If yo are using KDE, you better behave user

If yo are using KDE, you better behave user.

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>tfw no mommy gf to stop the bullies

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"Toxic behavior" is almost always ironic banter or just trolling to elicit a frustrated response. Why the fuck do ostensibly mature adults care about something so banal and stupid? It's not even toxic!

If anything these are the toxic people.

fucking dropped, literally worse than the gnome project now

>user has been banned for this post

>tfw sjws will bring linex's market share to an all new low record withing the next few years

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Can we just get all the straight white males onto XFCE and then nuke GNOME trannies and KDE homosexuals all at once somehow?

If they keep pushing this shit you can count me on jumping ship.

>KDE homosexual
Hello, do you work at KDE?

>teehee, i can't write software or do anything computers but sure can tell how you should think and act teehee moar fags and coons

jump where to? just curious

Microsoft Windows 10 with all telemetry enabled.

>implying anyone here is retarded enough to use that bugfest

Why not just fork the project to get rid of her?

that would be an act of rape


It's an excuse to control, nothing more user.

top tier shitlord post,
I respect it man


This word is so fucking 'toxic'. Anyone who unironically uses the word 'toxic' or 'problematic' can be flushed out the nearest airlock.

I'm switching to a right wing DE. Help me out, give me some names

Windows 10 unironically

nationalsozialistische desktop environment

holy shit hans, get a haircut.

>wide manjaw
>no Adams apple
>mentally retarded
Not sure if tranny or sjw roastie
Needs to be gassed either way desu

LXQt is made by a Taiwanese man. Chinks don't really buy into any of the SJW bullshit so I'd assume that it's safe for now.

you can't have any SJW devs when you don't have any devs at all

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they're switching to gtk3 so they're SJWs by proxy

Argentinians don't care

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argies made it but it's maintained by germans now.

fuck you.

>tfw get SJWs hooked on linux, make it seem like only smart people can figure it out
>get the alt-right hooked on Linux, make it seem like only smart people can figure it out
>everyone is too busy ricing their anime girl wallpaper i3 setups
problem solved

Pretty much anywhere else, even

Erro sorry. They’ve kept the communist ugly witch in power for how many decades?

Just go with any tiling window manager. All of those devs are white males.

8 years, but it sure felt like decades

Linux is getting more and more pozzed. They're targeting it for destruction. Only a matter of time before linus suicides with 2 bullets to the back of the head in the middle of the woods with no autopsy.

Nah we're fine m8.

We'll be fine as long as we have Linus.

>tfw XFCE will N E V E R get the attention or development that it deserves

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>we'll be fine with the man who introduced the common coupling disaster into Linux in the first place, ensuring the kernel would inevitably become impossible to maintain as global variables grow exponentially for each new version

Maybe if there was fewer misogynist shitheads in the world, there wouldn't be a many feminazis.
There's a board for political incorrectness.

Nice try, Claudia Garad

>he still doesn't realize modern feminism is a ponzi scheme which needs to create its own enemies to survive

The aryan homochads all use budgie. It's time to join us Jow Forums.

Wait, why is it such a deal breaker that kde is run by sjw's? Are they gonna start spying on people to see if they're promoting 'toxic behavior'?

If kde is fucked and xfce is switching over to gtk 3 and it's gonna be fucked, what's the best desktop environment to use?

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did DaVinci add shit to the Mona Lisa once it was finished? NO
Xfce is the masterpiece DE, no need to fix it, just keep it alive. That's why there's not much movement development-wise.

unironically he did
it also takes a lot of effort to maintain the piece in peak condition - more effort than it took dudevinci to actually create it

lumina or lxqt

LXDE, xfce, MATE

I'm all against any form of code of conduct and the usual feminist crap, but you should read all the text before posting. That whore works at wikimedia austria, not KDE.

>Are they gonna start spying on people to see if they're promoting 'toxic behavior'?
I don't see why not, but the least they're gonna do is spam you with SJW shit when you install it ("this DE was made by a diverse..." and shit like that)

>If kde is fucked and xfce is switching over to gtk 3 and it's gonna be fucked, what's the best desktop environment to use?
In the extremeley rare case that Xfce stops being the only truly just werks DE, I'd go for the next (almost) stable thing, and that would be MATE.

there's not a lot of movement development-wise because XFCE has hardly anybody working on it and they all
>do it for free

there's certainly some areas where, in my eyes, XFCE could really use some improvement--namely, better multi monitor support, fixing the 1px window borders, per-directory views in thunar, etc.

Why do feminists have such massive jaws? She looks more manly than me and I'm a 6'4 240lbs dude with a shaved head and a massive beard.

Good thing I use xubuntu and puppy. Fuck KDE forever now.

>That whore works at wikimedia austria, not KDE
And has been invied to speak in Akademy twice this year by KDE developers, is over dude, abandon ship.

that's prolly because you masturbate to cartoons

Lol fuck off tyrant

not him but who doesn't?

We have a whole board called Jow Forums dedicated for discussing twitter posts, go back to there.

mein nigga

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Asshurt tyrannical leftist found.

i only use evilwm so i dont have to behave, i am going to be bad mmmkay

hitler linux

>You better behave, goy

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this though

>political peace through autism

There's not a single men's DE now, and I'm too stupid to use i3

>ironic banter or just trolling
>mature adults

watch luke smith

The two are not actually mutually exclusive unless you've been brought up on onions.

What she needs is a good cock in her, that'll put her right.

She has an army of certified s o y b o y s so look out.

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I'll have her deal with my toxic behaviour of choking her with my cock while she's cooking breakfast


>global variables grow exponentially for each new version
[citation needed]

They can't sink it lower than FreeBSD, r-right?

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Maybe tf there was fewer feminazi shitheads in the world. there wouldn't be a many guys becoming misogynists. There is a board for sjw fagotts.

You don't need feminism to make women hateable. They easily set themselves up for failure and revulsion just fine.

i3's not that hard, just install it

look at "her" shoulders and jawline

It does, but it's of no worry.