Decide I want to dual boot ubuntu

>decide I want to dual boot ubuntu
>create partition
>insert startup disk
>select partition and install
>goes to restart,
>everything dies, need to reinstall windows.


Why does anyone spend their time on this hobbyists garbage?

If you're running a server, OK I get it. But there is still zero reason to run the fragmented crap-heap known as "Linux" on consumer desktop.

Fuck I work in STEM and nobody likes dealing with Linux except for the CS IT autists that don't care about actually getting work done. Real engineers use windows and matlab.

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>be me
>be nerd
>decide to install ubuntu 16.04 lts alongside windows
>goes completely fine


Try fixing the windows mbr.

The only linux installer that just werked™ for me was the one manjaro uses, not sure what's the name but I could even install GRUB in a separate partition and leave the windows MBR active with an entry to GRUB

>Fucks up the easiest Linux install
>"i-it must be the program!"
>"it cant have been my fault, because Im in STEM!"

I've been a Linux user for 5 years now and I have never ran into an issue that either wasn't my fault or could't be easily fixed

heres a quick link back where you're probably more used to posting

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There's a hundred guides on this and Ubuntu literally holds your hand through the process. If you can't get it right you probably shouldn't be using Linux anyway, it's not for brainlets like you.

>it's the users fault when software is obviously shitty.


hey partitioning is hard for retards, cut some slack


>haven't had to partition since BIOS and MBR
>about to build a new computer

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what did he meme by this

Get a second SSD. They're cheap and GRUB just werks.


>he fell for the loonix meme

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>I work in STEM
You might, but it takes a special idiocy or gypsy level curse to fuck up a simple ubuntu install.
>Real engineers use windows and matlab.
Scientist working at a university here. Nope, MATLAB is pretty much dead. Linux and NumPy/SciPy is what we all use.

Something to do with Windows and UEFI being intentionally unfriendly to linux and GRUB.

And BTW it wasn't irreparably fucked.

>desktop linux

it's like you're autistic AND retarded

Linux is simple it just takes a genius to understand its simplicity

Ubuntu installer installs grub (a bootloader)

Linux loaders, going all the way back to LILO, have always liked to destroy MBRs at the slightest smell of something they can't handle. It's a feature.

Linux is only good when you strip down everything and run only a single service on it. There's a good reason why the entire enterprise business world relegates linux to single tasks. It's lightweight, simple, and easy to fix if something goes wrong.

On the desktop though, Windows is lightyears ahead of any shoehorned haphazard freetard DE that fucks itself over on a regular basis even in the hands of "experienced" users. As much as you see freetards shit on Microsoft, they still have far better unity, QC, QA, and testing for Windows than any distro ever will.

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n1 m8

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>Fuck I work in STEM and nobody likes dealing with Linux except for the CS IT autists
Ok so the people that actually work with computers use Linux while you don't?


>decide to set up idiotic configuration
>set it up wrong
>"durr Ubuntu dumb"

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This is the fundamental misunderstanding that Jow Forumsays have.

>>it's the users fault when software is obviously shitty.
It's the users fault for not reading the manual.
Illiterate cuck

That's normal for linux. Usually installing straight to a disk works no problem, but 1/3rd of the time a dual boot setup will break somehow.

Sometimes it's not even linux that does it, I've had lenovo's bios fuck around and disable wifi on me when I installed linux, and I've seen windows completely delete a linux install for literally no reason.

yea because you totally know a lot about working with computers

Windows is pretty cancerous
You can't even install Windows 10 on a drive that isn't set as the primary not disk

The irony.

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>isn't set as the primary not disk

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Dual booting seems like a dead concept now. Windows and Linux MBR/BL fight with each other and run a high risk of losing the volume. It's fucking ridiculous.

The only headache-free way to go about this now is just having a separate Linux machine.

I'm using Linux, because windows 10 keeps fucking my laptop with EVERY GOD-DAMNED UPDATE! Thank Christ for backups.

The constant failure to boot into desktop after an update has gone too fucking far. Now we see if Linux is even half as bad.


Lemme guess nigga, you chose to install the bootloader on the wangblows partition?

Or using EFI boot
Nigga seriously, it's 2018

>QC, QA, and testing for Windows
This has never existed

>want to try linux
>look up a guide
>cant even install any linux on ntfs
Why would anyone want to wipe all their data to switch to a sub optimal OS?

>decide I want to dual boot Fedora
>decrease size of Window's partition from within Windows
>insert bootable USB
>use one of the installer's tools to create the necessary partitions for Fedora (could've also used the automatic tool)
>everything works
This worked with Win7, Win8.1 and Win10, ranging from somewhat old to new hardware. Are you sure you didn't just delete some important Windows partition without knowing what you are doing? I mean, they usually pop up a warning, but there are people who close them without reading them first.

Maybe you should have partitioned manually and not clicked on auto partitioning like a retard.
Using UEFI on a win and linux dualboot can be problematic, but whenever ive tried it, the problem has been that the computer refuses to boot into grub and will boot directly into windows without asking, no matter what bolt options i choose. I always have to boot using the fucking EFI console.
Windows is a cunt.