Be you

> Be you.
> Late twenties.
> Have a job working in the tech industry and have to deal with bullshit all day.
> Hate tech and/or no longer able to be excited by it.

> Be me.
> Late twenties.
> Tech is a hobbie and passion, not something I do to pay the bills.
> Still giggle like an excited child when encountering a new tech concept or starting a new project.

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>be you
>don't have gf

>be me
>have gf


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More of her

why do white people think like this? is it mental gymnastics from knowing they are worthless to society?

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That said, OP will always be a fag, no matter what his state of living is.

I could easily get a gf if I actually bothered to take care of my appearance and actually bothered to ask women out.

overconfident autistic NEET

t.every neet, ever

All three of those describe me perfectly.

>Be me
>Early 30s
>Not homeless

>Be you
>Early 30s


And before any of you autists get triggered and think I've never talked to a girl: I have a sister.

I do have a home though. I was lucky enough to be born mentally disabled, so I get to live off the public dollar. :P

leech to society

Why are you so smug about the fact that you survive off of the pity of better men?

>mentally disabled NEET

and the workforce lost nothing of value

>All that photoshop

If it's any consolation to you, my home is still pretty shitty.

yeah ok you're a sperg
you'll never have anyone in your bed
you should end it right now champs
you're a dead weight to your family

More like bitter soi men

Yeah but at least I'm not fucking NEET lmao

>being a beta soicuck making alpha boss richer is something to be proud of
The absolute state of wagecucks. I bet you think buying Apple products makes you not poor too?

Because relying on your mother to feed and clothe you as though you were an infant is so alpha, right?

>wagefags think they're contributing to anything except my autismbux

>Because relying on your alpha boss to feed and clothe you as though you were a slave is so alpha, right?

>be me
>NEET house husband
>Lots of neetbux because my wife get way overpaid
>all I have to do is clean and have sex

Truly, I have ascended.

Literally built for black cock

Now this is living the life, role reversal isn't too bad. But the wagecucked alt-right would argue otherwise.

Imagine being this delusional

>coping this hard
it's not too late to salvage your life. if you keep this up you'll be impoverished, diseased, or dead by your mid-40s

They don't.
White people can get a job any time owing to white privilege.
This is more the mindset of an Indian or a turdskin like yourself.

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but the OP is white

The only one dead by their mid-40s is you after your wife leaves you and more than half your fortunes for Jamal and his 12 inch cock
No woman is impressed about a wage cuck.

>fap every day
>barely register a stiffy for 3D
>nofap a few days
>diamonds.exe when i see an unclothed female ankle
>no inbetween

why am i like this

Indians are not white, sorry to break the news to you.

hey now that you mention it, i have never seen a NEET indian. Poos would rather work in scam call centers or be in crappy Java cert programs than be NEET

Having "value" in any society is a meme. You're better off if you existence is worthless. Legacy is a meme.

Try fapping more regularly but less frequently.

Jow Forums memes aren't real. Your life *will* become a disaster if you don't think about the future

>i have never seen a NEET indian
You have never looked beyond a handful that has also met with pic related now.

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are you indian by any chance? you seem to know a lot about them

you do realize that without society you'd be hunting bugs to eat in the wilderness, right?

Dude, every animal on this planet is able to acquire ample food and shelter without being a slave. Humans are the only species that are not capable of this. Or at least, most humans.

You have a bigger chance to work on your legacy if you aren't a wagecuck.

My company used to outsource to Poos for a very short time period before cutting ties and establishing connection with Slavs instead, on account of learning better from experience than to deal with Poojeets. Therefore the management evaluations and studies on Poos trickled down to our level.

in my experience slavs and chinks > poos as well

however, it's undeniable from the way that he types that the OP is a white male, similar to Chris-chan

And that's a good thing!

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