.

Netflix isn't slow for me because of the 2015 regulations. Remember when Verizon threw that giant bitch fit?

Bootlicking cuckold.

>against lawful content
>all torrents are unlawful
>video games are unlawful
>netflix is unlawful
What a crock of shit.

I hate the alternative. Imagine if FCC made internet into a utility. Now your 3D printed goods will be regulated. Your porn downloads will be banned.

Thought this was a templeOS thread wtf OP

>buying in to republishit propaganda
keep digging that coal, you'll be a billionaire someday too

And they didn't buy enough quota. You think AWS gives you infinite speeds as long as you buy 1 server? They charge by the GB sent. Netflix doesn't even distribute its video on AWS because it would be so expensive. Goes to show how much you know.

> doesnt know what utility means
internet should be a utility

I thought you were pro net neutrality and thought the internet shouldn't be a utility?

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man, you continuously demonstrate that you have no idea what a utility is
> A public utility (usually just utility) is an organization that maintains the infrastructure for a public service
> utilities can also refer to the set of services provided by these organizations consumed by the public: electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, telephone, and transportation. Broadband internet services (both fixed-line and mobile) are increasingly being included within the definition.

>Your porn downloads will be banned.
And millions of boys would never poison their brains with terabytes of easily accessible porn. They'll go out and talk to girls, find love, start families. I thought as white males that's what we want.

NN legislation is NOT NET NEUTRALITY

>inb4 conspiracy theorist
It's all in the legislation. Look at what was hidden in the Defence Authorization Act for fiscal Year 2017. Forced through on Xmas eve, the Obama admin added a clause hidden in a 3000 page military budget that allows "clandestine operators" to sway public opinion through title ii channels.

Fuck off with your muh netflix

kys, if you think porn is a problem you're literally part of the problem

Maybe you should read up on Net Neutrality or get better shilling points:

>wah democrats won't let me shit on other poor people for being poor

>this is what supporters of the current regime actually believe

What the fuck are you talking about, retard?

you cannot change my opinion on why the internet shouldnt be a utility. If you think that a private organization should have power over literal utilities lines and traffic shaping; then you're even more of a corporate shill than I thought. The corp already gets to MITM the profits from being near monopolies, now they want absolute power on what goes through those pipes? Nope. Fuck them.

>supporters of the current regime
You got it backwards lol

You just called it a utility yourself in the last 2 replies lol...

The internet should be a utility, but the legislation added leading up to NN needs to be removed, there are too many loopholes that allow government censorship that a utulity status allows are being completely ignored in the media.

The buildup was a multi year long process with layers of bills that allow some sketchy shit.

Aw the classic 'but muh GUBERMENT can block sites!' argument, straight from the russian paid post handbook. Give one example of when that happened.

Look all over Europe.

Give one example of it happening in america you fucking tool, don't try to deflect

Can you show they didn't buy enough bandwidth?
cuz if they didn't, then they would be liars.

I know they don't use aws directly to distribute videos but OP doesn't understand much about that subject. You can clearly see his lack of knowledge when he was talking about renting servers in AWS here and here . I don't want to bring CDNs to this conversation because it would be too much information for him. Doesn't matter the company, netflix gets what it pays for.

Why is Netflix the only streaming service that was affected. Youtube, Twitch, Hulu, Amazon Video all serve lots of video and conflict directly with cable companies. Yet people only complained about Netflix being slow? I showed graphs proving the problem is entirely on Netflix's end. You brought up AWS even though Netflix doesn't use AWS as a CDN, and you're the one who claims I have a lack of knowledge?

I really hope Netflix is paying you a good wage to shill for them.

That's not an argument you fucking retard. They have the ability to do it.
They can't now because NN was revoked you colossal retard, but its right in the legislation that they CAN.


Give me one piece of evidence for fast lanes since you seem so keen on "its not a problem until it already happened"

Get back here with those goalposts.

The repeal was just Trump tossing shekels to his golf buddies.

>it's in the bill!
And yet it was never used, and even if it was used you have nothing to say about any sort of legal challenges or backlash. Nice try shill, maybe you shoiod go back to the board you came from because not everyone will play along here

"The Patriot Act" - get droned, goy
"Affordable Health Care Act" - its more expensive, goy
"Net Neutrality" - trust us goy its a good thing

NN is communism.

Did you read my whole text? I quoted the comments where I continued the AWS subject from.

Your graphs are not in this thread. mind showing then again?

Can you show they didn't buy enough bandwidth?
cuz if they didn't, then they would be liars.

>Why is Netflix the only streaming service that was affected
Because netflix usage was higher than the others combined

>it wasnt used yet so its a non issue
Who is paying you?

>larping intensifies

The patroit act came from republicans

show them*

I don't know what you're talking about I argued against them in every shill thread they posted that I saw.

I am aware, are you under the retarded impression that dems and reps are somehow different?

There are lots of things for government can do and yet they haven't. That point of 'look they could ban alex jones (but they didn't)' isn't a valid argument, it is scare mongering and a little shill tactic. You are too obvious

>he thinks there is a difference

Wow just give up. Why bring up AWS if it had literally nothing to do with anything. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt but it seems you really do have no idea how networking works.

And what does Netflix having the most traffic have anything to do with conflict of interest? Why wouldn't cable companies also throttle Amazon Prime and Youtube? The fact of the matter is that it was only a problem with Netflix, because Netflix was cheap.

The 2nd Ammendment - Buy more guns or get shot goy

he thinks guns don't protect freedom

>he thinks this is about Alex Jones
Any ISP refusing to play along with what the govt wants removed will have it's title ii status revoked and its assets absorbed into the feds. This is a complete nationalization of the internet and potential censorship on the same level of Turkey or China.

>but they didn't do it yet so this is ok

I am all for NN but not this earmarked shit.

Literal slippery slope and scare tactics from your talking points. You are too obvious

Still waiting for a real rebuttal.
Fast lanes is nothing more than a slippery slope argument.

You don't want a discussion, you want to win a discussion.

I already explained why i continued talking about AWS. I'm not the one who brought it up in the first place.
I never talked about conflict of interest, yet you bring this up out of blue.
I already showed you why Amazon prime and Youtube don't make the same effect netflix does on bandwidth.
You still don't show any source for any claims.

I've been giving you too many (You)s

Netflix is not an ISP, they lease their bandwidth from an ISP. That ISP talks through the higher backbone layers to Comcast's shit network. Netflix is a streaming service on the internet you already paid for once. Comcast already paid for their access to the fiber backbone like Netflix's ISP did. They don't deserve more money for that.

Of course Netflix gets bandwidth from their ISP. They didn't buy enough so they got limited on their end. Comcast has nothing to do with it. Those packets never reached Comcast.

ISPs are throttling your internet fool. That's why all thwir advertising says "up to x speed and not x speed guaranteed." When you over provision your redbacks to jam as many people onto a circuit in the neighborhood onto your sectioned off service as possible, they literally can't deliver the speed they advertise, and at peak, not even a fraction of it. Source: former comcast employee in the high speed business internet support division.