Planned Obsolescence - everything is crap

ITT we discuss planned obsolescence and how degenerate reputable brands have become

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I will start

>buy german vacuum cleaner
>"made in germany" printed in the case
>cheap plastic
>button breaks after three years
>the same button switches on/off by pressing down and regulates suction power by turning it
>have to remove 3 screws to inspect the button mechanism
>they are the "star of David" type
>remove case and find the cheapest possible potentiometer under the button
>literally pic related, like the toy ones that come in Arduino kits
>potentiometer acts like in the minimum resistance position despite turning freely, so must be fried
>it is "panel mount", except there is no panel, so every time the vacuum is turned on or off, tension is applied to the weak pins and the solder joints
>1 pin pre-bended from factory
Is this the legendary German quality?
Meanwhile granma's vacuum from the 70's is still kicking ass. Don't throw your old appliances, Jow Forums, even if they consume more power, they are worth 3 or 4 of today's equivalents.

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Intel stopping to solder CPUs seems like a planned obsolescence measure. At least in part - the other part being cost-saving.

My 2015 Kindle PW is still basically brand new and jailbreak + koreader make it useable for PDFs even.

justice bump

>how degenerate reputable brands have become
>it's only started happening now

The incandescent light bulb would like a word.

It's planned obsolescence but it is also cheap
Fifty years ago you made TVs and recording and appliances for the upper class. They demanded good shit.
Now you make stuff for everyone , ergo , cheap shit.
Last I heard queen mum's fridge still runs.

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holy fuck, that's really disgusting. we use better potentiometers in college and I study EE on brazil.

ive replaced my entire house with dimmable LEDs that cost more than any bulb I ever bought but last 20 years!

there is a difference between not being designed to last 20 years anymore and designed to fail eventually

especially when you really should be replacing most electronics after 8 years anyway.

especially with all the competition. A capible laptop used to be $800 minimum in like 2005. Now you can get an i3 that's perfectly capable for $400 and that's even after inflation

not to mention lmao 50' TV for $300 now. Everything is getting easier to afford and so long as your no a poorfag you can replace it whenever it takes a shit

Thats not planned obsolescence

Fairly sure modern Siemens vacuums are still rock solid.
But then literally use my grandmother's Siemens from the 90's.

Who's the King of planned obsolescence and why is it McLaren?

Any good manufacturer has a pretty good idea how long the components they source will last.

IMO there are relatively few that fuck their products because they want another sale (which may likely go to the competition anyhow, only Apple and very few other companies can count on customer loyalty like that).

But the consumer market is just very price sensitive. You're not likely to sell that $500 power drill to most customers (although you may have one of these, too, for customers that care). Its going to have to be a compromise machine made with a lot of chinesium.

>especially when you really should be replacing most electronics after 8 years anyway.
What? Why? Does the self-destruct sequence activate after 8 years and 1 day?

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>especially when you really should be replacing most electronics after 8 years anyway.
Why? Because some gaming youtuber told you I have to?

That stuff was also made for everyone, idiot. It's not a thing about majority or minority. You're transposing current historical appearances to the past.

Big manufacturers stopped making quality stuff many years ago
Everyone produces the same trash now

It has the advantage that you can simply get the NoName product instead of paying premium for the brand name

The auto industry had a mission of making you unsatisfied with last year's model.
So do PC makers. New CPU sockets, new RAM designs, new Disk connectors... it goes on.
Even retrofitting won't help if the system bus isn't fast enough for, say, PCIe4 or whatever.

There are 2 types of siemens vaccuum hoovers:
trashy for 80€
good ones for >=150€

please see attached pictures for more information

consider Miele S4, Henry, Kärcher or Niflilisk for good quality

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It's pretty fucking funny to me when Jow Forums bitches about planned obsolescence while the entire board right now is pretty much just consumer advice threads full of people who gawk at devices more than two years old and absolutely crumple at the slightest annoyance, inconvenience or minor obstacle between them and their mindless consumption of streaming media and video games.

Y'all dug your own graves when you let corporate conditioning turn you into a hapless sheep desperately clawing at whatever the latest shiny toy is because some faggot marketer told you you needed it on TV. Why do you expect a company to care about the quality and craftsmanship of what they build when you only buy and price and are planning to throw it out in two years from the start anyway?

> Don't throw your old appliances, Jow Forums, even if they consume more power, they are worth 3 or 4 of today's equivalents.

actually in case of hover vacuum cleaners, they often use less energy, because they use better and more expensive motors.
The Wattage(=consumption) might be higher with cheap ones from the early 2000s, however the suction might be the same or even less as old or good ones

> have 40 year old microwave and oven
> still works

>replacing most electronics after 8 years anyway
What? Most technology hasn't advanced in function in the last 20 years.

Watches? Amps? Speakers? Headphones? Clocks? Electric stoves/ovens? Microwaves? Fridges/freezers? Clothes dyers? Vacuum cleaners? Fans? Electric heaters? Blenders? Electric razors? Hair dryers/irons/curlers? Clothes irons? Dishwashers? Calculators? Electric scales? Keyboards?

Still all the exact same function as when they were first released. The only reason to replace any of those items is if they break.

Literally the only electronic item I have ever replaced before it broke was my desktop computer.

Here's my horror story:

I used to use an insulin pump for my Type 1 diabetes. Insulin already comes in cartridges but you've got to buy expensive, empty, non-reusable cartridges designed to fit the machine then transfer your insulin into them. The company came out with a new model that intentionally took a different shape of cartridge then stopped making the old cartridges. The new machine had no improvements other than a higher resolution screen but they forced everyone to buy it that way.

Insulin pumps cost about $7000 if you don't have insurance. I got the original one as a teenager when I was covered by my parent's plan but by then I was a broke young adult. I had to go back to syringes mixed with long and slow acting insulin which caused several hypoglycemic seizures while I was figuring out the right doses. Those fuckers probably got a lot of other people in my situation killed or brain damaged with their planned obsolescence.

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In the audio world, I have speakers and amps from the 70s that have been used hard, but with proper maintenance still run just as well.

I also have current speakers, that were released just a few years ago. It's amazing what quality you can get in the 400-500 dollar range. While they're not my main set of monitors, it's certainly pro enough level to work with.

You would never get this before, and even for this price shit tends to last. I don't think most companies are involved in designing their products to break over time like so many think. This shit lasts for years, you'd be out of business if your shit keeps failing.

It all comes down to people taking proper care of their shit. Always fun seeing people abuse the shit out of their tech and then be surprised it stops working blaming everyone but themselves.

Fucking bastards man. Straight up robbery. Got greedy

Currently using:
>Refrigerator, washer, and stove from 1994
>Klipsch speakers from 1982
>Texas Instruments calculator from 1977
>Kenwood amateur radio from 1975 (vacuum tubes FTW)
>Marantz stereo in living room from 1970s
>General Electric clothes iron used twice weekly from 1958 (both prongs the same width on the plug, the cord is covered in cloth) the top of my head.

every reply in this thread is retarded
you wouldn't buy their products if they weren't priced to be appealing to you
so they use cheaper parts
so they fail sooner
expensive, high quality, user serviceable, commercial grade products exist. if you're not buying them it's because you're a cheap hypocrite that likes to complain

Planned obsolescence definitely exists. Were you dropped on your head as a child?