Install windows 7 because W 10 is spyware and is the most lightweight windows distro

>install windows 7 because W 10 is spyware and is the most lightweight windows distro
>lmao nigger you now need to install drivers
>spend 40 minutes installing 2 GB of outdated drivers
>now nigger you need to update windows
>spend 30 minutes and several reboots updating the windows
>lmao nigger, now you need to install all the net framework, visual redistributable and shit like Java
>spend 20 minutes installing all of that
>lmao nigger, now you need to install the wacom drivers and reboot
>lmao nigger, now you need to update (1 of 182 updates avaiable, pls don't reboot) and waste 20 minutes again
>lmao nigger now your sound card for no reason doesn't output sound
>fuck, have to install soundwire server to use my phone as speakers
>now install qbittorrent and download adobe photoshop cs6
>waste 45 minutes downloading
>forced to login to adobe servers, spend 20 minutes installing
>lmao nigger, now you need to google the amtlib.dll
>download one from a sketchy website
>it's an exe
>though It was the patcher tool
>lmao nigger, now your computer is infected with a hundred viruses
>computer reboot
>updates nigger
>now your PC has more AIDS than a gay cia nigger and filled with gay porn links
>your browser now datamine your searchs and use a chinese search engine
>now chrome closes randomly when trying to search for malwarebytes.
>PC fixer and other registry BS tools are now installing

wow, Jow Forums told me windows was easier than linux.

>boot up lubuntu
>install lubuntu
>update lubuntu
>install GIMP and Mypaint and Inskcape and Blender
>everything works and done in 15 minutes

wow, so hard.

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dumb frognigger

dumb frogposter

Watcha creating with those open source art programs, OP?
I unironically prefer more freetard graphics software than proprietary software (especially premiere o my lord), something seemingly rare. So I'm curious about your opinions, friendo.

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>Jan 2020 rolls up
>lmao nigger it's expired

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retard there is nothing wrong with windows 10 now

also you as well as I (non-tech-geek) wouldnt even know about all the crap that is going on

also I dont expect 100% privacy if I did I would make my own OS like Terry A. Davis and use custom made components

>install GIMP and Mypaint and Inskcape and Blender
>everything works and done in 15 minutes

its Lubuntu one of the lightest distros... also if you dont do gaming then yeah linux will serve you fine

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winfags on suicide watch

>frogposter fucks up installing windows
Not impressive.
>frogposter boots lubuntu
Do you want an award?

>use win 10
>every hw works plug and play
>every sw works install and play
>every sw is optimized for win 10
>easy to use
but yeah, downgrade to 7, riiight

i just switched back to w10 from kde neon.
everything feels awesome.

>lmao nigger.
>lmao nigger,.
>lmao nigger
>lmao nigger...
>lmao nigger..
>lmao nigger.
>lmao nigger.
>lmao nigger.
>updates nigger.
>gay cia nigger.
>lmao nigger
Jow Forums needs to be nuked

Found the shitskin.

>haha he said nigger so funny
Is this what comedy is like on Jow Forums because dead Lord

>not dual booting both

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>Chooses 18.04 of Ubuntu
>compares it with an 8yr old release os

>not using 8.1

> dead Lord

>windows distro

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Uninstall Lubuntu and install Gentoo.

There's a website called Jow Forumseddit for triggered SJW fucks like you. They moderate muh racism and care about your feelings. You have to go back

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And you still can't do shit with your meme bird os. Kys digital hipsters

>not having restore points, because Windows x 2

>Jan 2020 rolls up

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The genuine Windows experience. It only gets worse with 10.

sounds like a personal problem, my dude. my upgrade took about 40 min tops.

I've installed win7 on slews of machines over the years, you are so full of shit it's not even funny
also you made no mention of sysinternals so you suck, if the first thing you do on a fresh windows install is not replace task manager with process explorer you need to kill yourself

>windows 7
found your problem, try 8.1 or 10 if you want Windows. I prefer Arch Linux though, you choose how bloated it is.

In the time you took to wrote this stupid shitpost you could have been doing something that's actually productive?

All of the windows problems would be solved if you didn't live in the ghetto and had access to gigabit internet

Kys yourself.

fucking hell, just went through the same thing trying to install windows to play gaymes

>Lonux: download, easy write to usb,fast install, everything just werks
>winblows:download, have to use retard software to write to USB, shitty multi restart install, nothing works
I eventually gave up because it kept giving me an error trying to install vcredist 2015

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Should’ve gotten a Mac
>install security updates on the same day a security flaw is found
>only need to install Xcode for programming shit
>doesn’t make you use a Chinese search engine when you pirate things

It isn’t that hard fellas

>install windows 7 because W 10 is spyware
Windows 7 is JUST AS MUCH spyware as win 10.
Do you think Microsoft is retarded?

>most lightweight windows distro

fuck off libtard, this is america

There's still a million things wrong with it but after using win8 with metro I'll deal. Even 8.1 has a brutal ui

>Being homophobic.

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Are you retarded? There's absolutely no need to update windows unless a certain update is needed for a program. Even then you can just get the update you need and you're set.

Why would you use Spyware 7 because Spyware 10 is spying on you?

lmao nigger

i chuckled

>windows 7
lmao nigger

t. Nigger

>use a dkms to install realtek drivers
>constant screen tearing even after nvidia drivers and compton
>5 minute boot time with SSD because LUKs fuckery
>every app I want uses Wine
>mobo doesn't support pcie pass through fuck
>fuck revit autocad netfabb Autodesk doesn't work with wine

This is why windows 10 exists.

Are you retarded? I installed windows 7 pirated a year ago without any problems. And, I installed windows 10 ltsb (pirated as well) a few months ago again without any problems.

beside having 1000 rootkits