Right now I feel like I'm looking for something that doesn't exist but I'll try my best to describe it

Right now I feel like I'm looking for something that doesn't exist but I'll try my best to describe it.
I want a computer that is:
Capable of running most games at 60fps or greater

Not too thick or heavy so it's easy to transport (4 lbs max and preferably 13")

Has a good battery, (I'll need it for college classes so I probably won't have access to chargers.)

I'd say that the budget lies around $1500, but it's flexible.

I did some research and one that really wet my willy was the Thinkpad P1, but it's not out yet. (Any ideas as to when it will be?)

I don't know if such a computer exists but I'd appreciate any help in the search.

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>be able to play all games at 60fps
>be an ultraportable
>have a great battery
>be extremely cheap
>be able to fly
>have a flashlight to suck my stupid dick
>be able to inflate into a waifu
>have a real quantum CPU
>64 cores, I can't accept less
>128 terrabytes of RAM would be enough, but I'll be flexible about this one
>oh yes, and be able to fit it into my pocket
>keyboard has to be like the one Commodore 64 had, preferably the same
>the colour should change depending on the temeprature
>have an A.I like in that movie, I can't remember the name
>and lastly, yes, be signed by both Bogdanoff brothers
>pls help me

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You're not going to get any 13" machine to run "most" games at 60fps but if you need something with a dGPU and the same form factor you're looking at either pic related or the Mi Notebook Pro. The former is probably better for you since Windows is an official vendor.

Honestly though, my nigga? If you really need that form factor, the dGPU altogether and go for a ~$1000 Thunderbolt 3 device that you can combine with an eGPU enclosure. There's also the XPS 15, which has a pretty small footprint from what I've heard.

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The last 5, I spitted my tea you motherfucker.

You're laughing now, but enough money will buy some interesting things, especially if you know someone who works in tech. They just aren't ready for our pleb eyes yet.

any laptop that can actually run CATIA thermodyne simulations on a jet engine costs 15,000 dollars, not 1,500, and is also using a dozen servers as computation nodes.

>>the colour should change depending on the temeprature
is there anythnig that does this? sounds sick

I had toy cars that did that.
Clearly not hard to make, just special paint.

I do wonder if some fully functional 7nm or even 5nm CPU's or GPU's exist?
As experimental prototypes I mean.

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Kinda like what said, I'd go with a thunderbolt eGPU enclosure and just get a quad core 13" of your choice. Unless you're desperate for gaymez on the go, that's going to be your best bet. The compromise is gonna be somewhere.

Get a Mac

>just get a quad core 13"
It will thermal throttle like crazy.
Stick to ultra-low voltage dual core for 13".

most likely, if R&D can just have shit like this lying around. probably isn't made to task yet, but you can definitely let your mind run wild


Msi gs65 stealth thin my nigga

That's just an experimental product which failed.

I'm basically asking about chips that are 2 or 3 generations away.
Are they already being produced in small engineering samples? - or do none exist yet?

I don't think it's physically feasible to make silicon based 5nm transistors with a good degree of stability.

5nm is barely 4 electrons. So we are basically talking about single electron transistors, I've seen some prototypes made of graphene that are like that, but none with silicon.

From what I understand, what they call "5nm" is actually much larger in reality.
"5nm" is on the roadmap.

Do you really need a laptop for college? I ask because I am going back and I don't really think I will need one. Taking notes with pen is nicer and you remember it better.

In the case of a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure, a quad-core just makes it easier to avoid a total bottleneck. Less stuttering, too.

Well that makes more sense:


According to that, those 10nm, 7nm names are just commercial.

The full transistors are 300nm. And not even the gate length is 10nm or 7nm, they are 50nm at best.

I'll post here because I don't want to shit up Jow Forums with my newfaggotry.

I'm really stuck and confused right now about what I should be looking at buying. I need something soon because the desktop I built (not an enjoyable process),almost exclusively for gaming, is on its last legs - probably in part due to neglect alongside some shoddy building in the first place. I don't want to go through that process again, certainly not the arduous months of research preceding it because I hate spending money and have to think I'm getting maximum value. It is/was an i5 3470, hd 7850, 8gb ram with a 1tb hdd.

I barely play games now, which I think is a good thing, but I still feel the desire to on occasion. I've been looking at laptops because they seem like the sensible grown up option and portability could be of some use to me - plus I won't be tempted in to sheckelgrabbing and trying to build my own again, being that its not really feasible.

Anyway I'm rambling and you probably stopped reading. The thing I mostly want to ask is what sort of laptop specs will give me similar or slightly improved gaming performance on my current desktop cowboy build? Something like a 7700hq/8300h + 1050ti?

Is the 8550u etc an option or are they totally out of the question? I'm worried if I lean too heavily toward "gaming laptop" it'll be cumbersome and inconvenient.

I could really do without stressing about this but thats how I am.

If anyone read this far I appreciate it.

You can check laptopscribes.com or the install gentoo wiki for laptops.

The 8550u processor, and all those low wattage U processors look great on paper, and look great on benchmarks, but are not really responsive on heavy workloads (In case, debugging). For games, they are probably fine, as most modern games are usually GPU bottleneck anyway.

The new Lenovo y530 looks great and as far as I know it as decent thermals, they sell one with an 1050ti for about 750ish I think.

>Capable of running most games at 60fps or greater
>Not too thick or heavy so it's easy to transport (4 lbs max and preferably 13")
Indeed it does not exist

year 3000 will have a talk with you

An external GPU should work if he only wants to game at home.

Acer Nitro 5, but it is kinda heavy

Yeah I want something that doesn't look too garish, à la the asus/msi offerings I was looking at. The y530 looks nice.

This. Get a laptop that has a quad-core i7 and a Thunderbolt 3 port that can handle 4 PCIe lanes. Complement it with a compatible eGPU system.

Just know that you're not gonna crank out 60fps @ 4K on a laptop, OP - especially if you want something that's even close to being portable and energy-efficient. Even with a high-end graphics card, your CPU and the limited bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3 are going to bottleneck any new games.

Also, don't buy any of Razer's shit. They're mice and keyboards are okay, but their actual computer systems aren't worth the asking price.

check out system76

What about at 1080?

>bogdanoff brothers
Could someone give me a quick rundown on these guys?

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Do you really need to be a tripfag on Jow Forums? I ask because the rest of us stay user just fine and don't need to build some kind of e-reputation on the internet.

Nah don't need to

You can most definitely get 60FPS/1080p out of a GPU enclosure. An Akitio Node/Mantiz Venus/etc. enclosure and a RX 480/GTX 1060 will do that pretty easily for ~$600.

You might want to get a cheap monitor or at the very least an old 15" laptop to use as an external display, as it will hamper the Thunderbolt 3's connection if you only run from an internal display.