Decided to fuck around with xfce

decided to fuck around with xfce

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>debian testing

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>super weeb rice
>almost homosexual
>pretends to be a power user
>can't change urxvt icon

>discord - botnet for gaymers
>on linux
neo/g/ at its best.


wow you put a wallpaper and some neon colors in your terminal along with a neofetch image
so beautiful XD

Back to /v/ with you

Yeah, so?

Is it possible to use debian with some packages (firefox, yt-dl, mpv - that's probably it) being up to date? It seems to be the comfiest distro, but I couldn't find how to get new versions of some programs. I mean, I could write an updater script for mpv and yt-dl, but firefox... Compiling from source is out of question and I can't find up-to-date debian builds anywhere.

debian BUSTA

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he is making fun of you. many things you can make fun of aren't really bad but just words that are insults because at some point it was bad.

>>your mom is a whore
>yeah, so?

>I could write an updated script

That's cool but to be honest default xfce is the most based you can get

decided to fuck up xfce*

I have no idea what XFCE is or does sorry.

That is ok it just means you shouldn't post anywhere outside the stupid questions thread.

Enjoy your screen tearing

wallpaper please and thanks

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It's a desktop environment popular with linux newbies on low-end hardware because they don't have any preference in programs and need to be spoonfed by others

yes, on debian unstable

yes please and thanks for trips thanks

i sure do hope op will be nice enough to grant us with the wallpaper please and thank

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Dude, it's 2018. People are gay. Get over it.

op here heres the wallpaper faggots

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i love you