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Please post your desktop background.

Not him but I think I found it

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It's dream weaver from spyro


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ouch. it's my first time using bspwm and polybar so that's expected

it would be shit no matter what software you were using

awful bar
dumb wallpaper

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watch out for any desktops posted ITT that donot have #000000 or #ffffff terminal backgrounds and shame them

already one culprit

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you're waifu a cute

awesome desktop user
is that MaCoPiX?

nice wallpaper and everything

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This is unironically the worst desktop I've ever seen.

nice desktop

I got rid of my taskbar and added a new theme :p also pls stop using my desktop in your posts!!

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Yeah, but it throws a segfault when I open the options I can't configure it

lame its trash now
lol frog profile pic


you ruined it

imagine stumbling into being the best desktop on Jow Forums for one day and then throwing it all away
some people cant handle graetness

Imagine thinking anime slapped onto ugly, 20-years-out-of-date UI elements was an "awesome desktop"

lmfaooo should i add the taskbar back? i just enjoyed the simplicity

great art is more than the sum of its parts BAKA

I prefer keybinds to taskbar

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yeah, thats; what I'm using rn and I am enjoying it

Using Windows 7 because fuck Windows 10.

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Extra points for using gentoo, but change your wallpaper.
Patrician macfag.
Nice meme.
>using an outdated botnet

already am. when you guys pointed out how bad it was I started seeing it that way too

I want to call you based for using a spyro wall but you're still soi as fuck for your choice in OS + software.
I bet your womanly hands couldn't beat my skateboarding high score either

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It's not that bad user. I like it.

The return of the Thin White Duke
Throwing darts in lovers' eyes

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you better delete this before they start shitting on it

I take back what I said here THIS is the worst desktop I've ever seen

+wallpaper armpit
-everything else

kys yourself nigger

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why so old?

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still waiting on those links...

disgusting wallpaper desu

it's newer than windows 8.1
Yosemite is so slow and buggy and the following versions are even worse (except el capitan)

it does album art too!!

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how did i meme


may not be better but at least I have something to look at other gray

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*other than

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God damn just emulate that shit and upscale it for a high quality pic don't be a stingy faggot just share your shit goddamn

and lose the windows gadget side bar that shits cancer.

Enjoy the new spyro

Does anyone have the purple wallpaper

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are you looking forward to the spyro 1-3 remaster?

rude thread

fuck the weebs, wallpaper is fine
but why will you use mksh?

#FCFAAA fail
#323232 sat: 0 value: 20 D-
#1B1B1B sat: 0 val: 11 C+
#222222 sat: 0 val: 13 B (extra credit for all 2's)
#4E0A64 F- ultimate fail
#D04A00 F
#392626 sat: 33 val: 22 F FAIL
#FFFFFF A pass
#1C1C1C val: 11 sat: 0 B pass
#000000 AND #fffff A++++ PASS
#232323 val: 14 D-
#282828 val: 16 F
#0000000 val:0 sat: 0 ULTIMATE PASS

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>using an outdated botnet
Still way better than Windows 10.

>#000000 or #ffffff
am I good?

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Are you autistic?

ill flip a coin and the orange font is either tras or awesome


>the orange font is either tras or awesome
It was good on black but unreadable on white.
Blue seems fine with both.

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blue is isntant fail

tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you
strike dear mistress, and cure his heart.
i don't get the hate on this one. it's minimal, it's comfy, the bar's not bad but not *great*, and the OP pape's cute in a way. try dicking around with the bar a bit more, i guess--it'd look nice with a couple of changes.
motif is always nice.
man, your desktops always genuinely amaze me. simultaneously it looks like one of the bigger clusterfucks i have ever seen, while also being really nice and an *alien* type of comfy.

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dumb 15 year old who's secretly the worst poster in these threads

finally tried solus it's very comfy

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great wallpaper
nice desktop

what the fuck is that semicolon about?



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are the thumbnails like slightly off rotated
looks nice

Doesn't look like it, are you drunk?
Also thanks

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try the bottom right one lol

r u high?

wtf apple trolled me

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Am I getting prankd

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im the one getting pranked dude

Why do the macfags always have the most tasteful gay images?

post pape please

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hows bspwm compared to i3 and dwm?
Ive been thinking about switching it up, but idk if theres any difference.

>not hiding everything in the Start menu

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>won't be released on Linux

it's not like the originals were released on linux either

looks nice, fix your fonts

>macfag is an actual fag
makes sense

What a retarded comment. First, I can run them on Linux without wasting a ton of resources. Second, they'll get a windows and a switch release so why not Mac and Linux? Third, anyone who still makes wall garden and exclusive games is fucking retarded when the market is clearly for integration between other system and mutli-platform compatibilities.

#131312 v:7 s:6 B-
#34393D v:25 s:15 F-
#000000 A+
#131414 v:8 s:5 C-
#06141A v:10 s:77(!!) F---


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Hey I see you fixed isEven

I'll just make a text post because my OS only supports VGA text mode/serial output


what v/s means?